Let you buy a book you cheat money fire fraud money was false

Qinghai news network recently, a mass report leads to the public security department

note: Recently, it was under the banner of public security fire to the enterprises and institutions to cancel the

anti equipment costs or marketing fire books, magazines and other names in the implementation of fraud, many people on the


March 17th afternoon, Xining City Public Security Bureau, the Yellow River Road police station in conjunction with

West Fire Department staff, within the jurisdiction of a club, will be selling a value of

The suspect sun

Qianliubaiyu yuan fire books captured.

according to Sohn account, he took the lead in the name of the fire brigade or fire brigade to some large

type place, through commodity promotion, promotional materials production, collection of sponsorship fees and other activities to implement

fraud. Currently, Sohn has been administrative detention according to law.

[police remind]: if the public found such incidents, please immediately to the local police

authorities or fire department report, according to the law to protect their legitimate rights and interests. One to see each other

identity documents; two to check the relevant evidence, procedures; three to the local fire department

verification report. (author: he arrow)


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