n 2016 the province’s fishery accident rescue drills in Longyangxia reservoir area

10 month 14 days, with a loud alarm siren, launched in 2016 the province’s fishery water accident rescue exercises in the vast blue waves of the Longyangxia reservoir water.

this exercise aims to enhance the fishery production safety supervision, law enforcement and fishery water accident emergency response, disposal and rescue capabilities, through the exercise, can effectively test the province’s fishery water search and rescue assistance and related departments coordinated combat capability, the training team, accumulate experience, strengthen fishery production enterprises and employees in production safety and prevention of water the accident consciousness, to maximize the protection of life and property safety of fishery producers.

in recent years, with the rapid development of aquaculture in our province, the number of fishery practitioners and the number of fishing vessels has increased rapidly, and the risk and pressure of fishery water security has increased. To speed up the construction of the water rescue, effective response to water emergencies, and comprehensively improve the level of assistance and supervision, to protect people’s lives and property safety, protect the ecological environment of the waters is a very urgent work at present. Therefore, the fishery administrative department of fishery administration at all levels and moment will be fishermen life and property safety in mind, firmly establish the "red consciousness", put safety as a top priority.

according to the provincial fishery administration responsible person, in addition to the game, October 10th to 14, the province of Jiangsu province Ship Inspection Bureau invited experienced and competent comrades for our province more than 120 ships carried out pilot ship driver standard operation, emergency disposal, fishery production safety for the content of the training and training, do the basic work for the province’s fishery production safety.


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