Xining 11 taxi duty security officer Dai Honghua

January 19th, Xining 11 taxi duty of public security by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Branch in recognition of the 110. It is understood that last year, Xining taxi duty 110 public security department to assist the police cracked 17 criminal cases, to restore economic losses of more than 26 yuan.

since April 2006, Xining started the taxi "duty 110" security activities, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of the fight against the same crimes, to create a joint police, to jointly maintain a good atmosphere of social security. Up to now, a total of 200 Xining taxi obligations of the public security officer of the 110. Last year, taxi "110 security guard duty" to do good Samaritan 150, 22, to the police case information 12, taxi "duty 110" security guard become an essential strength security prevention and control in Xining city.


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