Ensure that people eat safe food safety investigation into the province’s food safety work before th

9, 22, deputy governor Kuang Chung in Xining before the National Day holiday market supply situation, the province’s food safety work.

Kuang Chung has come to the provincial food inspection and testing institute, Xining food inspection and monitoring building, carefully check the testing equipment, detailed inquiry into the implementation of food safety regulatory measures, to understand the situation of the project under construction. He pointed out that food safety is related to the vital interests of the people, we should attach great importance to and accelerate the food inspection and testing work, and strive to improve the ability and level of inspection and testing. We should increase the intensity of education and training, pay attention to the cultivation of professional talents, effectively break through the bottleneck of talents, and provide strong technical support for administrative supervision. To increase the intensity of information sharing, do a good job with the relevant departments of information interconnection, interoperability, enjoy each other, make full use of mobile phones and other emerging network platform to achieve scientific and efficient supervision.

in the new Huarun million thousand square store and Mo street market, Chung Kuang focus on examination of the holiday selling food and consumer spending on food, asked in detail about the product purchase, sales etc.. Kuang Chung stressed that enterprises should conscientiously implement the main responsibility to strengthen food access test measures to strengthen the source of supervision, highlighting the circulation of food safety supervision, the establishment of traceability channels and mechanisms. To further grasp the market order, increase market inspections, spot checks, standardize business practices, strict food safety and quality, and create a good consumer environment.


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