Datong County to make use of the advantages of college graduates to add fresh blood to social develo

in recent years, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in strict accordance with the provincial and municipal departments of social organization arrangements, meticulous organization, tracking service, strict management, to solve the employment difficulties, increase the employment channels, to increase employment rate of college graduates at the same time, has brought new ideas, new information, new technology for the development of the industry.

in the difficult employment problem highlights the current year, the Bureau of its own work to strengthen the foundation, strengthen service awareness, improve service levels, multi way, a full range of employment to help college graduates. In order to promote the employment of college graduates, it has achieved good results in the field of college graduates’ employment assistance, which is to carry out the work of recommending, building up the employment platform, developing the trainee post, enhancing the ability training, and encouraging the self employment. It is understood that in recent years, the Council recommended to each enterprise, the previous 3772 college graduates; apply for trainee positions and participate in the number of 525 people; actively organize the county personnel in various provinces and cities talent exchange, special recruitment of college graduates in 5, the number of 1480 people, reached an agreement of intent of more than 860 people County Talent Exchange Center; occupation regularly held small talent exchange 51, provides talents for enterprises and institutions, the introduction of much-needed talent shortage; since 2006, sent to Datong County to serve the village 147 college graduates, the current post in 24, the remaining 123 are (recruits) to the administrative examination, teachers, enterprises, trainee positions.

Datong County Yucheng engineering limited liability company Liu Dexiu told reporters: "the 2010 Social Council recommended me to go to work, through continuous learning, I became a director of the office, the monthly income of 3500 yuan. I think in the field of small and medium enterprises broader, more free, more able to display their talents. I can have a good job now, can not do without the recommendation and help." In addition to Liu Dexiu, college students, college students, village officials, such as learning in the help of the office of the independent founder of the enterprise has achieved good results for the majority of unemployed college graduates have played a leading role in the demonstration of the role of Lina. (author: Ye Wenjuan Sun Zhaoming)

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