Labor and social security departments for dozens of migrant workers to get back wages warm in my hea

yesterday, in the Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security, dozens of workers who came to receive wages show a smile of joy, was owed wages owed too good." "I’m going to call my parents to stop worrying"…… Everyone’s argument makes the narrow hall is particularly warm.

reporter learned from the scene, these people worked in a restaurant in Xining City, most of them have two months did not get paid, the hotel owner is not in Xining, you see a life not available, some employees to the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, Xining City Council reflects the situation.

Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security law enforcement personnel, the Department of labor and social security and the Complaints Bureau of Xining city in Qinghai province by coordination, tamie Industrial Co. Ltd. to advance the employee’s wages, this part of the funds to recover from Qinghai province tamie Industrial Co. Ltd. to restaurant. Qinghai Minhui industrial limited company manager Ling Feng said: "the company is expected to advance the restaurant staff wages 160 thousand yuan."

Xining City Labor and Social Security Bureau law enforcement officers to remind: if the employer encountered arrears, staff wages and other deductions, you can call the following units complaints telephone complaints. The Labor Bureau of Xining City, north of the city in 5123982 districts, the Labor Bureau of Xining City West District 6112667, Xining city 8236900 District Labor Bureau, labor bureau of Xining City, East District 8177511, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Labor Supervision Office 2723314, Huangyuan County Labor Supervision Office 2432769, Huangzhong county labor supervision office 2237389.


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