North District public schools to teach you good habits

Civilized manners, family finance, health care, health care, emergency hedging in daily life can encounter little common sense can learn here. In order to popularize etiquette knowledge to the public, calling on people to regulate their own behavior, to develop the habit of civilization, carry out rich and colorful activities this year North District public school, to help and influence to residents.

by May 14th, a City North District Office, District love health office jointly launched a hall to enhance health literacy of urban and rural residents, improve the health behavior public lecture. On the same day, the district doctors turned volunteers for residents to popularize basic public health knowledge and knowledge of hypertension prevention and control. The presence of the masses concentrate on listening to the doctor’s explanation, carefully record diet recipes, learned a lot of health knowledge. North District public schools through training, to provide residents with a full range of interactive communication, understanding and mastering knowledge, self platform, and constantly improve the overall quality of the residents of the area, improve people’s moral level and the degree of civilization of the whole city.  

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