City Council to implement new revenue collection system

first_imgVendors from several markets will be engaged in a new system to pay their dues as the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) seeks to implement a new initiative to collect its revenues.According to the Council, Bourda Market will be used from Monday as a pilot to identify challenges, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities for improvement in the structure that was created. It would then be replicated in all other markets after the revision and rectification process.The Accounting Manager of the Council, John Douglas, on Friday highlighted some of the mechanisms that will be put in place to facilitate the new system.Currently, ‘revenue collectors’ from the market section would act on behalf of the Council to manoeuvre around the vendors and apply the charges on behalf of the Council and collect the revenues based on what was owed.However, to enhance the transparency and accountability of this process, this would not be done in the future. A booth was established at Regent Street and Orangewalk, where the system would be modified. Cashiers would be present at the booth while “issuers” and “verifiers” will be dispatched to the vendors.“An issuer would come towards a vendor. They would assess the goods that is on the ground and they would write what is called a ‘slip’. The vendor would be given that slip and the vendor is expected to take that slip towards the cashier booth and make his or her payments,” Douglas explained.“The verifier comes a little while after on the ground to ensure that the vendor had paid at the cashier booth and the correct amount has been paid for,” he later added.For him, this system would drive a more efficient procedure of obtaining dues from the vendors. The monies would also be obtained in a manner that is also safer for persons to deposit their cash.Presently, a new database has also been created specifically for this purpose and it is a 24-hour system.“It’s going to be betterment for both vendors and staff. It’s a more secure system and its one that involves the use of technology. When you go to the booth to make the payment at the cashier, there is a software that is built with the prices already fixed it so it eliminates the possibility of anyone varying and playing with the prices.”Meanwhile, when asked if those that were hired as revenue collectors would be sent home, Town Clerk Royston noted that they would be reclassified to suit the new available positions.The new process will commence on Monday with the ‘casual’ vendors who will be paying for their spots at the new cashiers.last_img read more