The first entrepreneurs must not touch the minefield what

is now a national Internet era of entrepreneurship, now engaged in capital operation chain sales, many people are beginning to put into the Internet business boom, but everyone in the business venture, where there is so easy, how can the success of this venture is not a simple problem, therefore, as the entrepreneur must know a few do not touch the minefield of entrepreneurship.

1, the pursuit of the perfect product:

for entrepreneurs, want to have a good development, the pursuit of perfection is the most concerned about every entrepreneur thing, therefore, must remember to go pricing from the perspective of the market, and then select the raw materials and cost corresponding products; to docking with the target customer groups; products and packaging matching.

2, blindly pursue high profits:

3, send false hope:

a initial one, if there is no correct cognition, not an accurate plan about your business, it is difficult to make a breakthrough and development, in particular, do not place their hopes in the wrong occupation managers, this will let you die. Even worse, we must straighten out the decision layer and execution layer of the right and duty relationship, let the occupation managers and business employees, fusion, to speak with the performance.

4, do the wrong field:

if you do field is wrong,   this will also affect your development, for the early start of the people, the most common mistake is that they do not familiar with the industry and field. Once encountered such a situation, the business does not know not to do; should follow the market, rather than follow the profit; concentrate on doing one thing.

5, waiting for opportunities:

In fact,

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