Sierra Leone Spent US$1.6M for 3-Day Lockdown

first_imgThe spokesman of the government of Sierra Leone, Mr. Abdulai Bayraytay, said his government is awaiting the scientific report from the committee responsible for the fight against the Ebola pandemic in that country, before a determination is made on the success of the three-day lockdown.In a telephone interview with a Liberian journalist yesterday, Mr. Bayraytay disclosed that the lockdown,  which started last Friday, was welcomed by the majority and that some are even suggesting that it continues.Mr. Bayraytay was, however, quick to point out that any decision by government to carry out a monthly three-day lockdown as suggested by many residents in the country, will depend on the outcome of the scientific report from field workers used during the lockdown.About 30,000 fieldworkers were trained and deployed throughout the country of  over six million people.Mr. Bayraytay disclosed that the amount of US$1.6 Million was used during the lockdown, with the amount of US$700,000.00 from the coffers of the Government of Sierra Leone, while the rest came from friends of the  country and NGOs.During the lockdown, Mr. Bayraytay said over150 people willingly reported to the nearest holding or isolation centre to be tested.The curfew in Sierra Leone came into force on Friday morning, with most of the country’s six million inhabitants confined to their homes.Around 30,000 medical volunteers travelled to affected neighborhoods to find patients and distribute soap.Deputy Chief Medical Officer Sarian Kamara said authorities had managed to discover 22 new cases of the virus during the curfew.”Had they not been discovered, they would have greatly increased transmission,” he said.He also said between 60 and 70 Ebola victims were buried during the three days of the lockdown, and that the authorities had managed to discover 22 new cases of the virus during the curfew.The three-day curfew is the most aggressive measure yet  taken against the virus by a West African country.Sierra Leone has been one of the countries worst affected by the outbreak, with more than 550 victims among the 2,600 deaths so far recorded.Like Sierra Leone, Liberia is currently battling with the Ebola pandemic, and its citizens and residents are presently observing a 90-day state of emergency declared in August by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

President memorialises 195th Demerara Revolt anniversary

first_imgOn the 195th anniversary since the 1823 Demerara Revolt, tributes were given to the sacrifices made by those who were enslaved under British rule, at a commemorative ceremony which was observed on Monday.President David Granger hangs a wreath at the 1823 MonumentThe observance was held at the 1823 Monument in the company of the President of Guyana, David Granger; Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland; members of the Diplomatic Corp and other stakeholders.Wreaths were laid at the base of the monument while homages were paid with national songs and performances by the National Dance Company and a musical rendition by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) band.During his feature address, President Granger noted that this month recalls the struggles which were made by our ancestors for freedom, commencing with Emancipation Day and continuing with the anniversary of the Revolt.“The Revolt, involving more than 11,000 Africans across 55 plantations on the East Coast of Demerara, was the largest revolt of enslaves Africans in Guyana and is one of the most significant in the dismantling of the slave mode of production in the Caribbean.”Amid the sacrifices that were made, he nevertheless acknowledged that it opened an opportunity for the enslaved ancestors to attain freedom through the various rebellions that were planned on the plantations at different periods. However, this day is marked specifically in honour to those who would’ve fought for emancipation during the Demerara Revolt. Insight was also given to the other rebellions which were led in Essequibo and Berbice.A section of the gathering at the remembrance on Monday“The Demerara Revolt was suppressed but it ignited the flame of freedom. News of the bloody suppression and revolt created outrage in Britain. The revolts rolled in the passage of the emancipation act 10 years after. The Cooperative Republic of Guyana designated the 20th of August as Demerara Martyrs Day in homage to the victims of the Demerara Revolt,” President Granger said.Sports and cultural activist, Aaron Blackman remarked, “Those martyrs every year invigorates the peaceful revolution pursued by the conscious African man and woman in our African villages through these commemorative ceremonies that reminds us of our past.”At that time, he also explicated on the importance of education and safe spaces for the development of youths in all communities.On August 18, 1823, people who were enslaved under the British rule enaged in the Demerara Rebellion, revolting for two days. Plans for the rebellion began on August 17, 1823 at Plantation Success and was led by Quamina and his son, Jack Gladstone. During the revolt, Quamina called for peace to remain but his pleas fell on deaf ears and the slaves rebelled the following day. They were killed by the colonial masters after shots were fired into the crowds, killing some 200 persons.After that day, while the revolt had ended, many of the rebels were hunted and killed. Two hundred of them were beheaded while 16 were lined up to be hanged. Gladstone was sent to St Lucia and Quamina was traced and killed in September, 1823.last_img read more

161 cases of ‘paid news’ in M.P. polls

first_imgThe office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Madhya Pradesh has so far issued notices to 161 candidates who had allegedly paid for the publication of ‘favourable’ news in various media outlets in the run-up to the Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh.“161 notifications have been issued by the Returning Officers to various candidates in suspected paid news cases in the State during the Vidhan Sabha election. Fifteen candidates have admitted to the news mentioned in the notifications issued by the Returning Officer being paid news and accepted the addition of the amount to their election expenditure,” said Joint Chief Electoral Officer Rajesh Kaul.Poll expenditure Mr. Kaul said the district-level media certification and monitoring committees have recommended that the paid news amount be added to the candidate’s election expenditure in as many as 146 cases so far.Six appeals against recommendations made by the district-level committees of Ujjain and Betul had been received by the State-level committee, a poll official said. The State committee upheld the recommendation of the district body after hearing the appeals.Regional publicationsA major chunk of complaints on paid news were against vernacular and regional media publications, the official added.Assembly elections were held in all 230 constituencies of the State on November 28, and the counting of votes will take place on December 11. The Congress is in a direct face-off with the BJP, which has been in power for the past 15 years.last_img read more