What are the operating skills of electric bicycle stores

shop business, as long as we are good at digging, can continue to summarize, you can grasp a variety of business management skills, and then open a business hot shop. So, what are the operating skills of electric bicycle stores? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

open an electric bicycle store just invest 2-5 million, rented a 20 square meters of pavement, with about $5000 for a simple decoration, you can open. Small capital does not matter, because after signing a contract with the dealer, do not press the goods, only need to put on the pavement 5-8 car can be.

electric bicycle store to purchase to brand-name products, the price must be moderate, the most popular general price within 2000 yuan, a simple advertising to store, window signs should be done very fresh and eye-catching, performance and maintenance of electric bicycle in advertising making accurate commitment propaganda, let customers interested in buying products.

After the

electric bicycle shop opened, can implement preferential bargain in a month, the formation of a certain appeal to customers in the psychology, especially in the customer service service, to give customers a promise, and signed a service contract, in the face of the customer when the salesperson must have good eloquence and passion attitude, patience with them to promote products, to make reasonable answers to their questions, so that they do not have the menace from the rear of electric bicycle.

in the marketing process, the electric bicycle store sales staff also introduced them to different other varieties of bicycle and the products, through the comparison of various aspects, so that they have the desire to buy on the electric bicycle, electric bicycle customers mostly on the class of young white-collar workers, and some are deliveryman, so pay attention to the different requirements of consumers at all levels, for promoting their favorite products.

as a young female customer often love electric bicycle red, yellow and purple, in the shape of light, beautiful, and male customers generally love gray and light blue style, in the elderly is valued on the quality of the product so that electric bicycle stores must have the quality assurance of the product, and the price to reasonable.

is an electric bicycle small supermarket, the supermarket in the area of 150 square meters, filled with 11 kinds of electric bicycle brand owner, Ms. Li said, the electric bicycle has more advantages than small supermarket stores. As the saying goes, the sale of goods piled mountains, only a variety of operations, customers will have more opportunities to choose, by comparison, they are more likely to choose their own satisfied with an electric bicycle.

in the past she opened a store selling only 5 electric bicycles every day, and now different brands of electric

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