Hu Changsheng in the province city county leadership team general inspection work conference stresse

7 7, the provincial and county leaders of the general inspection work conference held. Provincial Standing Committee, organization minister Hu Changsheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that the general atmosphere is a local political ecology good or bad, a direct relationship between the success or failure of the general work. General trend to strengthen supervision, to create a delicate gas is in the general environment, is to implement a comprehensive strict requirements, to promote an important test of good political ecology, is a major responsibility of Party committees at all levels and departments of the organization.

Hu Changsheng stressed that the general trend to carry out inspection work must be strictly from the real, the contents should be focused on the identification of "five main responsibility", "four references must be" implementation, education, investigation, supervision and execution supervision system. In this way we should adhere to the combination of the film and the package, the combination of circuit supervision and on-site supervision, and the combination of Ming and unannounced visits to ensure the effectiveness of supervision. Adhere to the standards in the problem oriented, pragmatic and effective way to go, fall fine fall small, see people see, really supervise the real guide, with a good investigation and accountability of this weapon, discipline violations do zero tolerance".

Hu Changsheng, responsible to publicize the "nine forbidden" discipline, and carry out supervision in the county (city and district) committee secretary talk talk work, perform good discipline, discipline, consciously take the lead organization discipline and secrecy discipline, and earnestly safeguard the good image of the inspection team.


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