College students Xu Kai opened the company to create 2 million years of turnover

What does

mean for graduates who are leaving campus in 2016? Many students may think they have lost a place, lost to find their parents living excuse, more people are in for a simple job and go up. However, at the same time, many people are still worried about the simple life, the protagonist Xu Kai chose to open the company, and created an annual turnover of 2 million of good results.

has been a O2O campus convenience store manager, organized charter business, the independent development of the booking system and WeChat platform…… Four years of university life, Jinling Institute of Technology School of Longpan Xu Kai students busy awfully. His entrepreneurial path is not simple, 51 this year, he organized Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Funing and other 21 car line, traveled to Jiangning, Pukou three, Xianlin University City, stem from the "home school train chartered agency business.

a year, the company turnover has reached 2 million. Today, a lot of students around the school began to graduate to find a job, and his company on the road of entrepreneurship in full swing.

Xu Kai attended the 12 level communication engineering Jinling Institute of Technology Longpan professional college. Pale face, wearing a pair of big box of old glasses, confident and occasionally a shy. Xu Kai said that he is a more introverted people, not sociable. When entering the university campus, the new city, the new campus environment makes him feel very lonely, very strange. An accidental opportunity, he saw on the campus advertising column has a pre-sale tickets Nantong advertising, as the people of Nantong, his heart suddenly warm up, the road of entrepreneurship also began quietly.


knockout knuckle calluses come in a throng

Xu Kai deeply students travel hard, he saw some senior fellow classmates in sporadic organization chartered, which inspired his ideas. As a sophomore, he decided to help the passenger organization students source, start with the "charter" business. In order to understand the Jiangning University City college students returning all information, he organized 60 students, the September visit the various Jinke Institute, Xiaozhuang College and Nanjing Institute of Technology in Jiangning District in a dormitory, asked to knock on the door, collecting data, sell the home from the school gate "newsletter" characteristics of the car business.

Xu Kai said humorously: "a month do not know how many knocks on the dormitory door, is not an exaggeration to say that our finger really knocked the calluses, however the real and potential customers to meet for the first time." A month let Xu Kai have been exposed to the weather. In return, after the national day, Xu Kai took the life first bucket of gold of 15000 yuan on the front he had hoped to find a stable working parents.

The traditional service mode of

Internet plus open entrepreneurial journey

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