2015 Green Fair will highlight the new vision of Xining new highlights

Xining city will this green fair play as special advantages, expand opening up, adjust the industrial structure, an important carrier to speed up the development of Xining, actively build economic and trade cooperation platform, cluster development energy, both good, and play a good role play host, provide sincere service, carefully choose investment business docking industry, showing a new heart, the characteristics of new projects, creative activity, excellent service and a number of key investment projects hi fruits.

A, contracted projects. The project as the highlight of this green fair, in advance to strengthen cohesion, choose out of business investment, highlight the characteristics and advantages, selection of key projects, the 145, a total investment of 102 billion 500 million yuan of the "Xining investment project books", held the green development and characteristics of industrial investment projects special promotion, around the theme of green development and actively to the participating merchants, the central and provincial media inside and outside the Xining city investment environment, industry characteristics, key investment projects etc.. Currently has signed 34 projects, with a total investment of 21 billion 252 million yuan. Among them, 4 industrial projects, the agreement funds 1 billion 680 million yuan; agricultural project 3, the agreement funds 360 million yuan; circulation project 7, 3 billion 132 million yuan of funds agreement; cultural tourism projects 6, the agreement funds 3 billion 50 million yuan; real estate development projects 7, the agreement funds 9 billion 300 million yuan; infrastructure projects 4, the agreement 2 billion 160 million yuan of funds.

two, new creative exhibition. The venue will exhibit Green Fair as a spectacle, with the theme of "open cooperation, green development", in 984 square meters exhibition showcase as an important strategic position in Western Silk Road Economic Belt is an important node in the city and the opening to the west, give full play to "a series of very fruitful work on the leading role of building strong Xining and the service of the province and the eastern city of group development. The use of LCD screen, videos, pictures, physical sand table, and other forms, showcasing the comparative advantage of Xining in the economic society, production integration of the city, the construction of ecological civilization achievements and city location, industry characteristics and city management etc..

four, invited many customers. The Green Fair in Xining to invite domestic and foreign merchants of more than 800, and the National Education Investment Company Limited and the national software and set with the Starbucks coffee chain, the new Hualian Suofeite Hotel, country garden group, Minmetals estate, dragon McIlroy studios Management Limited, China day;

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