Respect the customers to win the trust of customers

now many shopkeepers are love with tainted glasses to look at the customer, in fact, doing business is not true. In interpersonal communication, the relationship between people is very important. What do you think of others, and how others will treat you. "You give me a foot, I also you a Zhang" it is this way to treat people to make the relationship between people more harmonious. The same is true of our customers, and our attitude to the customer is often in the same way as the customer.

a few days ago I met a thing, their usual business attitude also has a reflection. The thing is, in a small shop owner sold the dish for selling fresh dishes to customers by customer complaints, the owner not only sincere sincerity to customers to apologize, but bad attitude to shirk their responsibility, finally to customer abuse. The attitude of the owner so that the customer is very angry, two people while cursing move hand.

owner even picked up a kitchen knife at the vehemence of the customer, the customer also overturned the not resigned to playing second fiddle, cold dish stand. Braised pork dishes scattered on the ground. Two people move attracted many spectators, understand the truth of the people to see the owner’s attitude toward the customer, many people shake their heads. Because more than ten yuan of deterioration of the meat lost a stall on a few hundred dollars of meat, the owner of the loss is not small, coupled with the loss of the trust of the surrounding customers, the loss of their credibility, the owner is worth thousands of dollars.

I think of one of the things encountered in their own business. One day, a customer, said to buy eggs, the author gave a plastic bag to the customer to choose. The customer is very picky, the eggs were a basket and a box in the ground slowly choose. One would say that eggs are relatively small, one would say eggs are not too fresh. The majority of the owners of such customers will not be too patient, because the eggs had no profit, less than two pounds less money is not a good thing.

faced with the customer’s critical, I did not talk directly to him, just smiled at him, but also to help him put the egg box. Because no matter what they say, customers will think that the author is defending himself. Eggs are sold out of customers pick, no matter how pick, and ultimately will be picked up by the customer. The customer finally chose the eggs, paid the money, the customer is going to put the eggs into their shopping baskets, accidentally fell into the hands of plastic bags on the ground, the egg broke a lot of.

customer asked the author to take a plastic bag to pick up the broken egg to pick it up. See the broken egg yolk egg yolk made a mess, such as customers take home is not the case. I went to the kitchen for a pot, said, "if I am a good egg, fried egg at noon is going to break the egg, you are not easy to take, I also give you a good egg". I did not expect the customer to do this thing, the author has a good way to do things better. Naturally became the author of the regulars.


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