Keywords enterprise how to observe the competition is fierce

fourth, see competitors, this is particularly important, many started as a Shanghai dragon will have very little inspiration, but a long time Shanghai dragon Er will see consolidation of the website, the website optimization is how, if there is a strong means of optimization on the front page of the website, then this keyword optimization nature there is a certain degree of difficulty, if not how the word optimization will have good rankings, then we make use of technology of Linyi Shanghai dragon ranking is also easily.

look at the degree of competition is not fierce words, from the following aspects:

to select keywords > in the website

second, you can use the "intitle words" way to look at the search results, search keywords simple words, search results also include the page containing keywords, not all competitors, so we can search out the number of all our competitors, but also the number of large, the greater the competition.

first, look at the number of search results. The number of search results on the number we assess whether popular degree is a good reference. Fall in love with sea input keywords, will appear a number of related pages below, this result is the search engine calculated that all pages related to the keywords, obviously we all know, the more the number of words, the degree of competition will be higher.

for a start optimization introduction to Shanghai dragon, or for network optimization does not understand the enterprise, choose keywords become very passive, only to let others this is not very competitive keywords or popular words, if Shanghai do not know whether the word dragon Er so fierce competition, probably will give customers over promised, if the enterprises do not know these words are not really so intense, it is likely to be exaggerated their website keywords efforts to allow the company to spend money. Today, the new trend of NET ER and Shanghai dragon taught companies how to see this keyword is not competitive, so we all know, the integrity of others do.

third competitors for the number of results, we search some key words we see in the natural ranking position at the top of the bidding, auction number, that there are a lot of people in the word, of course, the competition is big, and we are going to look at its price is how, auction website if there is one click 9 yuan, there are a few angle, we can know that if this competition and Never mind, so what is it, this is the competition, the fierce competition in the word, love is the high price of Shanghai. Also worth noting that, many businesses are put in the promotion during the day, the evening will be closed, if in the evening of Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to, it will easily give us false.

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