Beirán and Rabaseda, the only world champions on the list of 17 for the first European ‘window’

first_imgTyson Pérez, Rubén Guerrero and Ehigiator, great news from the first listThe first two meetings of Spain will be against Romania (outside) and Poland (home) Rabaseda, the most represented with 32 matches in the selection, will be the captain of this first ‘window’ that includes two players who have never played with the absolute, Osas Ehigitor (Montakit Fuenlabrada) and Tyson Pérez (Morabanc Andorra), both with experience in the lower categories of the national team.The World Cups Beirán and Rabaseda, together with the Unicaja players Jaime Fernández, who was in the final preselection for China, and Darío Brizuela, are called to lead this team, which also highlights the return six years after Dani Díez, who has played seven friendly with the national team, but that has not yet debuted in the official game, as well as the aforementioned debutants and Rubén Guerrero.The selection will begin its concentration on Monday 17 at noon in Guadalajara, in whose Multipurpose Pavilion Aguas Vivas will conduct its first three training sessions before flying on Wednesday 19 heading to Romania. After the match in Cluj Napoca, the team will return early Friday morning and arrive at noon in Zaragoza, where on Sunday 23 will face Poland as the closing of this first ‘window’, as detailed by the FEB.For this first pre-Eurobasket rally, Scariolo will have a technical team consisting of Luis Guil, Joaquín Prado, Jorge Lorenzo, Manolo Aller, Alberto Lorenzo (assistant coaches), Enrique Salinas, Javier Bello (physical trainers), Carlos Salas (doctor) , José Antonio Fernández, Jordan Sospedra (physiotherapists), Alberto Pérez (delegate) and David Ortega (utillero).LIST OF CALLEDBASES: Rodrigo San Miguel (Casademont Zaragoza), Carlos Alocén (Casademont Zaragoza) and Alberto Díaz (Unicaja).EXTERIORS: Javier Beirán (Herbalife Gran Canaria), Xavi Rabaseda (Herbalife Gran Canaria), Darío Brizuela (Unicaja), Jaime Fernández (Unicaja), Johathan Barreiro (Casademont Zaragoza), Dani Díez (Iberostar Tenerife), Santi Yusta (Ibertostar Tenerife) and Xabi López-Arostegui (Joventut).INTERIORS: Sebas Saiz (Shibuya Sunrockers), Víctor Arteaga (Movistar Students), Osas Ehigitor (Montakit Fuenlabrada), Rubén Guerrero (Unicaja), Nacho Llovet (Morabanc Andorra), Tyson Pérez (Morabanc Andorra). Spanish basketball coach Sergio Scariolo announced on Tuesday the list of 17 players called for the first ‘window’ of qualification for Eurobasket 2021, where Javi Beirán and Xabi Rabaseda are the only world champions and where debutants Osas Ehigitor appear and Tyson Pérez.The Spanish basketball team will open its way to the next European championship at home in Cluj Napoca, where it will be measured with Romania (Thursday, February 20, 17.00 Spanish time), and later in Zaragoza against Poland (Sunday 23, 18.00).As happened in the qualifying phase for the World Cup, Scariolo, who has ruled out his presence in the NBA’s ‘All Star’ to prepare this ‘window’ with guarantees, will not be able to count on players from the US league or the Euroleague . Thus, all the summoned belong to Spanish clubs that do not dispute the maximum European competition except Sebas Saiz, who plays in the Japanese Shibuya Sunrockers.last_img read more

Eibar, to Messi: “We have no choice but to stand up and applaud you …”

first_img“We suffer. We suffer. We cope with you. And we have no choice but to stand up and applaud you,” Eibar wrote on his Twitter profile after the exhibition of the Barca striker at the Camp Nou. Eibar suffered the best version of Messi this Saturday in their flesh. The Argentine striker was the author of the four goals that Barcelona endorsed the armored team. After the meeting, the Basque club did not hesitate to use their social networks to praise and show their admiration for the current Golden Ball.last_img read more

Salzburg-Eintracht, postponed due to storm threat

first_imgThe meeting between Salzburg Austrian and the German Frankfurt Eintracht, corresponding to the return of the round of 16 of the Europa League, has been postponed due to threat storm, UEFA reports in a statement.It states that the Austrian public authorities have recommended this decision in view of the expected weather situation for the time of the match, set at 21.00 CET.UEFA notes that it will soon communicate the date and time in which will be played the game.Frankfurt Eintracht won in the first leg 4-1.last_img read more

Iker Muniain: “It’s a unique opportunity for Athletic”

first_imgClear! Being a team captain, and more of this, is a huge responsibility, not only on the field but also outside. You have to keep an image. I have been fortunate to have great captains this time, which are teaching you many values, things that I put into practice today, when it comes to handling a wardrobe, and I am trying to do it in the best possible way.He debuted with the number 27, as Yeray in his day and Victor recently. I would ask you to keep that number on top …The day he debuted Vencedor I asked him for the number and he told me that on 27. I told him that it is the one I took. He was glad. Is special.But despite being on the front line, do not forget its origins. When he faced the Sestao River in Copa, he had many gestures of complicity with Coscolín, his friend and former partner in the lower categories of La Txantrea.In a sport where everything seems so exorbitant and we are tired of talking about stars, playing that type of games, in Sestao, in a humble town, it always returns you to what you have been as a young man. Finding my best friend, Pablo … life put us that party to meet. It was very special. He arrived in Lezama with 12 years and was quite ‘crazy goat’. Now he is a father with two children. Haven’t you become too serious a guy?Every moment has its circumstances. Being a father and starting a family has helped me for many things. To be very focused on my people and football, which is what sustains everything and feeds us. Thank God my children do not lack anything. It generates a high responsibility. I have been good for sports.Have injuries made you more resistant?Yes. Until you have fallen into them you always think they are the worst. I have learned a lot from injuries, they have helped me to get up, they make you strong, your skin becomes hard. When they come badly, it makes you vindicate yourself, stand up to all these situations and get stronger.The non-clause was a message in the future.I did it because it was something I felt and for sending a message to the kids who come, those who feel the club and the fans who with some way out felt betrayed. The fan feels the player as a relative and that type of exits hurt. The message I wanted to convey is that there is still that romanticism that people want and hopefully serve as an example for new generations.Is the Selection a thorn?It is a great challenge and a goal, so I fight and work every day in my club, which is the springboard for Luis Enrique to notice me. I have been fortunate to be many years in the U21, to live a beautiful stage, playing with great players. We were twice European champions.His ‘brother’ Williams is very demanding. Mark more.I have lived it throughout my career. At nine, goals have always been demanded, like Llorente. In other teams it is the same. The one who is a good striker, the one who is there and has chances, always ends up scoring goals and Iñaki is proving it. It has good numbers and every time it goes to more. It will continue to grow. It generates many occasions of danger and is increasingly successful from face to door. It will continue to progress, I am sure.Aduriz is leaving … it wouldn’t be bad to fire him with a title.We all know what it means for the club. He has been an impeccable scorer in all this time. He has given a lot to the club, not just for the goals; just by having it in the field imposes a lot of respect on the rivals. His career is enviable. It is very difficult today to see a player keep up with his age and maintain such enthusiasm. We will try to supply you in the best way, as we were talking about Williams now; I am convinced that he will arrive at Aritz’s numbers. It will remain an icon that we all have to learn and leave an indelible legacy. Creativity depends almost exclusively on you and Unai López.We have characteristics of that type, of good ball treatment of trying to generate game. But a team needs everything. That’s what the technician is for, to find balance and exploit the virtues of each one.He debuted with 16 years, the youngest to do so with Athletic … and everything that has come after. It gives vertigo!I look back, the whole route, and everything has happened very quickly. It seems that it was yesterday when I was that 16-year-old boy who started in Athletic, a very shameless boy in my game, I still maintain it and in this way one is taking the experiences of all kinds that are increasing each player….… until you take the reins of the captaincy. Does that burden you with responsibility?center_img The Athletic captain takes the floor. He gets excited every time he remembers Gurpegui Lifting the Super Cup in 2015 and fantasizing about the possibility of raising the Cup to the sky of Seville. But it goes step by step: first it is time to finish off the task against GranadaOutside Barça, Madrid, Atlético and even the current champion Valencia … Is this Cup a historic opportunity?Without a doubt, it is a unique opportunity for Athletic. Respecting all the rivals there are. The same as Granada is a very complicated game, we will have to suffer in many moments, but we want to be in the final. The Mirandés has already been loaded to several First and the Real is doing very good season. They are very dangerous rivals but for the four of us it is very affordable.Athletic is getting harder to win titles. Is this the most accessible?Can be. In the finals we have played, we met with an indestructible Barça, with that way to overwhelm the rivals. People perceive that enthusiasm for that beautiful Cup for a match, which opens more options. There is a very tough opponent and if all goes well, we will dream.Can your goal in the first leg be definitive?Hopefully it will mean that we have won the tie. We’re going to hurt them. If we can score, better, we would open a very large door. We will try to counteract everything that comes our way.He has the 2015 Super Cup tattooed on a lose. Have you reserved a place for the Cup?There is always space (risas).The image of Gurpegui raising that trophy at the Camp Nou will make him envious …Of course! Repeating it is what every player dreams of. And more we, in our club so privileged by its philosophy and its history, to achieve that type of feats that give more value to everything. I wish dreams come true.Are you at the best moment of the season and one of the best of your career? He was half angry when we told him that he could not find his place when playing in a band and it has been seen that his virtues stand out more …If I’m honest, yes, I feel very comfortable. I’m going through a good time, I’m enjoying my game, trying to contribute the most to the team. For many years I have played in the band, where I have also tried to generate situations for the team, but it is clear that in the center I can create many more things, generate more danger, I am closer to the area and that means being able to make more goals.last_img read more

Sevilla fear for their Europa League final in Pizjuán

first_imgSevilla is very aware of everything that happens in the offices of UEFA, mainly because he is still alive in the Europa League, where he must face Roma in the round of 16. But it is not the only European issue that generates some concern in Nervión, since Sánchez Pizjuán was chosen to host the final of the Europa League in 2021, something that is up in the air right now.And the reason for the doubts is none other than the real possibility that UEFA permanently suspend all your competitions this season if the coronavirus crisis would not allow you to resume your tournaments. This would open a scenario never seen before, so there are no references to how the European body would act. This year’s final was scheduled to take place in the Polish town of Gdansk, in the stadium that was built for Euro 2012 and whose capacity is similar to that of Sánchez Pizjuán. There is a possibility that, in case of suspension, UEFA decided to keep the venue for this course for the final of 2021, which, a priori, it should delay the year-long decisive match at Sánchez Pizjuán for another year.Last September 24 was the date on which Seville had the officiality of the UEFA that it would host the final of the Europa League on May 26, 2021. The remodeling works of the Sánchez Pizjuán that were already being carried out They aimed to make the stadium look like it should in the aforementioned final, so a hypothetical delay of it would have its positive side here. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 27, 2020last_img read more

Jesé, with the club’s permission, no longer returns to Sporting Portugal

first_imgSporting de Portugal resumed the activity yesterday, with individual training, after playing their last game on March 8 against CD Aves (2-0), just before the world break due to COVID-19. Jesé was gone, because According to what AS has learned, coach Rúben Amorim wants to start this mini preseason with the players who are on the roster and who have options to continue the next campaign, so he has decided to do without the loan.In fact, the Colombian striker Y did not appear at the Alcochete Academy either.annick Bolasie, which returns to Everton. Thus, Jesé’s option was to train separately, so he preferred to continue his confinement and The Lisbon club, which is satisfied with Jesé’s attitude and predisposition, has given him permission to train on his own and subsequently re-engage in the discipline of PSG.In this way, Jesé closes his fourth transfer since signing for PSG in the 16/17 season, from Real Madrid. Las Palmas, Stoke City, Betis and now Sporting de Portugal. Jesé returns to Paris, where he still has one year left on his contract. 18 games, 745 minutes and a goal. With this balance, the career of Jesé Rodríguez at Sporting de Portugal closes, after finishing, before the scheduled time, a new loan. The halt due to the Coronavirus health crisis has put an end to his adventure in Portugal a couple of months before what was set by contract. According to A Bola account it was already decided since March, but the situation has accelerated the end of Jesé’s adventure in Portugal, which will return to PSG.last_img read more