Lay a good foundation to practice the three three real strict

The general secretary

Xi Jinping is the three three real strict requirements to promote the action guide of the style construction of the leading cadres of the party, but also for the government of the road, you should behave, base, is the need for compulsory great efforts to do. Implement the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial Party committee, "to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform, adhere to the correct direction, struggling to build the" three area ", the construction of a comprehensive well-off strategic task, complete province to promote the rule of law, further strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, strengthen the base construction, unite and mobilize the province of women and strive to write a good chapter China dream Qinghai, all cannot do without the three three real strict security.

strict to self ranked "three three real strict" first, is practicing the three three real strict premise, foundation and core. General secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the person first Zonta slim. Strict to self, is to strengthen the party spirit, ideals and faith, to enhance the moral realm, the pursuit of noble character, consciously away from the vulgar, consciously resist unhealthy tendencies.

strict to self-cultivation to learn first. As the leading cadres of the party, to discipline strict standards and strict measures, strict strengthen the party spirit, to learn first, to absorb nutrients from the advanced typical, scientific theory, the ideal faith made firm, in the daily practice of temper tempered, it is never too old to learn, to the transformation of the old. Want to re read "Xi Jinping series of important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the" reading "," governing the country and other key books, learn to do really understand, believe in, grasp the essence, understand the essence of the ideological and political action remains absolutely loyal to the party. To adhere to the combination of study, to Jiao Yulu, gabulong, Lian Fuzhang and other advanced models of learning, with advanced fathers mirror to see if there is nothing to be ashamed of calm, firm ideal faith without wavering, always adhere to the spirit of Communist heights.

should be strict to slim the self-discipline. Man’s life is a struggle for the pursuit of life, but also often encounter the desire to interfere with the temptation to fight a lifetime. The leading cadres of the party should always keep to yourself, insist on self-respect, self-examination, self motivation, earnestly implement the "party members and leading cadres in politics several criteria", vigorously carry forward the hard work and excellent style of the integrity of the spirit of public servant, consciously away from the vulgar, withstand the temptation, and consciously accept the organization and the masses supervision, self-discipline, diligent for the people, be cautious, careful, cautious, careful early, careful, careful friends, consciously abide by the organization and discipline of the "security line", strict work discipline "warning line", do not touch the life of discipline "high line", "always keep very careful, as if" mentality, do alarm bells ringing, check erroneous ideas at the outset. Always keep a good cadre of Hao Ran qi.

strict in order to work hard in front. Empty talk, hard work and prosperous, hard work is the leading cadres of the "basic skills", only down-to-earth work, hard work, can not become a mediocre person. Women cadres should firmly establish "can not afford the responsibility," sit still "sense of urgency, identify the location, flow, to accurately grasp the aspirations of women, the female equal employment rights to land;

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