Holiday on the first day of self driving travel detonated heat

May Day holiday began, refreshing and pleasant temperatures, major parks in Guide Liyuan bursts of fragrance, brilliant purples and reds, the Qinghai Lake blue sky and sea, there are thousands of birds flying over Qinghai Lake, depicting the intoxicating beauty are looking forward to meet with the public. In the west, Huang Ning Park streams of people busily coming and going, dear, Ning Zhang highway driving the team lined up, the May Day holiday, a small climax province excursions, self driving tour, also marks the province’s tourism entered a year the most exuberant season.
the most pleasant flowers brilliant purples and reds red peach, lilac, tulips, riotous with colour Huang Lianqiao…… In May, the most beautiful season came to Xining, in the people’s Park, the population concentrated in various streams of people busily coming and going in front of flowers, or ornamental, or look, or take pictures, in front of every flowers are full of people. Not only that, in the Cultural Park, botanical garden, zoo, Begonia park space and at the side of the corridor at any time can enjoy the beauty of the bewitchingly charming, brilliant purples and reds. People wander in a piece of flowers, flowers for the people of Xining have a good place for more.

the most popular short tour in May 1st, reporters from a number of travel agencies, the province may enroll in a short tour of the people increased, the Qinghai Lake, Guide, Kanbula, Xunhua tour. According to the person in charge of a travel agency, at present, 51 trips registration has entered the hot state, which is dominated by short-term travel, such as Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, Guide, Kanbula line, become the people keen hot line.

"since the holiday adjustment for three days after the selection of short-term tourism people more obvious, driving up more." The official said, subject to a number of factors, from last year, a substantial reduction in the unit mission, even in the peak tourist season, but also fit the protagonist. During the May Day this year, compared with the usual travel prices rose, rose 5% to 10%.

to enter the tour attractions according to the car, I wangpai tourist attractions of the Qinghai Lake scenic area also ushered in the peak passenger flow, to see the lake, bird watching tourists in a continuous line, traveling by car to become the main force in this year’s tourists, up to 18 hours on the same day, the Qinghai Lake scenic area traffic reached 6466 passengers. The number increased by 35% over the same period last year.

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