Our Chinese dream Qinghai province moral model song folk art performance

January 5th, sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Civilization Office of the steering committee, Provincial Federation of literary and art circles, Artists Association, provincial Dramatists Association hosted the "our China dream — moral model of Qinghai concert" in Xining folk song television studio hall.

performance with "our Chinese dream" as the theme, "advocated by general secretary Chinese" dream ", the moral model is a social positive energy," "Tibetan Chinese family" and other programs through the rich local characteristics of our province, filial piety, flowers, and mixing and other folk art forms, vivid interpretation of the Chinese dream, socialist core values, national unity, the moral model of positive energy etc. the main theme of the times, make the audience feel exciting and powerful Chinese dream inspiring, to stimulate the moral consciousness of Zonta goodness.

this special program of folk arts in our province in recent years, the emergence of the national moral model, Qinghai good for the prototype, by the Provincial Federation of literary and art professional artists. The actor is composed of a professional troupe, a grass-roots cultural center, a folk artist and a production line worker. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Federation of literary leaders and the people of Xining watched the show. Special performances will be broadcast in the provincial, city and county television stations, and went to the grassroots tour.


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