Entrepreneurship to precise extreme step on

electricity supplier business is a trend, whether it is interested in the electricity supplier business, there are other entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurship is the basic reason to know. The following is the chairman of He Zhitao, chairman of the liaison and interaction, followed by a look at xiaobian!

2015 years, our company has done a contact called Unicorn incubation program, including in the United States and the United States, do the Internet, do electricity supplier, for the valuation of more than $1 billion company called unicorn.

2015 years, we choose a large number of valuation in the market at about $1 billion of the company, has not listed, choose to become an important shareholder. To share with you, we choose Unicorn standards:

A, if you want to start, the first thing to consider is accurate, the more accurate your company more valuable.

two, can put everything perfectly. We invested in a company, they do both mouse and keyboard or notebook computer, in any field of choice, can do the first of the world, this is the main reason why we choose it.

three, we invested Betta TV standard is very fun, because they beat the biggest enemy in a strong team, and be able to step on punctuality. Betta TV point is on intelligent hardware development, rapid development of intelligent mobile phone.

very much hope that in next year’s summit in Yuelu, when we came back, a few more than $1 billion in Unicorn venue more.   "entrepreneurship" two words is light, when you act will find a business is not easy, you do poineering preparations?



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