As of the end of July Xining tax revenue 777 million 50 thousand yuan a year on year growth of 28 33

In August 11th, the reporter learned from relevant departments, this year the city tax revenue growth and keep step with the city’s economic growth, as of the end of July, the organization has accumulated the tax revenue 777 million 50 thousand yuan, completed 64.30% of the annual plan, an increase of 28.33%, an increase of 171 million 540 thousand yuan. According to reports, the municipal government issued a tax revenue task was 920 million 110 thousand yuan, an increase of over the previous year, an increase of 20%, a net increase of $153 million 350 thousand. At the end of July, the city’s land tax system has completed the district level of income of 555 million 660 thousand yuan, the completion of the municipal government issued the plan of 60.38%, growth of 29.87% over the same period last year, an increase of 127 million 800 thousand yuan.

from the tax structure, the second and the three industry to maintain growth momentum this year, on the second industry in Xining area during the first half of the tax warehousing 242 million 580 thousand yuan, accounting for 37.04% of total revenue, an increase of 30.14%, the contribution of the tax rate is 48.92%; the third industry tax warehousing 412 million 300 thousand yuan, accounting for 62.96% of the total tax revenue, an increase of 16.57%, the tax the contribution rate is 51.03%. (author: Xue Zhifeng)


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