To avoid the competition website keywords station


1, focus on a page, there is conducive to the construction of the chain and the chain focusing weights, get better ranking.

2, focus on one page, intentnesses, multiplier.

in communication with the owners, Shanghai dragon Er, usually found such a misunderstanding: the same keywords can use multiple pages within the site to compete, so when the search keywords, can hold more ranking results, and even if a page there is a problem, there will be other pages as select. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. I think that more than one page to avoid competition with a keyword.

this is a misunderstanding, need to cause the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER and the attention of consumers.

2, the rest of the page to do the long tail keywords target.

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with a website more than one page competition the same keywords wrong idea

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, multiple pages of a web site (sub domain) should avoid competition with a keyword, otherwise you are likely to fall into a thankless task, empty the point.

avoid multiple pages competing for the same reason


1, a target keyword corresponds to a page.

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3, multiple pages competing for a keyword, love Shanghai will only give it the highest weight page ranking, the rest of the page directly off.

1, occupy more of the search results, click to get more traffic.

2, even if a web page ranking drop, there are still other pages to replace, not The whole army was wiped out.



Keywords enterprise how to observe the competition is fierce

fourth, see competitors, this is particularly important, many started as a Shanghai dragon will have very little inspiration, but a long time Shanghai dragon Er will see consolidation of the website, the website optimization is how, if there is a strong means of optimization on the front page of the website, then this keyword optimization nature there is a certain degree of difficulty, if not how the word optimization will have good rankings, then we make use of technology of Linyi Shanghai dragon ranking is also easily.

look at the degree of competition is not fierce words, from the following aspects:

to select keywords > in the website

second, you can use the "intitle words" way to look at the search results, search keywords simple words, search results also include the page containing keywords, not all competitors, so we can search out the number of all our competitors, but also the number of large, the greater the competition.

first, look at the number of search results. The number of search results on the number we assess whether popular degree is a good reference. Fall in love with sea input keywords, will appear a number of related pages below, this result is the search engine calculated that all pages related to the keywords, obviously we all know, the more the number of words, the degree of competition will be higher.

for a start optimization introduction to Shanghai dragon, or for network optimization does not understand the enterprise, choose keywords become very passive, only to let others this is not very competitive keywords or popular words, if Shanghai do not know whether the word dragon Er so fierce competition, probably will give customers over promised, if the enterprises do not know these words are not really so intense, it is likely to be exaggerated their website keywords efforts to allow the company to spend money. Today, the new trend of NET ER and Shanghai dragon taught companies how to see this keyword is not competitive, so we all know, the integrity of others do.

third competitors for the number of results, we search some key words we see in the natural ranking position at the top of the bidding, auction number, that there are a lot of people in the word, of course, the competition is big, and we are going to look at its price is how, auction website if there is one click 9 yuan, there are a few angle, we can know that if this competition and Never mind, so what is it, this is the competition, the fierce competition in the word, love is the high price of Shanghai. Also worth noting that, many businesses are put in the promotion during the day, the evening will be closed, if in the evening of Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to, it will easily give us false.

Link exchange as businesses trading occupy the initiative to bargain

site link exchange should also learn to businesses that can buy "behavior, namely the inducements tactics, while others want to exchange your website chain you find each other’s site quality is not high enough, this time you can take half way through the negotiation dialogue, tactful let each other take high quality website to the website chain exchange, if the person is sincere exchange to friends of the chain and your site, then took out his long cherished website, that’s when you harvest, may exchange to a high quality website with a medium the quality of the website, this is the strategy and tactics.

we look at this a link exchange information, 5 written authority from the Google weights, can be said that this person is very clever, the maximum play advantage of exchange their own website, four words, 39 high weight Forum Forum, media reports, the authorities will be pushed to the blog a relatively high level, it enlightens us that we in the exchange links must be from the well-known Tishi value of the website, let the exchange feel the advantage, this is a high bargaining skills exchange links, on the important information on our website at a level of advertising, let the other pay attention to our website, and come up with a high quality chain website and we exchange, this is our tactical success.

We must be patient when

link exchange has been a theme of the webmaster forum and QQ links, can see a lot of links in the forum to exchange information, some of which link exchange information written on the other I admire, we at the A5 forum which opens a link to exchange information, it can be found that the real Title attractive, what are not limited to exchange links more good, in fact he said there is no limited snapshot it, a reference standard is the snapshot link exchange.


in the link exchange, live firmly in mind, to know how many links exchange not successful is that the two sides can not calm down, we will link the exchange as a business, if we want to exchange links, then we are the buyers, we will go to exchange good links pay a certain amount of resources. If someone else is to come to us to exchange links, to occupy a certain height, then we must, in exchange for his useful resources, I think the link exchange as businesses trading is a reason, you can seize the hard bargain opportunities.


when we take on the exchange of a chain to the cunning of the fox spirit, which is appropriate to take the initiative to go out and active defense, when they do not want to exchange links we take the initiative to consult each other to exchange links, and that time perhaps the other side does not want to exchange links, but I do not give up, the three day.

To obtain orders from the experience of the website promotion start

heart?So is the

for the enterprise website, are generally so several modules, enterprise introduction, news list, a list of products and so on, how to let visitors enter the site a out of the ordinary feelings? O he think, seize the visitors, can not use too long time, their lack of patience, in the internal web site, visitors will need information, bold marked red, so that visitors can see more intuitive, the best thing you can do is

third, a convenient channel for

!For example, !

love since Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm begins more and more people began to discuss the user experience, both in the chain, content and frame, indicates that can get good rankings in fall in love with the sea. Site experience represents the user for the website recognition, also indicates that the future development of the website. So how to improve the experience of the

fourth, the latest content display

web site, how to let visitors first see the advantages or site features (such as price, brand, size, etc.) is the website can expand key customer base location.

website?First, highlight the characteristics of the web site

second, mark the visitor’s needs

now, what things are efficient, therefore, it is necessary to establish the search page. For example, micro-blog ", " hot topic; love Shanghai " Search Ranking " and so on, is to let visitors convenient operation set. Although the function is not difficult to do, but the meaning is very big

online shopping clothes, to pick up Taobao. The shop sells clothes from beyond count, win? First, photograph; second, third, fourth sales price;; evaluation. Light to the surface of the work done is not enough, you should put the hot and nice clothes store placed the feedback page, and do some renderings (how many pieces of selling etc.). Visitors to enter the store, can see at a glance selling clothes, immediately produce a positive or a sense of trust to the shop.

believes that many webmaster use CNZZ traffic statistical tools, have seen 1 IP visitors only 1 PV phenomenon, what does it mean? This shows that visitors enter the site in some ways, at a glance the site closed, can be said that this part of the customer value is very low. However, you have not thought about, they are often the site of the future development of security! For example, as we go to the store to buy clothes, because around, may go out only a glance. If this time, has a good marketing personnel to understand your love style of clothing, and strongly recommended, you will not be more than just began to enter a shop, want to buy a

new things, in order to get attention, many websites do not know, not knowing the latest hot topic, can bring the number of visitors to your website. For the latest content, even if visitors do not think how valuable, but at least.

How to write the Shanghai dragon website optimization the trick

2, observe nobility Baby Trend

to build a successful website, the website article search engine optimization is reasonable and has been repeatedly verified is really an effective method. Long regularly update your article, establish a trust relationship with the search engine, which can show you to your site will be bigger and the determination. However, when you feel that you have to do when writing topics are all exhausted, and then have to write to the Shanghai dragon for you have become a difficult thing. Here I will show you 5 tips, you may have exhausted to regain creative thinking.

by reading blogs can help you get some inspiration for writing. Although you can’t copy and paste what the others had written, but these blog article may be your next article starting point. You can for them to sublimate the theme of this article, or by those who write about the authors ignore the content.

1, reading other people’s blog

noble baby trends can help you know the latest search trends about your industry. It will be shown that the day was the most searched. By observing the noble baby trend, you can write some related content to users are searching. In most cases, a keyword search volume soared and events within the industry or related news. So it always gives you something you have never written a topic.

keyword search tool to help you to find out the key words of the new target, this is one of the best ways to do search engine optimization on the content of the article. Noble baby Adwords is one of the most popular, not only because it is free, and it can provide you with a large number of keywords suggestion. Browse available to it under your keywords, and then find a familiar to you to write something on the content I can. Though it is only one of the words, but it may be able to give you the next article find inspiration.

love ShanghaiSome of the recent rise of the

if you have a blog, then I suggest you take some time to browse your past those comments. You will always be some people’s message to the light of inspiration. Listen to your advice, and then write the content they want to see. This can bring you many repeat customers, and give you a stable source of inspiration.

quiz website has become a new trend of the internet. At the most basic level, the website is in question and those I built a bridge. You can use WikiAnswers or Yahoo! Answers to estimate what is the current hot topic in your industry. Once you find a related problem, you >

4, using the keyword tool

3, check your comment

Using the

5, browse some questions page [Note: for example, Sina know love]

On bidding keywords classification summary

1, collect and collate industry related keywords, grouped according to part of speech.

3, after grouping words added to the corresponding unit in

creative TITLE 25 men, 1, 2 of the 40 creative creative man (Chinese symbols show 2 characters, English symbol accounted for one character) to do the test center long key phrases (wildcard text words are basic can ensure smooth and rosy (> =2)) Note: common creative preview on the left, the left promotion promotion link, right link and mobile equipment promotion. (punctuation symbol (^) for the PC right link available)

unit remains keywords about 15-30 unit did not bid keywords each unit demand under the mobile access URL related settings for keywords, bid matching mode, visit url. You can use the phrase precision, long tail word phrase – core


four, as a unit of creative writing


is mainly around the keywords related degree, fluent, recording of keywords unit of adding reasonable guarantees at least 2-3 times before.

2, according to the plan and unit keywords with promotion assistant need to create the corresponding local name enabled, bid attribute related settings.

Love text Shanghai pomegranate algorithm under the chain will decide on what path to follow

in general, as long as the delivery to the A5 article will get a large number of outlets, especially the number of high quality content from the more be too numerous to enumerate, then you will find that the last one source: certain aspects of the chain, this will also be the love of Shanghai included in the database. This shows that these pure the text of the chain still can be accepted in the new love Shanghai, love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, the text chain and not its congenital defects and discarded, in fact from a certain angle in weight also gained certain promotion.

Pomegranate algorithm

love Shanghai redefined the chain judgment method, let the webmaster friends know a truth, that is the site of the chain must be natural and meaningful, a high under the weight of the chain although the quality is very high, but on your site is not what it is not recommended and guidance can be counted as the high quality of the chain, it is so many forums have canceled the signature chain, and even nofollow attribute add some blog in the chain, from the re definition of love Shanghai algorithm foreign chain is the chain standard change seems to be the text chain have a greater impact because, for the love of Shanghai, the text chain has been an important reference index for the love of Shanghai, then in the new algorithm, the text of the chain is not what will be the effect of

this shows an important fact, that is the pure text outside the chain of.

first look at the pure text of the chain effect in the new algorithm, love Shanghai, is not changed, if the webmaster friends did not use webmaster tools will be able to text the role of the chain are analyzed, as long as you posted on the website of some original content, and then add the corresponding plain text in the chain the content behind when the content included, see is not the pure text of the chain is also love Shanghai search engines, from the examination results, is included in the state. If the webmaster friends don’t trust on their own website, so A5 to write a high quality technical articles submitted to A5, if your article is approved after the analysis you use webmaster tools to check.


still holding two blogs do another experiment, a blog in the chain is very prominent, but the recommended content and content of the article, the chain of the opposite, another blog, the chain of nature, and the contents of the link is a supplement to talk about blog content, in under this background, before the discovery of a blog is not included, but after a blog text outside the chain is included.

At the same time

then the pure text of the chain is not why Shanghai abandoned love? Love of spiders in Shanghai according to the text of the chain to the site search? The author made a realization. It is in a portal site also registered two blog, and a blog with ordinary hypertext of the chain, the other is released with a pure text of the chain, and find that the latter was also included. Not because of pure text chain is rough that useless.

How to do web site navigation optimization


two, do not use pictures and

classification of

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, one of which is the site navigation optimization, optimization of site navigation related to the user experience is good, a good user experience of the site can be more convenient for users to browse the site, reduce the site bounce rate to a certain extent, improve the conversion rate of users. Today to share with you about how to do the site navigation optimization.

4. priceAccording to the classification of

website user preferencesAccording to the classification of


first to find out, we have to meet the needs of users before, must clear a concept, what is our user groups and we operate the product needs of users? Is directly through the website, which produced "

on the five, from the user’s point of view

according to the classification of industry attributesAccording to the classification of

navigation bar, is one of the most important entrance of our website. I can say is the overall classification of navigation on the content of the website, so we do classification can be very direct to visitors showing the overall structure of the site. User can timely find the content they need, not easy to get lost in the web site. But in the search engine of the site index when crawling level clear and intuitive also makes the search engine is very convenient to capture the entire site information.

general navigation we can copy, must comply with the type of industry, how to operate the navigation Catalogue:

three, highlighting the key to optimize

2.3. according to the


why focus to optimize, because when the weight of the front page of our website continues to improve, so the share of the weight in navigation is quite high, classified by the previously mentioned, according to the size of our limited space navigation, navigation into the appropriate text, you can also choose our words, so you can the weight of transmission, improve the keywords weight value, so we should reasonable operation, not a waste of resources.


, a clear and intuitive navigation directory

four, according to industry adjustment for navigation

in the guide webmaster optimization and love Shanghai noble baby we see that search engine is unable to identify the picture and button code, so even if the use of these does not bring any benefits to our optimization, although Google and love Shanghai has increased in the image recognition technology, but to a very mature stage still need time the continuous scrutiny before, so now still honest with the anchor text in the form of well classified description, keywords and target keywords navigation home to avoid conflict, but not between navigation keywords in superior subordinate relationship.

NOKA incubator project helps post departure businessTai Chi money scene CPA products stop putting i


according to Hao, NOKIA’s incubator project started in 2011 April, is quite low-key, is likely to continue until the end of the year. a

July 10th news, according to foreign media reports, NOKIA’s mobile phone platform but also NOKIA has been besieged on all sides, carry out the "NOKIA bypass incubator" project Nokia Bridge incubator program, to help people who leave the company business.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

League address: union.textclick

although NOKIA has not yet released a specific list, but the former NOKIA executives founded Jolla company among them. The basic idea of the project is to help the outgoing employees now thousands of people start their own company. Of course, these people do not necessarily involve the technology industry. Some people do the wine import and export business.

NOKIA gives them at most a venture capital before they can find venture capital firms or angel investors.

in addition, each start-up can continue to receive $61530 in funding. Like other incubators, NOKIA offers training and support services. In addition, NOKIA will not own these companies’ equity, nor transfer any intellectual property rights to these companies.


this article comes from: webmaster net www.admin5 detailed reference: admin5/article/20071029/60322.shtml

reported that once the world’s top mobile phone maker NOKIA has now lost to apple and Android devices. Although the project’s actions are few, it is also heartening news for the Finland company. It is said that at present, the incubator project has 100 companies, of which dozens are located in the United kingdom.

should advertisers request, money scene CPA products stop launching, in order to better ensure the interests of all webmaster, we temporarily CPC CPA ad switch to eBay advertising.

respected stationmaster:

thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website, and we will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope all of you will continue to support us!

spokesman Hao Dawei David Hall said that every employee can get 30800 dollars, the number of employees in a company business up to 4 people, this means you can get $123 thousand and 200 in seed money.

For the

Love Shanghai website specific URL chain query and sense

through the "site: the construction of the chain. The chain point. (key words)" and "points to the chain. (keywords) site: practice shows that the construction of the chain site", this method is simple, but not too many query returns query results — especially in seafood products, have to be screened, the efficiency is too low, not too ideal.


well I love Shanghai in "how to query the collection articles outside the chain of" repeatedly after the experiment to determine the love of Shanghai "domain:. The title of the article (keywords)" (or "title of the article keywords domain: URL) query love Shanghai included articles outside the chain, can be used in the query has been included in Shanghai love site specific URL in all chain" on it (that is, "domain: points to the chain. The chain construction site keywords)" (or "chain to chain. Key words domain: query URL")

friend want to query your site must be designated search engines (such as love Shanghai) which included specific URL URL (domain name or top two websites) all of the chain, it is also a new problem for me has not thought.



love Shanghai know someone asked: "how can I check the site in love Shanghai products, such as Shanghai love to know how much the reverse link love Shanghai space inside the


in support of major search engine query instructions are not the same, I start from accounted for more than 80% of the domestic search traffic test love Shanghai.

I chose their own blog in the chain of love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Post Bar love Shanghai in space as the query object (blog, because I love Shanghai in the three products in the chain are not too much, their basic idea, check) after the discovery, results are not ideal, this method I query the blog in the chain of love Shanghai in space is found some (not all); but I love Shanghai in the query blog know, love is the sea outside the chain post in all "has nothing to do with the case", really no one outside the chain.

love Shanghai "inurl: Chain Web site keywords (chain direction.)" the effect of query method is not very good, "inurl: love Shanghai Post Bar blog site" and "love Shanghai inurl: space blog site" is respectively query my blog article 2 chain, but not with the chain number I do there is a big gap between the number, and ">

"site: web site keywords" (or "site:.") query method! This is the love of Shanghai, Google search engine support "query the designated site site included contains a site instructions specific keywords page number", I immediately thought of love this method can meet the requirements of Shanghai should be.

For the best time love Shanghai K station increase your magic

1: through nearly a year of blogging and last year, love Shanghai update, I feel a trick: love Shanghai himself in the dark, so they made the policy has been in the original K and the new owners, many people are very bitter, the original is in love with their hard sea K 10 Fen did not. But many large well-known stations are especially industry gathering, but included crazy love Shanghai high, is not affected.

A few tricks a few things and find

love in Shanghai often change, we should also often change it, when I saw the love of Shanghai to K station, I have added to the original content, of course, my website to tell the truth, I reproduced, in addition to increase the original content, but also to how to send the chain, the chain high quality, and fast updating station, their latest articles sent to my website, so I can quickly back to the station, from the Shanghai K station to say goodbye to love.


sometimes I also think that love is not the level of Shanghai does not work, he is in the dark, so we update the content as I said, then add a part, this part we must choose the reprint station, the election of the station, I was right to choose the same major, with his own website theme the.

novice webmaster is bitter, but we do not despair, our small arms, but we are also the middle power, we have to find more, increase the amount of accumulation.

answer: because of their high weight, your new pre weight low, so any of your things in the eyes of others, even if the original not worth a hair.

I have to do, we can refer to:

method: the new owners, not all going to the original 80%, the original is enough, really good to the original included only in Google.

is a small summary of their own, the ultimate killer version has not been out, going to a small range of share.

remember a few days ago to discuss the incident and Wentao, especially my blog included, and the index weight fluctuated, a day to 0 to thousands of thousands, and then back again, two days before the K light. But when I do a thing, let me stand immediately restore vitality, before the day of Shanghai included 0, more than 600 today, the largest ever again. Here is the dry cargo.

2: in the face of a new trick love Shanghai K station:

How the site traffic statistics from the log

(Figure two)


(Figure 1)

F column is the current IP address to access the page, the I column F column is access to the source, the F page is over the flow through the I page. For example:

format shall be as follows This is a

51 installation site statistics code, can be seen on page optimization suggestions love Shanghai webmaster tools in a statistical code need 3 request. We assume that the 3 request required 0.01 seconds (or more). If every search engine from your web site to grab 10000 pages, you need to take 10000*0.01=100 seconds. We need to download a page for a second time in accordance with the search engine, if you do not install the statistical code, the search engine can crawl 100 pages. See the data, you will install third party web site statistics code? My advice, if your site is only dozens or hundreds of articles, installation of statistical code is a good choice. If your web site more than 1000 articles, I suggest you do not install, analysis of site traffic directly from the log, is a very fun thing.


from the log analysis tool is the EXCEL site traffic needs. I believe this is an indispensable tool for webmasters analysis log. Today we are going to analyze the contents of Web sources is recorded on the log, the site traffic and other information will not be discussed.

first, we need to make the web log into EXCEL, specific methods can refer to "using EXCEL" Web log analysis of this article. In the import log files when you need to pay attention to the second step of the Import Wizard, see figure


After the success of

said a IP address for 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-8667106-1-1.html users through this page to visit the website homepage. Figure two shows the IP address: users love Shanghai to search for a keyword access site first >

see this topic, some people might say, we directly install a third party on the website (51, cnzz) code can not Statistics Statistics website traffic, why go to the analysis log? Oh, I’ll give you a few figures, will not say to you after reading.





Good user analysis with internal web site optimization is the kingly way

website internal optimization is to meet the needs of users, to meet the needs of users, we must first understand the needs of users, so that they can have a good layout. We have empathy, if you are a user if you want to know is what products? We can use love Shanghai search results and the drop-down box related search and other aspects of the user. The recent hot weather, search for "air conditioning" users very much, I will use the keywords for example.

as the Shanghai dragon occupation personnel, a large part of every day to stop the chain to write articles, but the ranking is not ideal, in the face of the pressure of the boss if you still blindly repeat the above operation, the final result is the ranking stop in place, unable to get to the place. Is facing the danger of being fired. But we really reflect on? Site ranking which plays a decisive role? Today and talk about the release of the chain to maximize the effect in optimizing the internal circumstances will improve website internal optimization plays the role of absolute in keyword ranking. We need to optimize the internal

like air conditioning brand air conditioning, ranking the long tail keywords, once the user search this kind of word, there is the intention to buy, we put these words up to do, although less than the user pan word, but the precise flow, search these words are all users desire to buy. It is recommended that we must choose the core keywords, not too broad, with precision and accuracy, let users to search you want to buy products.

1, Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search analysis

The core of

2, natural ranking and competitor analysis

how to operate?

love Shanghai drop-down box is the keyword most directly reflects the user in the last week of frequent search, we search the keywords in the keyword drop-down box, air conditioning, high frequency, air conditioning repair, air conditioning cleaning, air conditioning brand rankings, which shows a part of the user is already have air conditioning, they only for maintenance and clean air conditioning of interest, illustrated by the keywords to flow though, but not accurately, 10 users can have 2 to buy air conditioning to search, it is not recommended to do this pan word, this word is not the type of company team is unable to do it, even if done, the flow is not accurate, the single rate is low, and the periodic hypernym may be very long, this is a thankless.


in the search for the words of air conditioning, we want to see the natural ranking of search engine is given, not including the bidding, analysis. Search natural ranking the first position after the air conditioning is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia, I also had this problem before, why natural ranking position is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia, we in the search drop-down box can also analyze this problem. Because in search of the word user is the most basic knowledge of air conditioning and air conditioning.


Shanghai love struck lottery site outside the chain Scindapsus algorithm how to do

love Shanghai launched a clear Scindapsus aureus algorithm is directed against this site, if still in this lottery website content and no relation to the website to buy links, that is the risk of K has greatly increased.

(3) in the search for good links to resources, not the time link regularity, let love Shanghai algorithm rules.

(2) when the purchase link in you, not because of resources to find, lower quality website. Would a small amount to be of high quality.

launched a new algorithm facing love Shanghai, buy links I also changed the strategy.

love Shanghai’s launch was also a period of time, at that time the algorithm officially launched a network promotion effect, time Voices of discontent. Boos community forum. K, right down, shot there are injured, many lottery website owners have not yet recovered.

finally, in links to buy some small skills, so it is not easy to fall in love with the sea algorithm:

(1) in the purchase of external links, don’t buy in large quantities, the chain increased too much in your lottery website and is a one-way link, It is without rhyme or reason., it is likely to be in love with the sea. For the algorithm of cheating.

just in this algorithm, the link to buy a four wind blow, I hesitated for a long time, but also do not buy lottery site links, still dare to buy? I finally decided to buy in a try. Buy link it is really no way in the way, my site is 贵族宝贝 lottery software sales site, or just on the line near the lottery website, but also ranked in a short period of time, in this case I decided to risk it.

Smith, a plant. With this love Shanghai for his own search engine algorithm named, is profound. "Green" is a green, clean meaning. Love Shanghai to name their own algorithm "which shows on the sale of industry links" determination to fight. Make the search more green more healthy. Love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm will spearhead the following kinds: intermediary link site site, link site and link to the site to buy sell.

in the link, link the site to sell intermediary sites such platform, website quality is very poor, not a big push to link hanging in there is so much spam links.

spend some time to find these links in your resources, you will find your website ranking is up, but also very stable, will not be in love with the sea station K.

At that time Two reasons:

in Shanghai love > push algorithm

first, I won’t be in the intermediary link, link to sell such station place to search for resources:

Scindapsus algorithm One reason:

then, I will find myself with the lottery website high correlation site purchase link, is associated with the lottery website, this is the chance of K will be much smaller.

10 details of website URL optimization


6, URL 301 jump

The content page

keyword is more conducive to our website ranking, whether it is web spider, or web site visitors, love are simple and intuitive URL. Level URL should not be too much, try to maintain a reasonable, too long or too many layers of the structure will cause the page to weight reduction. A taboo to avoid Shanghai dragon can not be too greedy, greedy will fail miserably!

domain name should be more reasonable, so that the domain name easier for users to remember, more in line with the nature of the product to you, not to put keywords long registered domain name, but also not to put keywords, will be in the domain into some symbols so that it is difficult for users to remember our website.

5, two level domain name

, 1 URL descriptiveThe

where conditions permit, directory name, the file name can be added into the title and content related keywords. Noble Babi Corp Matt Cutts had hinted in his own blog, the number of keywords in URL for website ranking.

, the domain name 3

URL includes domain name, directory name and file name, where possible, with descriptive words, especially the directory name and file name. Let the user see URL, you can roughly understand what is the content of this page.

keyword insertion

2, in the URL

when we inadvertently lead to changes or sudden revision URL. We must make 301 jump this time. 301 jump is the representative of the permanent address changes, it will clearly tell the search engine spiders our website changed to >

URL how to optimize? This is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER have been discussing the problem, because the optimization of our Url will be beneficial to our website optimization, and how to optimize the URL more in line with our strategy for Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon and Phoenix, URL will directly affect the influence of search engine on our website long tail keywords. The search for users, URL optimization is good or bad, will give us some hint of potential users. Therefore, a good URL structure both for search engines, or users, have a very important role, and to our website at the beginning of the construction must be positioned URL optimization strategy for us, then we will pay attention to the details of 10 URL website optimization.

two domain appears to be high in pursuit of Chinese website, because the two level domain is usually carried out in a special expertise in a specific content, which makes the search engine give great attention to our website two level domain name, which is more conducive to our products or a special focus to do the optimization of our website.

URL in length to ensure rationalityAlthough we put URL into the

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization recommended high value chain where

first, a controversial topic is to attract users to get the recommended eye foundation. The author first briefly under the first approach, we want others to reprint your article what the premise is to figure out your outward first, this article has value? This article, what is the difference between views and others, view of value lies in what place? Only the controversial view in analysis of their own unique point of view, I think this is to get users attention, reflect the core value of the article, make clear these problems, we should start from their own, such as we are doing the marketing service network company, well, your soft key difference between ordinary soft in what place? For example recently, many of my friends are in doubt, if there is no effect for the marketing forum Shanghai dragon? You can support Affirmative view can also stand on the angle of cesarean section Analysis and analysis. In a word, this topic itself is the very nature of the dispute, the key is your argument can support your point of view, as long as you talk about the reason for this view, for example, according to the Shanghai love closely reasoned and well argued administrator tools for the chain of view, analysis of the current Forum outside the chain will have no effect, what is the reason and effect? What is the reason for no good effect? As long as your arguments, argument is clear, argument is sufficient, recognized by everyone, was reproduced is affirmative, and many reproduced to their own personal blog or industry portal in this chain, the author thinks that love is required by Shanghai high value recommended chain the author thinks that the nature of the dispute sometimes tricky for software writers, their marketing skills and the optimization of thinking must be ahead of your point of view, dull Tasteless is no any marketing effect, the controversial issue is there is a certain risk, as the author itself will have a strong marketing ideas, not leading to the point of view, but the evidence is not sufficient but will be laughed at.

second, the high weight of third party platform soft contribute is a panacea. This is easier than the first point, the high weight of the third party platform such as webmaster nets soft Wen submitting, search outside the original area, the difficulty of writing does not require you to view how advanced, but must grasp the point, honest analysis of your current certification website optimization for your understanding and optimization. The original form of display, this is the basis, such as you are a rookie, itself in the learning stage, without any of its.

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization process for Chinese and foreign chain website weight is obviously, although love Shanghai constantly upgrade their algorithms, spark program or Scindapsus algorithm in a or we can sure is the user experience is the core of the chain, the love of Shanghai webmaster tools is also a clear reminder of the user spontaneous have high value chain link is high-quality love Shanghai recognized, in the face of this argument, what Yang not only has the value chain, and allows the user free of spontaneous spread, the author will from the following three aspects to share good gossip short continued we entered.

Share of my employees in Shanghai Dragon

As the saying goes, master >

I remember when I started the situation about is this: when I work for an IDC company, engaged in technical support work, the company is selling the domain name, web hosting, almost every day is dealing with the site, then has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also don’t know what it is things, because the technology of the big things are the boss in the operation, one day, to see an advertisement on our website, 1 yuan ranking, then later learned, how could 1 yuan of money, turned out to be a boss in the Taobao ads, then mean pay one yuan. Results after the payment, but also know, no money can give free website ranking, here, you must like my feeling, there are so magical things, then began to find in this area Data, the first thought is to join the QQ group, and then started my Shanghai dragon road.

you know, do Shanghai dragon who swarm up, needless to say we all know is MOON, MOON can be said in the QQ group to achieve the ultimate, you search on the Shanghai dragon group, basically more than 90% of all their group, but now I hate the most is they. Because, I really dislike their MLM way by their harassment should be few, if you received a strange invitation, then you need to learn everything he nine out of ten are Shanghai dragon, invite you to join the group, then that is free of charge, and then later to VIP you can learn, and is free of charge, who does not love ah, I remember when I saw an advertisement in such a group, free learning Shanghai dragon, welcome novice, veteran don’t, don’t Is I need you, oh, say this is their killer, do not know how many people fooled ah, so now a lot of the main see Q age is 0, then the address is Changsha, directly blocked, do not let go into the group, remember, and then in the group listened to some of the things most important but neither painful nor itching, or listening, then class also listened to, but listen to two or three times have not been to, but also access to their forum, all know that water is the general forum, the real thing is very few, so you have to go on the altar, must be piercing eye this is me, I found the master, he was in Beijing, I was in Shanghai, there has been no change, so far we have never met before, but I master a good person, although the age is not big, but very warm, basically The answer is, there is no free lunch, yes, because she is not my cousin, is not my friend, he has no obligation to teach me, this I know, because I was doing IDC, so the hands of the space is not to spend money, just have the needs of the master of course, I was good, sometimes I will give him some mobile phone calls are charged, some small master gave me a lot of basic things, I started that curious to know of the questions answered.

Refuse outside the chain of tools may lead to the site to drop right

refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of improper use may cause the site to drop right? Is it true? The truth in March the author had never been aware of the seriousness of this problem. But in February 19, 2013 March 1st Shanghai green love algorithm on-line, love Shanghai refused to link tool beta version of the line, only 9 days apart! Is this a coincidence?

Many owners of

love to play a trick on Shanghai

love Shanghai is explained: Scindapsus algorithm is a search engine of the anti spam algorithm, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, to purify the Internet environment, to better enhance the user experience. The algorithm for link behavior in the removal of the chain based on the calculation, we will make further adjustments to the site itself.

refused to link tool launched today and even a lot of people not to regard it as right, has not used the tools. But I see the introduction of the tool is covered with a shiver, because it breaks the website can only passively accept the chain pattern, make your site outside the chain can be controlled, which means that the owners of the chain site has the right to choose, you can choose to, can also choose not to, website the chain can not control properties disappear, if the website is the chain of garbage into the station has not shirk its responsibility, now love Shanghai again because of spam links to the website right down, we dare to say "no"

algorithm looks amazing is Scindapsus, users of the gospel, the small website webmaster nightmare. The algorithm on the line, links to websites that sell by K at the same time, part of the small and medium-sized site was accidental injury, why stick injuries? It is because the love of Shanghai and can not accurately calculate who is a link to buy, whose link is normal, it is based on a hyperlink algorithm (Robin Li patent) calculation here, for example, a large chain of the website, the website has a large number of low weight high weight one-way links and so on, thus to determine whether to punish the sale of links to the web site. And those of us hard to force the grassroots webmaster do algorithm on the line before the green world full of small ads posted a lot of things, it can hardly be avoided being injured.


injury is not important, the key is to fire a wake-up call, love Shanghai began to junk the chain on the site, if you waste too much the chain may lead to site is down right, but it is unlikely before 2013. Because we have plenty of reasons to refute: one is if the garbage outside the chain can make the site right down, so I bought a lot of individual links to competitors website, not allow competitors to die without the burial ground? Two is due to site outside the chain is not controllable factors, not because of external factors do not love Shanghai controllable and right down to the target sites. I guess love Shanghai cannot refute this reason, but the love of Shanghai is very clever, he should have come up with a countermeasure, so after Scindapsus algorithm just launched 9 days, love Shanghai non-stop launched refused to link.

Study on the factors influencing the host space of Shanghai Dragon

search engine spiders when you visit the site, if the host crashes, can not open the page, the spider does not immediately delete the page in the index database search engine, and over a period of time again to grab the page. Because the spider can not detect host space cannot be accessed after, immediately delete included page, so under normal circumstances do not worry too much about the stability of the host space is a devastating blow to the Shanghai dragon. For example, the occasional 3 host space monthly 5 minutes of the restart, crashes, unable to respond to situations such as it was – but if the host space is very susceptible to the problem of search engine optimization, so the impact is very big.

host setting error generally occurs in the thin server maintenance technology, some independent experienced small hosting providers who. The search engine spiders, although it try to simulate the actions of ordinary users to access the website, but after all, is not really so many Internet users, when the site is the normal access to the user, but because the server set wrong, the search engine spiders that is not accessible.

3, configure the correct

search engine optimization host space extreme instability, frequent crashes, the result will only let visitors feel your website is not a concern of the website, so you will not pass the visitors to get high traffic but also get good rankings of the key word.

, 2 stable


There are no

host space is a basic platform for website operation, it determines the speed of opening and operation of the site stability of website. To choose the appropriate search engine optimization of the host space, we need from the user experience point of view, the host space will be faster and more stable for better user experience; secondly from the search engine optimization point of view, the major search engines have begun to consider hosting space access speed, Google is clearly put forward the project has been included in the ranking factors.

If the purchase of

so, what are the factors affecting the host space of Shanghai dragon, we analysis:


search engine optimization independent host maintenance experience, often based on network. I do not know.

, high speed

‘s search engine, have a lot of parameters involved in the user experience into the ranking algorithm, such as Google has made it clear that will "site speed" as a factor in the keyword ranking algorithm, and also provides a "web site performance test tools in Webmaster tools, as shown below. In the same case, Google thinks open faster website, user experience better, the rank will be more happy; on the contrary, the two factors of the website keywords ranking, open more slowly, the lower the ranking. So, choose the primary standard of host space is to speed.

Shanghai needs to optimize a sex spirit of sacrifice

09 years there, I can put a line just two months the site easily do love Shanghai home, only through the purchase of a package link, website update is not so diligent, not to mention the rules, and keywords ranking is climbing, you don’t even have a sense of achievement and pleasure. But as the search engine era is no longer, now, Shanghai Shanghai dragon really need sex a bit of wisdom and toughness, do optimization is not overnight, you need to pay and experience than imagined difficult.

I haven’t written text, but has never left A5, busy will come here to see the Shanghai dragon articles on the Internet, has been an indispensable part in life and work.

some time ago, I Shanghai K station incident affecting many sites, the site has two weight reduced to 0, no ranking, but surprising is that before this is K away home site has several sites in March and April for home but returned, also ranked back to the original level. Therefore, I think, who is K out of my home page is not cheating, the time to prove everything, they were delivered from oppression and the other two, a good website is a mountain, has yet to recover. This reminds me of one word, love Shanghai optimization, we really should have a spirit of sacrifice, in any case we will play the victory of war. With this faith, we set out.

what bothers me is this two years ever since Shanghai dragon devotes oneself to expand our business, has been a heavy blow. The grand blueprint once thought not so full halo. From the early 11 to the present hand manipulated website no less than ten, the breakdown of those fighting in front of the computer day and night, sometimes the result is a sigh. Love Shanghai, I take what to love you. On the contrary, those who fell in love with the sea once ranking is very good and disappeared website in Google ranking has been standing. I also love but to evaluate Google Shanghai and we really believe that who, in front of the fact is, who is our patron who is our God we should believe that we should to who who, reverent and respectful. This is a kind of helpless reality.

the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon is in 09 years, before that, I and a friend opened a company in Shanghai, love has been bidding is our network marketing model, from 07 to 09 years until we broke up, but also because of a shortage of funds, I give up the love of Shanghai bidding and the choice of Shanghai dragon. Then do a keyword ranking area of fairly easy, unlike now, so many people, competition is more than a strong, coupled with love and a test of Shanghai afflict by every means, from the design to the website on-line to the key words on the front page with already doomed.

I have seen the peer enterprises, their layout of the Bureau of the various regions of the country’s big keywords do independent website domain name, keywords of a region or even up to 3-5 sites, they decorate, of course.