Entertainment to sunshine Xining City Public Security Bureau to make strict regulations

  entertainment venues, private rooms shall not be set off, the public security department at least two times a week to carry out security checks…… In order to effectively prevent the illegal drug trafficking and other illegal activities in the entertainment venues, in December 8th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the West Branch of the entertainment area within the jurisdiction of the establishment and management of hardware facilities to make strict rules.

Xining City West District intensive entertainment, in their daily work, the West City Police repeatedly found that the use of recreational drug trafficking. To this end, the West Public Security Bureau held a meeting of owners of entertainment venues, entertainment facilities inside the hardware made more stringent requirements. Not setting the partition requirements of entertainment rooms, rooms, and the installation of doors and windows of the indoor environment show transparent, with internal locking device or box, compartment door; prominent business hall, rooms, rooms in suspension with drug, prohibition of gambling, prostitution and other content warning signs, and indicate the public security department report telephone etc..

at the same time, establish branch entertainment inspection system, using the combination of internal and external way, namely venue security guards responsible for inspections in key positions, such as the floor, channel, public places such as Restroom regular inspections, narcotics brigade, police station area not less than two times per week to check; outside by the public security organs at all levels are not regular inspections, on public security the order of poor places, strengthen internal and external supervision, make entertainment management gradually standardized and legalized.


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