Xining promulgated the nterim Measures for accountability of the organs the 8 accountability organ

in order to promote the administrative organs and their staff in Xining city administration according to law, to prevent and reduce the administrative fault, to ensure that government decrees, improve administrative efficiency, the day before, Xining City, introduced the implementation of the "administrative efficiency accountability Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The "measures" will be through the 8 form of accountability, to curb the ills in Xining city are. This is September 24th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection office.

"measures" provisions of the accountability object, Xining municipal Party and government organs and their staff, the Municipal People’s congresses, CPPCC organs, judicial organs and their staff, the Municipal People’s organizations and their staff, authorized institutions entrusted with the management of public affairs or administrative law enforcement functions of the. Take accountability and ordered to make a written examination, informed criticism, admonishing conversation, cancel year Pingyoupingxian qualifications, suspended inspection, post adjustment, removal, dismissal or dismissal in eight ways, the subject of accountability for Party committees and governments at all levels and departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs.

"measures" provisions, within a month, the unit staff complaints were three times (including three) or more, can be verified; institutions bear the city’s key tasks of inadequate measures, effects of the municipal government work; to undertake the key construction projects slow progress, not completed the task by the time node; not on the superior deployment of the implementation of major decisions, resulting from public interests or infringes the lawful rights and interests of the masses of the people, causing negative social effect; not according to the provisions of the public work basis, conditions, procedures, contractors, processing time, fees, handling results and supervision channels are not completed on schedule; the objectives and tasks; not seriously investigating the effectiveness of problems, or not seriously implement service commitment, should cause the negative social effect of Accountability, if the circumstances are relatively minor, will be given to make a written examination, informed criticism, admonishing conversation; in serious cases, will be suspended inspection, post adjustment; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from office.

"measures" also on the work of the staff discipline requirements. The "measures" provisions, personnel not strictly abide by the discipline of work during the work or engage in work-related matters; do not meet the requirements of civilized norms services, causing negative social effect; the work efficiency is low, within the prescribed time limit can not complete the task; ask for or accept service object property, accept service object to provide dinner entertainment, tourism activities, or in the service object shall be personally liable for the reimbursement fee, should be accountable, if the circumstances are minor, shall be ordered to make a written examination, admonishing conversation, criticism; the circumstances are serious, be suspended inspection, post adjustment; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from office, dismissal or dismissal according to regulations.

at the same time, the "Regulations" also provides that the higher authorities in the purview of the lower level staff to make accountability decisions. The decision on accountability shall be determined through collective research and the decision to give accountability shall be made. The "decision on the accountability of the organs" shall be served on the person in charge and the unit where he is located, and shall submit the discipline inspection and supervision;

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