Which Raiders are to blame for each of Derek Carr’s 5 interceptions?

first_imgALAMEDA — Derek Carr sits tied with four others with a NFL-high five interceptions through three games.Detroit’s Matthew Stafford, Denver’s Case Keenum, Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton and the Jets’ Sam Darnold also have five, but each of those teams have at least one win.Carr threw three picks against the Rams in Week 1, something he didn’t do in any game last season despite throwing 13 interceptions compared to six in 2016. After a historically accurate day against the Broncos, Carr regressed …last_img read more

California Gets New Light Bulb Efficiency Standard

first_imgGiven that no incandescent or halogen bulb on the market comes close to meeting these levels, consumers will be choosing between energy-saving compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED light bulbs. LED bulbs deliver superior performance relative to CFLs, so they are likely to be the bulb of choice going forward.In California, retailers are allowed to sell through their inventories of inefficient light bulbs manufactured prior to January 1, 2018. For more details on the standard, including information on which bulbs are covered and which are exempt, see this fact sheet. How do you know which LED bulb to buy?Rather than buying a bulb based on wattage, consumers should be looking for one that gives off the same amount of light as their old bulb. As few consumers know that their old 60-watt incandescent gave off 800 lumens, manufacturers include equivalency claims on their packages such as “10 W = 60 W” or “60 W bulb replacement.” The table below compares the power and light output of common incandescents and their LED replacements. Use this chart to pick the correct wattage of an LED. Paving the Way for an Efficient Light Bulb in Every SocketLED Filament BulbsMartin’s 10 Rules of LightingGreen Basics: Lighting and Phantom Loads LED bulbs come in all shapes and brightness levelsThe lighting manufacturers and retailers have done a wonderful job developing and promoting LED bulbs. Any visitor to a Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, Costco, or Target store is presented with a wide display of energy-saving LED light bulbs. In fact, LEDs now dominate the lighting aisle and occupy a lot more shelf space than incandescents and halogens.You can find LED bulbs from not only the big three lighting companies — Philips, GE and Osram — but also new manufacturers such as Cree, Feit, and TCP.Replacements for the old 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt bulbs are all widely available. While they are not currently covered by the new California regulation, LED replacements are also available for the old candelabra lamps commonly used in chandeliers and sconces, three-way lamps, and large-diameter reflector/flood bulbs. RELATED ARTICLES Some other quick consumer tips:Bring your old bulb to the store so you can select a replacement with a similar size and base type.Buy a dimmable model if that’s what you are currently using.LED bulbs offer different “colors” of light. LEDs that mimic conventional incandescent bulbs are marketed as soft white or warm white and produce a yellowish white light. LEDs that give off a more bluish white light are referred to as cool and are sometime marketed under the name “daylight” or an equivalent term. While most consumers prefer the warm white look because it’s most similar to the old incandescent, others may prefer the cool white bulbs. If you are unsure which you prefer, try one of each before retrofitting your whole home.Buy bulbs with the Energy Star logo. They have been subjected to rigorous testing and must meet numerous stringent requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding long-term performance, dimmability, light distribution, etc.For more information on how to buy an LED bulb, go to the guides prepared by NRDC, the California Lighting Technology Center and the EPA.center_img How do the standards work?The California standards cover the common light bulbs we use in our homes. The regulation requires bulbs manufactured on or after January 1, 2018, and offered for sale in the state to achieve a minimum efficiency level of 45 lumens per watt, which is three times more efficient than the old incandescent bulbs. (Note: Lumens measure the amount of light a bulb produces and watts measure the amount of power it consumes.) LEDs do everything except waste a lot of energyToday’s LED light bulb is an amazing product. It is just as bright as the incandescent and halogen bulbs it was designed to replace, gives off the same quality of light, turns on instantly, and uses 80% less energy. Most models are also dimmable. The LED bulb that replaces the 60-watt incandescent bulb only uses 10 watts of power to deliver the same amount of light. LED bulbs also last 15 to 25 years, based on typical daily operation of three hours per day, which eliminates the hassle of having to replace an incandescent bulb every year or so.In addition to being much better for the environment (less electricity use translates to fewer power plant emissions and cleaner air), LEDs are a great deal for consumers. While LED bulbs once cost around $20, you can now buy one for $2 to $3 per bulb when purchased in a multi-pack. With their much greater efficiency, LED bulbs will save consumers around $50 to $150 over the bulb’s lifetime, with the brightest models delivering the biggest savings. One of the least energy-efficient products in modern history, the incandescent light bulb — a type of bulb that dates back to the days of Thomas Edison — is being permanently retired in California as of January 1, 2018, and in 2020 for the rest of the nation. California is demonstrating its environmental leadership once again by being the first state in the nation to move forward with improved energy efficiency standards for the everyday screw-based light bulb.With around 250 million sockets in California that still contain inefficient bulbs, the savings really add up. Once all of these sockets switch over to a more efficient alternative — CFL or LED light bulbs — California consumers and businesses will save an estimated $1 billion every year on their electric bills.The new standards are part of a gradual transition away from the old incandescent bulbs, which had remained essentially the same since Edison created the first commercially available bulb in 1879, to today’s lighting technology. Manufacturers and retailers have known about the changes for more than 10 years and responded to the challenge by offering a complete suite of new energy-saving light bulbs that meet the new standards. Noah Horowitz is senior scientist and director of the Center for Energy Efficiency Standards, Energy & Transportation Program at the National Resources Defense Council. This blog was originally posted at the NRDC’s Expert Blog.last_img read more

India vs Sri Lanka World Cup final: Why India can lose to Sri Lanka?

first_img1) Now that Captain Dhoni has lost the toss. That is one negative to start with. add another: Sreesanth to play in place of Nehra. Oh God!2) Sachin Tendulkar will again be the backbone of the Indian innings. But will he survive five-six chances like against Pakistan? The Sri Lankans are good at converting even half-chances into crucial run-outs and catches.3) Dilshan and Sangakkara are batsmen much feared by bowlers across the world. Can India keep them quiet? What if they can’t and the two do to Indian bowlers what Sanath Jayasuriya did to Manoj Prabhakar? Ouch, let’s not think negative. But that’s a problem.4) The Sri Lankans have upped mindgames against India, saying India start as favourites. Normally, the Indian team feels good about it and gets walloped in the match. Will that happen again, I wonder?5) Yuvraj Singh, hmmmm. Remember what happened to him in Mohali against the Pakistani attack? In and then out. Let’s hope he has gotten over that “quickfire” innings.6) Let’s say India bats first and doesn’t get a heavy score, the Indian team normally acts like it has lost its spine when the other team comes out to play. Hope the Indian team has had its calcium supplements (can help in detecting one’s spine).7) The whole country is with Dhoni and the team. But it is for the team to play. We can cry ourselves hoarse but you know about the horse and the water? Our batsmen and bowlers are very prone to ignoring the ocean of fan support to bounce back from an adverse position. It usually is three down and then six down.advertisement8) This blog is about superstition, about not wanting to move away from the screen or not watching a match because India may lose. The last time this blog said India will lose to Pak, India won. Let’s hope Dhoni and the boys get the message right this time too and beat the Lankans.last_img read more


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