Arsene for some novice webmaster do stand suggestions

recently sen in pushing a forum to answer questions, the purpose is to master Shanghai dragon and more exchanges, and successfully launched his own reputation. In a push BBS see most of the problems, there is the site right down, not updated snapshot, included drop, the three kinds of problems. So today is the SAM summary, give some suggestions to the novice.

for the understanding of Shanghai dragon who took over when optimization of a new website, know "content is king, the chain for emperor", and then began to increase and then pseudo original crazy, crazy to each big BBS leave forum signature. As long as the implementation of strong, so you can make your website ranking in a short period of time (ah, what a good idea) but it is the result of doing so, a push to ask master answer: "my site keywords ranking no, please master answer. Every day I have to update the 3-5 article pseudo original, original, and then go to the high weight website replies, post. Why do I site keywords ranking all drop ah, no ranking. Don’t tell me every day outside the chain, update the article, which I have done, I do Shanghai dragon." Then, Sam to summarize, recently most of the problems.

common problems:


"website may be decreased because of your web page weight is not enough, the content is repeated articles on the Internet, in Shanghai judge you for acquisition, will K off your page. Or is your site’s overall weight decreased, resulting in your page is K. This is the two common factors, of course, may your site suspected of cheating."


site is new and old station, always do not update the snapshot

"such problems because the website homepage no small change, and for the new station, the love of Shanghai is to have a assessment period, in this period, even if the love Shanghai time to crawl your site’s home page, will not put out. Because your site is not enough to search engine trust. Solution: the new sites released a small amount of rich content, the chain (5-10 a day later, you can increase the number of); for the old station site, often do not care, website search engine that is updated from time to time, reduce the number of visitors, solid not included. Solution: make sure to add at least 1 article (best original), well within the chain, the chain released stable (10-20 daily, I avoid unequal), the old station does not mean you can suddenly increase hundreds of thousands (because a lot of people a day increased more than 100 lead to suspicion of cheating. Many words are K, the living case)."

3, domain, site site is not the first, how to do

1, the website included decreased

domain is not in the home page weight that your website home page weight below your website pages, links, d>

The basic knowledge and best practice to use meta tags in HTML

by changing name value attributes to define different meta tags.

metadata is usually understood as "data about data", one of the web pages in use is the use of the label’. The contents of the meta tags are generally expressed on the HTML page information, its role can not be replaced by other labels. In addition, the meta tag can also simulate a HTTP response header (such as redirected to a different page), at the same time, it also has such properties as http-equiv and charset, explains in detail the document metadata in the Mozilla developer community.

in the past, the search engine is on the meta label, such as title, description (title) (description) (keywords) or keywords to index the web page. In an ideal situation, if everyone is using them properly, they will be well applied in the middle of the page. However, some sites have begun to abuse them, the page filled with many famous words, aims to obtain a better search results. But the noble baby announced in 2009 in the search algorithm is no longer use meta keyword or description is ranking (Ranking).

, the important point is: not all traffic is from Bing and Yahoo, noble baby. Other search engines (such as love Shanghai) will give meta tag weight, calculate million search every day.

of different meta tags

Although the The

charset attribute is used to specify the page content encoding format. A HTML page can only set a charset. For most of the pages, you should.

The usage of

so important

Why is

if the description tag is empty (or non-existent), the search engine will generate a description from the page content.

meta tags

description of meta label has been on the search engine ranking has no effect, it will appear in search results. In other words, one click on your link is before you will see the description of the page in the search results, this also shows that, should add a description of the meta, convenient for users to read and not for the convenience of network robot to search. In general, although a good description of the meta will not increase the website ranking in the search results, but it will increase the click rate.

you can also use the meta tag to set the page author (author).

(descriptions) meta tag is the most commonly used:

use the meta tag in the basic knowledge of HTML and

best practices