Hao Peng presided over the meeting of the 13th Five Year energy development in our province compreh

recently, governor Hao Peng chaired the meeting, on the overall planning of our province "13th Five-Year" energy development planning, integrated transport hub and the city of Xining caojiabao Airport project.

he stressed, should strive to build a clean, safe and efficient low-carbon and sustainable modern energy system, efforts to build a comprehensive transportation network with Xining Caojiabao Airport as the center, to further strengthen the support ability of the development of modern energy and transportation on the economy and society.

Hao Peng pointed out that energy is an important basis for economic and social development. "12th Five-Year" since, in our province to actively implement the deployment of the national energy development strategy, innovative development ideas, strengthen planning guidance, to create a development environment, sustained and rapid development of the energy industry, has made an important contribution to the province’s economic and social development. Hao Peng stressed that the province is currently in a critical stage of economic quality and efficiency, the transformation and development, strengthening energy support capacity is essential. "13th Five-Year" to the new period, according to the characteristics of internal and external environment changes in energy development, thoroughly implement the new concept of development, enhance energy supply capacity, improve energy use conditions, focus on the development of clean energy, speed up the building of national important regional energy base, national clean energy base connection. To accelerate the construction of distribution network transformation, the implementation of a new round of upgrading rural power projects, carry out a comprehensive energy saving coal transformation; unswervingly build million kilowatts of renewable energy base, Hainan Haixi, basically completed the 10 million ton oil and gas exploration and development base, efforts to expand the the Yellow River upstream hydropower base; speeding up the construction of electric power in the channel. Actively integrate into the national UHV power grid, provide strong support for the construction of a harmonious Qinghai beautiful energy.

Hao Peng pointed out that the civil aviation industry is an important part of the national economy, is a strategic and fundamental industry to promote economic and social development, Qinghai is an important strategic fulcrum Silk Road Economic Belt ", Xining Caojiabao Airport in our province is an important transport hub and an open door, Xining Caojiabao Airport and strengthen the construction of an integrated transport hub, is conducive to the formation of a modern infrastructure system appropriate, better support the development of" 13th Five-Year ". Hao Peng stressed the need to accelerate the implementation of the three phase of the airport expansion project, the Xining airport into an important regional hub connecting the inland, into Xinjiang Tibet, opening to the west, play a leading role in aviation. To the comprehensive transportation hub to the airport as the center to accelerate the construction of aviation, high-speed rail, rail, highway, rail universal city and tourism in one of the city to promote integrated development, enhance the quality of city development, promote the optimization of regional industrial structure, promote industrial cluster to provide three-dimensional traffic, traffic security strong well-off for me province to accelerate the integration of the The Belt and Road construction, ".


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