City Council to implement new revenue collection system

first_imgVendors from several markets will be engaged in a new system to pay their dues as the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) seeks to implement a new initiative to collect its revenues.According to the Council, Bourda Market will be used from Monday as a pilot to identify challenges, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities for improvement in the structure that was created. It would then be replicated in all other markets after the revision and rectification process.The Accounting Manager of the Council, John Douglas, on Friday highlighted some of the mechanisms that will be put in place to facilitate the new system.Currently, ‘revenue collectors’ from the market section would act on behalf of the Council to manoeuvre around the vendors and apply the charges on behalf of the Council and collect the revenues based on what was owed.However, to enhance the transparency and accountability of this process, this would not be done in the future. A booth was established at Regent Street and Orangewalk, where the system would be modified. Cashiers would be present at the booth while “issuers” and “verifiers” will be dispatched to the vendors.“An issuer would come towards a vendor. They would assess the goods that is on the ground and they would write what is called a ‘slip’. The vendor would be given that slip and the vendor is expected to take that slip towards the cashier booth and make his or her payments,” Douglas explained.“The verifier comes a little while after on the ground to ensure that the vendor had paid at the cashier booth and the correct amount has been paid for,” he later added.For him, this system would drive a more efficient procedure of obtaining dues from the vendors. The monies would also be obtained in a manner that is also safer for persons to deposit their cash.Presently, a new database has also been created specifically for this purpose and it is a 24-hour system.“It’s going to be betterment for both vendors and staff. It’s a more secure system and its one that involves the use of technology. When you go to the booth to make the payment at the cashier, there is a software that is built with the prices already fixed it so it eliminates the possibility of anyone varying and playing with the prices.”Meanwhile, when asked if those that were hired as revenue collectors would be sent home, Town Clerk Royston noted that they would be reclassified to suit the new available positions.The new process will commence on Monday with the ‘casual’ vendors who will be paying for their spots at the new cashiers.last_img read more

BlackRock to Host Rising Star Gala

first_imgAs BlackRock Center for the Arts will celebrate its growth in the community with its annual gala event “Rising Star” on April 25th. The Gala, taking place in BlackRock’s building in Germantown, will feature live entertainment by BlackRock students and professionals, an awards program, silent auction, Fund-a-Need and a cocktail hour and dinner. The Center will honor three individuals and companies who have been loyal and active stakeholders. Mark Friis of Rodgers Consulting, a former trustee and long-time donor will be honored as Outstanding Community Leader; the Art League of Germantown having provided years of volunteerism, artistic work and hands-on support will be honored with the Rocky Award; and Frank Ferrando, a longstanding and dedicated volunteer will be awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Award. Melane and Tom Hoffmann and Mike and Cassie Knapp are the Gala Co-Chairs, and Montgomery County First Lady, Catherine Leggett is Honorary Chair. The gala is BlackRock’s most important fundraising event of the year, with a goal of $145,000. Proceeds from the evening directly support BlackRock’s arts education programs, outreach and scholarship initiatives, gallery activities, performances, and other programs that engage the community it serveslast_img read more

Gravitational data from Dawn suggests dome on Ceres is made of volcanic

first_img Citation: Gravitational data from Dawn suggests dome on Ceres is made of volcanic mud (2019, June 11) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2019 Science X Network This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Back in 2015, NASA’s Dawn space probe showed that there was a domed-shaped mountain approximately four kilometers high and seventeen kilometers wide—since named Ahuna Mons—rising from the surface of Ceres, a dwarf planet residing in our solar system’s asteroid belt. Initial inspection suggested volcanism; the dome-shape streaked mountain with salt on its slope looked reminiscent of volcanoes here on Earth, or even the icy domes seen on some of the solar system’s moons. But logic has suggested that the mechanics involved in creating volcanism on a dwarf planet would not work. Because of its small size, it would cool down and solidify, preventing any interior activity. But that logic appears not to apply to Ceres, the team found.The researchers noted evidence that the dome was created relatively recently, perhaps just a couple hundred million years ago—it has very few craters. Also, prior study of data from Dawn by another team led to the discovery that Ceres had a mantle loaded with fluids. To learn more, the team looked at gravity field maps built using data from Dawn. They found evidence of a plume extending from the mantle to the dome above it. A closer look suggested that the plume had at some point carried a mud-like mix of water, salt and other particles up into the area where the dome had formed.The researchers describe the plume as unlike any other documented to date, and thus is a novelty in the solar system. They also note that because of the composition of the plume, there is a possibility that Ceres’ mantle is still churning, pushing material up into the dome making it grow. Explore further Dawn snaps its best-yet image of dwarf planet cerescenter_img Journal information: Nature Geoscience More information: Ottaviano Ruesch et al. Slurry extrusion on Ceres from a convective mud-bearing mantle, Nature Geoscience (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41561-019-0378-7 Colocation of volcanic dome and isostatic gravity anomaly. a, A false-colour mosaic (R, 0.97 µm; G, 0.75 µm; B, 0.44 µm) of the region of Ahuna Mons from Dawn Framing Camera observations. The dome of Ahuna Mons is close to the centre of the mosaic, and its high-reflectance areas are steep flanks rich in carbonates and phyllosilicates. b, The isostatic anomaly represented with spherical harmonic degrees l= 5–14 and showing about 50–60 mGal at approximately the same coordinates as Ahuna Mons for the same area as a. Credit: Nature Geoscience (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41561-019-0378-7 An international team of researchers has found evidence that suggests the large dome found on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres is made of slurry—a mix of salty brine and solid particles. In their paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, the group describes their study of data from the Dawn spacecraft and what it revealed.last_img read more

Air Seychelles Soars In Skytrax Rankings

first_imgSkytrax ranks an airline’s frontline product and service standards based on an internationally recognised quality analysis system and professional evaluations. The performance analysis is completed annually and rankings are categorised by region and across the world. “The results demonstrate our commitment to training, our investment in our people and our product and further demonstrates the value of our partnership with Etihad Airways,” he said. Air Seychelles is now ranked fourth globally in the Most Improved category. This year, Air Seychelles’ overall ranking is 56, up from133 last year and the highest in its history. Source = Air Seychelles Cramer Ball, Chief Executive Officer of the airline, said: “This is a significant achievement for Air Seychelles and further confirmation that the airline is moving in the right direction. To climb so quickly in the Skytrax rankings in such a short time is evidence of our team’s determination to be the best airline in the Indian Ocean and to fulfil Air Seychelles’ vision to be a high quality, profitable airline The national carrier of the Republic of Seychelles is now ranked the No. 2 airline in Africa, up eight places from its previous ranking of 10 last year, and now holds the No. 3 spot for Best Airline Staff in Africa, a category in which the airline held no ranking last year. “The Global Airline Awards are based on traveller feedback, so it is pleasing to see that our customers are recognising the rapid progress we are making towards being the best airline in the region.” Air Seychelles soared high in the recent Skytrax rankings released at the Skytrax World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show. Mr. Ball said Air Seychelles’ staff and the whole Seychellois community should be rightly proud of the national airline.last_img read more


first_img COUNCIL LAUNCHES PACKED PROGRAMME OF EVENTS FOR CULTURE NIGHT 2016MAYOR HILARY MCCLINTOCKNW CULTURAL PARTNERSHIPseptember 16shantallowSTUDIO 2Waterside IT is going to be another bumper Culture Night 2016 next week.OVER forty arts and cultural venues including museums, galleries, cathedrals, studios and libraries throughout the city and district will open their doors to the public, free of charge, on Friday, September 16, to celebrate Culture Night 2016.Now in its 11th year, Culture Night has become one the highlights of Derry City and Strabane District Council’s events calendar.This year’s programme is packed full of dance, music, song, film, art, digital events and a series of talks and tours in some of the most historic cultural buildings of the city and district.At the launch of the event, Mayor Alderman Hilary McClintock said: “Our Council district is well known for its rich arts and cultural offering. Culture Night provides the perfect opportunity to sample what we actually do have to offer. “The lecture will be preceded by a theatrical vignette to explain the events in the Plantation City of Derry of 1616.“Amongst the packed programme you can enjoy dancing from the Sollus School of Highland Dance, singing by the Encore Choir at the Garden of Reflection, kids and adult reading rooms, laughter yoga, a kids cartoon workshop, film screenings, an open mic night and much more.“I invite everyone to view the programme and come along, there will be something for everyone.’’Full details of this year’s events and the participating venues, are available online LAUNCHES PACKED PROGRAMME OF EVENTS FOR CULTURE NIGHT 2016 was last modified: September 5th, 2016 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet “It is not only a great way for people to enjoy culture but also provides a chance to rediscover the city and district and learn something new.“This year’s programme is even bigger and better than before and we have a few new cultural venues added to the list including Studio 2 in the Shantallow area and NW Cultural Partnership in the Fountain area.‘The programme features daytime and evening events such as a Sword smiths Treasure Hunt in which participants are tasked with helping the master sword smith and given the opportunity to win prizes.“There will also be a lecture in St. Columb’s Cathedral by Dr Breandán Mac Suibhne, of Centenary University, New Jersey on ‘The Maiden City and the City of Brotherly Love’, recounting personal stories from 18th century Derry and Philadelphia.last_img read more