Chase heavy rain last night

yesterday night, chase area heavy rain, newspaper news hotline 96369 received a call from the public.

19 pm yesterday, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the province, city people play kite ditch Mr. Zhu said, Datong County under half an hour of heavy rain. He drove in the county, it is obvious that the rainfall is very large, the water will be flooded road wheels. In order to quickly return to Xining from the rain area, Mr. Zhu did not dare to stay, all the way gallop. More than an hour later, Mr. Zhu has finally returned home in Xining.

Zhu family on the way back to Xining, Qinghai high-speed traffic police released on the micro-blog Ning high-speed rail across the board, slippery road, passing vehicles to pay attention to safety information.

compared with Mr. Zhu, in the Datong County, the owner of the oil and grain store Zhao is not so lucky. 21 PM, Ms. Zhao said, the store of grain and oil water depth of nearly one meter, the store was full of rice oil bubble, more than and 40 pounds of oil are floating in the water. The sudden rainstorm cost her at least two hundred thousand yuan. Zhao believes that the water is so deep because the market is too narrow trench.

22 am, heavy rain continues, some residents living in the county call this newspaper, hoping to get rescue as soon as possible.

according to the Qinghai provincial meteorological station chief informed staff Wei Shuxia said, according to monitoring shows that August 21st at 18:40 PM, Datong area began to rain, at 19:12 PM, rainfall increases gradually, the kite ditch forest in half an hour rainfall reached 14.6 mm.

Wei Shuxia said that 19 to 21 hours in the 3 hours, rainfall is relatively large, especially in the county area. As of 22, the total rainfall has reached 75.2 mm, rainfall reached storm level, the provincial meteorological observatory issued a timely warning orange rainstorm.

as of 22:15 last night Xu, Datong Region is still raining. (author: Zheng Sizhe Cai Yawen)

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