The completion of China’s largest span bridge

– only 2 kilometers away from Xining Railway Station – a total length of 2708.07 meters across the Lanxi high-speed – Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double by the end of next year to

Xinhua news agency, Xining, October 14

(Luo Xiaofei Cao Ting) reporter from the China Railway twenty-one Bureau Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double peace to Xining second project department was informed that the victory of China the largest span continuous beam high iron – steel truss composite structure bridge span Lanxi highway bridge was completed on 14.

it is understood that the span of the west bridge across the bridge length of 2708.07 meters, a total of 77 holes. The main bridge is the first use of 1 joint (+ + 168 + 80) m continuous beam – steel truss composite structure, this structure has a large span, novel structure, high technical content, high technical requirements, such as.

China Railway twenty-one Bureau of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway line safety to the chief engineer of the Xining second project department Sun Jiangning introduction, the bridge is located in the East District of Qinghai city in Xining Province, only 2 km away from the Xining Railway Station. "Due to the crossing of Lanxi highway and railway at a 20 degree angle, at the same time by the Xining Railway Station station Ping Kou and height of tunnel depth, height of the line can not raise will not be reduced, after repeated research, the structure is adopted to solve the problem." Sun Jiangning said.

Sun Jiangning introduced, this design can make the rigidity of the whole bridge is greatly improved, thereby improving the beam angle, strengthen the weak links of continuous beam stiffness, the vertical stiffness of the bridge structure more uniform distribution, and effectively reduces the height of the building of the bridge.

it is understood that the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway across Gansu, Qinghai, new provinces by the end of next year opened, there will be the formation of Lanzhou, Longhai, Lan Yu, Baotou Lanzhou, Taizhongyin Railway northwest circle, on the construction of western road network has milepost significance, at the same time in Gansu, Qinghai, can accelerate the Xinjiang tourism resources and new development.



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