Food chain store location three master standard

we know, has a great influence on the choice of shops catering chain store business, so we can not ignore the location of the hand. Filed election chain stores, it is estimated that many entrepreneurs want to shop headache. First through the intermediary, newspapers, or drive their own car to find the full street, and then, and then from the fancy of a few shops in one screening. In fact, there is not so much trouble, the following is the restaurant chain site three see standard:

First look at the location:

selected chain store location is undoubtedly the first element, although the old saying said "sell themselves", but the location is too remote, or store location of the population amount is not enough, the target customers do not match, it will cost you more energy to solve traffic problems.


Rule 1:

The number of

you in the choice of a shop, the best months of investigation, in the months before you see the chain stores in 1 weeks time, the size of the flow of people from the door of the store after the statistics, it is the traffic volume; then, the flow of people through the observation of these, they stopped on the nearby dining proportion. And their habit of consumption is how much you plan to shop with shape matching, the traffic quality also is what I said.

The higher the amount of

of course, with the flow of people, the probability of the next is to examine your shop was found. Only a high quality target customer base, but your shop is too subtle, so that customers want to find it difficult, then these people can only be a waste of traffic.

2 rules: Shop striking degree

There are two standard conspicuity

store and so on;

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