Local film performances by the public hot

I did not expect a lot of local film in Qinghai, but also a good shot." The evening of August 15th, free to watch the Qinghai local film people out of the theater, mutual exchange. During the cultural tourism festival, the three youth drama show screen information on the screen, there is a column of Cultural Tourism Festival information. Xu Xia, director of the green drama flyover studios, said: we have a special room for the release of 35 people, playing the Qinghai local film for free viewing of the public. A lot of people to see the film, the movie can be sold at five or six p.m.."

this also let Qinghai film writer Mr. Li Hao some accident, he is the movie "the Great Wall" at the Qinghai writers, "this is a documentary form of film, tells the story of the Qinghai the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty’s history and culture, did not think a lot of people watch movies." He said, Qinghai has a wealth of history and culture, national culture, human culture, if taken to the film or documentary is a good theme, look at how to dig." According to the Qinghai film distribution company limited staff, 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival Film Festival from August 13th to 16, with 4 days focused in our province the local film screenings works for people viewing convenient, respectively, in the south of the International Exhibition Center, the Youth Drama studios, square free screenings. In addition, the "summer night city square movie" is also touted by the public.

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