How Tong Dudley Hot pot

cold winter, to about 32 friends sitting in the Hot pot beside going homely, talk about the situation. This small series have a very good Hot pot shop recommended to everyone – Tong Dudley Hot pot. Winter came, and brought a wave of heat for Dudley Hot pot. Now, Tong Dudley Hot pot has become many consumers in the winter diet. Paul Dudley Hot pot ingredients, every kind of the Hot pot soup make people pick dazzled. So consumers in the winter Shabu Shabu what? Paul Dudley Hot pot to tell you!

red soup broth Yuanyang pot bottom material / Tong Dudley’s most popular than the bottom of the pot, red soup material / Yuanyang pot soup, pure red soup and spicy, sweet but not greasy, spicy but not strong, clear, sweet taste, nutritious and delicious, two different collocation pot together, meet all the customer’s taste, the click rate is the highest natural, nutritious and delicious Tong Dudley Yuanyang pot, nutritious and delicious, not your taste!

How can

Inner Mongolia boutique lamb to eat less meat Hot pot, Tong Dudley Hot pot Inner Mongolia boutique lamb, fresh taste, no smell of mutton is not greasy, long rinse is not old. From the 6 month old fine lamb, non synthetic sheep whole sheep directly processing, ensure that the meat quality, Hot pot store consumers become Tong Dudley will point products, over the years by the majority of consumers. Paul Dudley Hot pot of lamb, let you eat the rest assured that!

Tong Tong Dudley characteristics of shrimp slide Dudley Hot pot another hot products than Tong Dudley characteristics of shrimp slippery, many consumers after eating shrimp Dudley Tong Hot pot will then stop sliding, completely in love with Paul Dudley Hot pot. Paul Dudley features selected Dalian Hot pot shrimp slippery deep-sea shrimp, shelled, artificial tens of thousands of times beat into the mud, the shrimp slide is elastic, while maintaining the original nutrients, but also has a crisp. By consumers, has been eating Tong Dudley Hot pot need to order. Winter Tong Dudley Hot pot at home, eliminating cumbersome cooking, not your taste, simple happiness, in Tong Dudley Hot pot!

Hot pot to join in the project Tong Dudley Hot pot is a very good brand, if you are on the brand and what other problems, want to know, please see our website below in the message, the message after we will reply you in the first time.

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