Street people undergo physical examination safer travel

bright street lights, not only a scenic line of the city, but also the public safety of the road at night to ensure. Recently, the municipal engineering management office lights are carried out under the jurisdiction for street lamp box and street lighting facilities comprehensive cleaning work at the same time, street lamp cap, lead wire, grounding safety check and lack of street lamp, lamp tilt restoration work carried out, to provide a strong guarantee for public safety travel.
in the maintenance process, the staff first cleaned the city, road lamp changes and maintenance of transformer oil shortage situation, timely fill oil and preventive test, guarantee normal operation of the power supply lamp, with each team as a unit, within the jurisdiction of the lighting facilities to conduct a comprehensive inspection to scrub. The main road for priority roads and second branch flexible carrying out work principle. In the process of cleaning defects found in a timely manner to eliminate, but for the difficulties can not be resolved in a timely manner to the team as a unit for the record, the final focus on the elimination of missing. At the same time in order to ensure the safety of the operation of high-altitude workers, we strictly in accordance with the rules of operation, first fasten the seat belt, do a good job of protection, but also check each other, was carried out high-altitude operations. Through the joint efforts of the staff, the damaged street lamps all returned to normal, for the public to provide a strong guarantee for safe travel.



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