2016 college entrance examination in Anhui province can apply for the number of HKUST

in June 23rd, participated in the college entrance examination in 2016, the students are aware of their own achievements, then naturally concerned about the issue of voluntary reporting. And not only these students are very concerned about and worry about the work of the college entrance examination, for the major colleges and universities, as well as enrollment is extremely important. For example, ranking among Chinese universities are very large in front of the Department, it has received a variety of consulting questions. Here small make up a list, in 2016, the number of college entrance examination in Anhui province can apply for HKUST?

University of Science and Technology of China admissions office Xie end

reference score: Science ranked 400 in the province can apply for

enrollment plan: this year, plans to recruit 186 people in Anhui, of which the general science of 90 people, poor students special plan for the people of the country, the national defense students of 15 people, ahead of the batch of 65 people, an increase of more than last year, 19 people

this year, University of Science and Technology of China enrollment plan in Anhui has increased over last year, mainly in defense and early batches of students. Xie Duan introduction, from previous years, the situation, high segmentation easy to get together, should be more comprehensive when filling the province ranking and scores".

reference to last year’s admission, this year, science can be placed in the 400 or so, ahead of the batch of about 600 can be a rush." Xie Duan introduction, University of Science and Technology of China enrollment has been maintained at around 1860 people over the years, adhere to the expansion. However, each year the province tilted students, if students are better, will increase the number of additional enrollment.

call hotline of the candidates in the province ranked 700 or so, thank the suggestions, this ranking is required before completing the volunteer, contact the school to see the candidates, and then see if it can be "off" in early batches of admission, strive for more opportunities for their.

this year, University of Science and Technology of China in mathematics, materials, physics and other professionals are recruiting national defense students, national defense students every year there are special national defense scholarship, after graduation is mainly assigned to the military technical posts. Electronic information and automation also recruit 2 girls.

science experiment class, physics, mathematics are more popular professional." Xie Duan said that if the candidates are not very thorough understanding of the professional, freshman can no longer be tested, according to the wishes of students to re select.

next, on the morning of June 25th, the New District of HeFei University of Technology ministries and commissions of key institutions advisory meeting, University of Science and Technology of China will participate. 25 at the beginning of 14, there is a special consultation at University of Science and Technology of China.

if the candidates in 2016 ranked 400 in Anhui recommend

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