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this year, the City Health Bureau of medical and health system reform combined with the actual needs, to strengthen the construction of basic medical and health services personnel, college students to broaden employment channels, effectively enhance the ability of medical and health services in the township hospitals and community health service institutions, according to the Qinghai provincial health Department, the finance department and the Department of human resources and social security "in 2010 Qinghai province township (community) plan of medical probation Gang health service plan", the needs of the society for community health service institutions in the township hospitals, the government held open recruitment township (community) Health Service Trainee Posts 305 medical personnel, the township hospital internship hillock 185, Community Health Service Trainee hillock 120 (i.e., 80 in Datong County, Huangzhong County 70, Huangyuan County 35, East District 28 Name, 34 City District, West District, 24, north of the city of the district 34.  


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