The rain forum friends of the chain of the rankings on the massive


the Shanghai dragon forum users should know that the discussion today is the warmest rain ranking top to par Shanghai Longfeng why degree in 425 Links. Behind every case we have to learn, I will analyze this case today, talk about my views, and we explore.

. Keywords rain forum is: "Shanghai dragon training and free download tools – Shanghai dragon rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial". We choose several popular search to see its ranking.

"Shanghai dragon" was the Shanghai dragon why, contrast statement and some Forum promotion, should be Shanghai large-scale adjustment of love tonight. Because of the geographical exclusion caused by the adjustment, should be ranked fourth; keywords "Shanghai dragon training" wolf rain occupy the first; "Shanghai Phoenix Forum" in Shanghai dragon why, ranked second; "Shanghai dragon" is still the first; "Shanghai dragon" tutorial still ranked first. From the top view, a few keywords are considerable rain forum ranking, has pressed Shanghai dragon why the big boss momentum.

can see the rain forum Links has reached 435, and rose. The collected and the chain is not too much, for a forum can be said is a little. According to the understanding of the netizen said rain forum operation time of only two months, although the domain name is the old name, but the weight is not too much. But we see the rain forum PR is 3, the weight is 8 love Shanghai. There may be also server advantage, personally feel is not large, after all, is abroad, plus no more.

why a people in the industry think it should be right down, but to get such good rankings. Su Ruizhong considered to achieve the ultimate Links rain. We know there is love Shanghai algorithm is the user experience. Although more than from the technical level of the algorithm is Links will reduce the overall weight of each connected to the PR output and the page is from the user experience, can have a very much Links station also illustrates the influence of the site. This is the same and the chain, the chain is also a site of massive affirmation, of course premise should be stable.

Next is the focus of

so in this case, we can extend a view that users might think that the influential factor of website search engine is recognized. Of course, just.

Shanghai Longfeng people have a consensus, it’s important to do Links, are more than 30 will have the right of drop phenomenon. Of course, some people say that is 40 to 50, it is recognized Links too much is not conducive to the promotion of website weight. But the rain showed a serious impact on the forum of this knowledge, we look at the basic situation. To love the station network data for reference.

The influence of the old domain of love from Shanghai

is 3 minutes before writing this article a screenshot of the

also from just a small station location good, the domain name is very old, 08 years of registration, see whois

three, from the previous observation of knowledge, love of Shanghai has a certain number of domain name included after release hidden, this is a new domain name can not be compared, that Shanghai is not only more love love >


love Shanghai has been the site entrance boss, now left our nobility baby away, other search engines and not too good, so to this day Shanghai’s dominance has not a sense of crisis, it is more and more big positions.

Here is the website

why should we pay attention to the age of the domain name for the love of Shanghai included the influence, but also from a week ago to update the site, then released an article (original), after a few minutes to site love Shanghai, found that Shanghai is actually a collection of love, and immediately put out and I wonder, I hung this station is for a long time, about 4 months, but has not been updated recently, to accelerate the progress of the project, so as to update the original release, did not think it is quite soon, for several days are like this.

published an article today, from a booklet where a word knocked into my hand, acid lumbago knock, before finally finished, and some things, suddenly think of love in Shanghai, the habit of site, actually found 47 minutes ago included, it is in an hour before I write this article is included, I looked at my post time, the system automatically is given, a look surprised, is almost synchronous included synchronous release!

two, a comparison of the old domain name, even if your site is new, long time not updated, once the update will be included, love Shanghai more quickly and put out;

also add that this station in addition to the old domain with other new sites of a sample, at the same time, because the domain name before doing a lot of different sites, all love Shanghai did not put the domain name into the black list is already lucky.


from the above indication that the four point:

The Figure


released the time, personality assurance, time is not that modified.

now has 3 years, is the old domain name.

, love Shanghai focus on domain name registration time and domain name whether do stand experience, this conclusion before webmaster predecessors have said, but there is no evidence of

all domestic webmaster can only continue to fall in love with the sea to scold it. Far away, said today is much impact on domain name included in the end there is love in Shanghai?

Attention should be paid to share URL construction of the 4 requirements

URL, a construction simplification static

webmaster do not think that only the construction site content can exist the user experience this problem, the construction of URL also need to pay attention to the user experience. So we in the design of their own website URL, must be combined with the site overall hierarchical structure and feature set to do, give the user a clear spider and URL page, let us "no its people first heard the sound", the main content of website in advance, reduce the rate of jump out of the site.


finally talk about the directory level, here I said the directory hierarchy is actually refers to a physical directory structure, but not the logical structure, we design the URL stop, website >

, as long as no more than 1000 letters are legitimate. But the URL setting is clearly not so many words, and in the actual operation, the author found that many web pages are using a lot of parameters, led to the site URL is very long, not only the user is unable to get additional useful information, but also affect the access speed of the page, causing the user experience is not high. Someone has done a survey that click URL short rate is 2.5 times longer URL, and now many people love simple, a long URL is not conducive to the spread of the website.

second, there is the problem of static URL. Although in the actual operation process, we sometimes forced to choose some dynamic URL, but only to chance I suggest you choose the static URL, although the dynamic effects of URL on the search engine is not great, but the static URL can effectively shorten the length of the address, will let the website effectively avoid risk search the engine of the black hole.

static URL is also mandatory for certain, is that the parameters in the URL ranging from less, generally about 3 love can be, the more you will slow down the site access speed and load address.

But the design of Although the official URL

two URL structure clear

in addition, when the construction of URL to purify their key words, analysis and summarize some key points of integration in URL, will be really important words attached in the path, don’t make you do not even know what the website content is URL. As the example above, I will be "two heads" and "housekeeper" key words embedded in URL.

URL explained in the Encyclopedia of inside is a uniform resource locator, it is simple to the web address, some owners may say a web site need to pay attention to what I want to say, but don’t underestimate the URL, for it on the web site optimization can play a vital role, then optimization we should pay attention to what the problem, now I would like to explain to you.

Deepen the Shanghai dragon landing page KP assessment strategy


A. page load time should not exceed 10 seconds, the shorter the better.

B. title.

where you want to improve web page ranking and increase website traffic and increase the conversion rate, you should use a set of mature existing indicators to assess the page, this will help you in the future to promote the effect of more accurate calculation.


Once the


when you make web pages indexed by search engines to search for certain keywords, then will be.

1. page is accessible

4. page keywords number

pages, make sure the web page can be a spider crawling and indexing is very important.

3. key in the web page where the keyword

C. "

meta in keyword description tags

B. "has a good compatibility, you can through the personal terminal to detect different browsers — make sure your web browser looks at different effect is the same.

different landing page type based on our tracking assessment indicators are not the same. Today I share a full page KPI check list.

A. server can successfully return to the results page.

in the key words in the title of the content

a.URL standard of URL contained in the

E. in the first paragraph of the content words

the following check list KPI not only applicable to the web site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, also applies to the pay per click advertising strategy (PPC) and direct mail marketing strategy.


if you plan to get traffic to a web page from search engines, it must ensure that the keyword appears in the page code of the key.

Check the following items:


KPI, a pre index web

B. is located in the web accessible folder and make sure that the robots file is not excluded from the rules of foreign.

Check the following items: has access to good compatibilityAnother point is to check the Check the following items:

in the construction of the marketing website you need to think: when are you going to make a landing page to deepen Shanghai Longfeng your strategy, "before doing optimization should use what kind of key performance indicators (hereinafter referred to as KPI) to check this page for a period of time in the on-line page and should do how to track

2. web pages in different browsers and mobile terminal compatibility.

Let the search engines pay attention to five ideas of your site

said the stability and content, to talk about is the focus of the third reprint. Some content reproduced more, that users love it, its value is relatively high. The search engine is released, these websites should be valuable website. Because only the value of the site will publish the valuable content, a garbage station is not high quality content. So, your site being reproduced more, your website’s weight will be higher. The search engine will give you good rankings. So after the update on our website, get the submission of famous site, such as A5 and Chinaz are a good choice. My blog article Mai Lisa although not much, but when the update is self.



, next is your core. What do you compete with others? You are the most core advantage? What are you and others in different places? These problems we must consider carefully. See what others do we do sometimes is not necessarily a good thing, others do have accumulated experience for others and rich resources, and you do it is another. Please do not follow the trend, to find their own good, there is always the first choice to grasp. For example, an article, there are 1000 users to browse more than 100 articles, each have 10 people browsing much better, this is his value. There is your site as long as the core values, then you have a great competitive advantage, the search engine will gradually love you.

value: content

transmission angle:

began to pay attention to Shanghai dragon, because the Shanghai dragon can bring a lot of traffic to the site, the less investment than traditional advertising to many, but how to make search engines love on your website, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix technology problem about here, just standing here a common point of view, consider how a station site in the search engine’s perspective is of value to the users, in order to get the attention of the search engine. Below I will share several ideas, I hope to help the webmaster.

certainly is the first, also have every reason in the first place. Although this is not much technical difficulty, for large companies, there is a stable environment is not so difficult, but for many small and medium-sized webmaster, absolute stability is the crux of the problem, sometimes is also a thorny problem. Sometimes the stable server or space is more expensive, but cheaper and more, often between the two will make many webmaster tangled. For example, a stable space is like a flower of two minds man, is not love the girl. So if you are going to do a long search engines let love stand, then please let your website keep unimpeded access, this is the first core. Without this foundation, in the search engine was almost impossible to get good rankings.

Many websites now

How to maximize the role of the soft Shanghai Dragon

, two different websites, the title slightly changed

a lot of people because they do not webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng class website, after which the soft write, plus links directly sent out, this is very bad, because you write soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng with your site can be said to be unrelated, irrelevant links will slowly be search engine reduce weight, this is not the result we want, we must be able to maximize the soft power, then, can be like me, a two level directory of Shanghai dragon blog, soft hair in the blog, then the soft to this blog the chain, so that the link is very soft and related, the correlation is very high the link will get higher weight, this is the traditional take two level directory of the blog in the form of master station.

, released to some Adsense website

soft power is not how I said, everyone knows this, published a soft text in A5 and Chinaz, there will be a lot of websites to collect, acquisition and take away one of the links, and a soft, can bring the chain very much, but for most of the webmaster is to write a soft, very not easy, since it is not easy to write a soft Wen, we certainly want to make his value can be maximized, so how do we do that?

about these points, of course, the most important is to write a good soft text, write wonderful topic selection, to attract more people to resonate, so soft there will be more people to help you spread, many people will say that others are generally spread outside the chain is deleted, but someone does not delete, so put the soft Wen written is the best way to play its role.

in A5 the title is "how to get through the Shanghai dragon fast ranking, then I Chinaz to change the title," the Shanghai dragon how to quickly obtain the website ranking, this may be a lot of people can not understand, according to the observation of I love mules, many network stations will also collect A5 and Chinaz, of course is automatically collected, so it is not the same article, identified only by title, if the title, then it will only collect a, if the two site of soft Wen title is not the same, so the two article will be collected in the past, so let us a site outside the chain, do this to us, on A5, is good for Chinaz, but the pain of those small station every day, collecting duplicate content.

webmaster know the soft can be released to the A5 and Chinaz, but in addition to the two station, there are many small webmaster website, they have also accepted a submission, we can all go, in addition to the website, there are many forums, we can also go to a hair, a lot of weight is very high webmaster forums can send the.

three, established two directory blog, and soft on the blog

I like >

11 Shanghai resident love is a good thing

forever the choice of home four positions and love Shanghai 11: the reason is very simple, for example, a user searches for a long tail keywords they must first click is the first three, because many users of the title is just about to look at, and then enter the website, found that after entering is not what you want will close second a. Then third, the middle small, they will pull down, a click Custom makes all things easy. the last one, I was as a search for users to judge, because I was such a search, you do not know how to search it, much of the user search habits, you will find opportunities I read the first page after I open the page second unable to restrain the emotions, will not hesitate to click on the first one, even the love of 11 Shanghai the site, with your own thinking to think of it is not so. This is just forever evaluation, not entirely accurate.


second user search is a problem, then he will put all connected to the first page open, full view of information content and then to one by one, when many will find the page at the click of a page as second pages, the web site will also love Shanghai 11 open oh. This is my habit, I like to search for a good method about weight loss, I will open a page and then go to a page, there is no information you want to immediately shut down. Other users like this? Is like this, because they are looking for answers, can not find the answer will not give up, use the search engine optimization must be in one you want to see this is the answer. Unless you are just search. As the method and more knowledge of the needs of users. A more accurate solution.

own ranking love Shanghai 11

users also love love Shanghai 11

how to do?

what is love Shanghai 11

if your website ranking in Shanghai love 11, please don’t feel sad, to feel happy, because through their own efforts to an index of keywords optimization to love Shanghai 11 is a very easy thing, want to enter the home page is actually a step away, put on

Shanghai Longfeng optimization we were thinking of their ranking in the love of Shanghai home and even the first, we know that only the ranking will flow more. Facing love Shanghai 11 the problem that many owners think ranked 11 is very good, can’t even bring traffic to a site through the love of Shanghai, in fact, on the contrary thinking, if you let me choose a ranking of words will choose the digital home, 1-3 and tenth, and then second pages the first (love Shanghai 11), we all know that in Shanghai love search engine promotion link is in addition to the above 10 natural web pages of the 10 page 10 natural sites are flow, the answer is correct, we according to the search behavior of users click to determine whether the user will be enter your web site.

How hard is a startup Look at the cross border electricity supplier foreign wharf storyThe nternet

February 1999, the Tencent developed the network instant communication tools – . Ma Huateng put on the Internet for free users use >

said, ocean terminal mode is the buyer or businesses on the website provides all kinds of goods, consumers choose orders, through the international logistics business through China customs reach the hands of consumers, ocean pier is a platform. In addition, there is also an independent logistics company under the wharf, Pui Hai International Express, to cross-border buyers to provide direct mail and customs clearance services.

Ma Huateng:

wanted to sell when she was short of money According to the

that year, the Internet industry in China is in the early stages of prosperity, Internet users only 3 million, less than the current fraction. Like many Internet Co that have just started, money and technology have been the biggest problems for Tencent Inc. "We have to make a necessary working capital and go around at night," Ma Huateng said later. In order to allow Tencent to survive, Ma Huateng and several founders began to make web pages, systems integration, programming to make money, with products to the operators to sell, was shut out is commonplace.

I just came to America, the language is not very smooth, but the key is I turned professional, I was at the University of North America in Information Science, computer science major, I saw a professor’s graphics project application into his laboratory, he asked me some questions, some I didn’t quite understand some of the problems, I really do not know, so the answer is not good, he asked me what the last question? He asked: Chinese have a computer? I felt very hurt, because of my own questions is not good, cause American professors are beginning to suspect Chinese have computer. It is also because such a thing makes me feel that one day must make a career in the field of computer.

1998, Ma Huateng left the runxun communication with a sum of money and 5 classmates stocks earned co founded the Tencent computer system Co. Ltd., with the Internet business enthusiasm, primary Tencent began looking for the development space in the network and paging.

is a business, talk about the topic. Even now in the Internet industry bigwigs also summon wind and call for rain, had "grass root" period of entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial success is a stick to a close call. In the time of entrepreneurship, big brothers have also experienced hardships, but also gave birth to the heart of life. The Tencent technology inventory of the Internet bigwigs young entrepreneurial attitudes for you, to see how they stick to the

offshore pier 2010 Angel Bay venture angel investment, in December 2013 won the rich fund investment of ten million U. s.dollars, in January 2015 to complete the $100 million B round of financing.

Robin Li: an American professor’s words stimulate entrepreneurship

before studying the sea Amoy, ask friends who did well, we recommend foreign pier. With Tmall, Amazon and other international Jingdong, the scouring Heico army put up a pageantry, ocean terminal more focused to the spotlight. And the latest financing 100 million U. S. dollars of internal mail, the founder had blue pain number investment circle, once the foreign dock does not recognize, "dare to speak" character, people silently praise.

blue ocean terminal has revealed that 2014 sales will be 600 million yuan, and the amount of Tmall international in about 15-18 billion yuan, in fact, is not particularly large, but the two companies in the areas of the sea Amoy has achieved the highest level. At present, the foreign terminal C2C trading volume accounted for 60%, ever blue wave for the future planning is 5-10 years later, C2C form should be the community, B2C become mall.



wrote so much about the ocean pier to better understand the following. In the mail and media communication meeting, has blue wave Tucao a lot of hard work experience, and many times not to be optimistic about the VC, said very much

has graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University Bibo shaonianban, joining eBay eBay after a few years of studying in the United States, said Zeng Bibo is living abroad "idle awful", often in MITBBS BBS wrote popular articles, teach you how to sea Amoy goods to Chinese, became a glorious senior "profiteers" this is in fact the early cross-border electricity industry, although the number of colors is smuggling.

this is also the development of blue water plan: first do logistics, and then do C2C, and then do B2C. So in 2013 the Ocean Terminal launched APP overseas shopping spree artifact ", which is a certified buyers live shopping platform in the mobile terminal adds to the attention of C2C. In the electricity supplier giants have to seize the bonded area, the foreign dock because various policies have not been implemented, has been in a wait-and-see state, until recently officially signed the Hangzhou bonded area, to make big B2C share.

this thing has gradually become my ideal – to change the world with my own technology. This ideal should be said that it has not been finished yet, but I am approaching the ideal step by step every day. Some people say that because my wife picked up the dishes in the garden, I returned home to start business, but in fact, not traced to the source, it was a professor of the United States at that time a word, let me more motivated to do this thing.

in the process, ever realized that foreign consumers and foreign industry chain chain is too long, the essence of work is circulation. In 2009, Ceng Bibo returned home to start his business. Dunhuang net once found him in the past. But what he wanted to do was import, not export, so there was the establishment of the foreign Wharf in 2009. It was formally launched on June 2011.


A website optimization really need to write the original article

in fact, website weight is not generally is the original article! Common website ranking can say nine successful work thanks to the support of the chain! Even if you have a total of original articles, if you are outside of the chain is several times the other peer sites, your weight will be higher than the rival site here it’s said so simple? Yes, it is so simple! Don’t advocate general website Shanghai dragon, is actually so simple: 90% of the focus on the construction of the chain, the 10% focus itself on the website

can only smile! !

to write this topic, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er "website original article sniff at, because the first" has been a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that is a must, and often see some factors that their Shanghai Longfeng great Shanghai Longfeng Er help others analysis website, if one is not good ranking directly asked: website original content? If one site is not original content, then he would like to find a big problem like telling people: the original content of the site is not enough, the search engine doesn’t love! I retorted, this Shanghai dragon Er never


love Shanghai as the largest Chinese search engine, but its technology is still very immature, at this stage it is impossible to identify whether the article is original content! If you fall in love with the sea is really can identify whether the article is original, the weight and to the original article is high enough, then we the day also need not hard to engage in what Shanghai Longfeng, specially at home to write articles with, or directly to hire a copywriter, dedicated to your website to write articles, to ensure that the site is all original, so your website weight will go up. You may feel so simple?

pure nonsense!Although

ER in the original article about Shanghai Longfeng this one will give you very much about the "truth", many people think that love Shanghai spiders can identify whether the article is original, more people to engage in a very precise data, said to what percentage of similarity is the pseudo original, and reached number per cent similar is plagiarism, will be punished, etc.. I just want to say that these people are in

so, original content is really amazing


this is not an assumption that I personally tested the results. I have to give a customer made a website from the site to rank stability in the few months, I have never written an original article, all the articles are copied directly from other sites and paste here, all the time I have been placed in the chain and Links exchange. Just 2 months time, the keywords of this site arranged into the first page of Shanghai love. This seems to be a very simple matter, everyone can do, just can insist on every day of the very few people


said so many vulgar words, I just want to express a meaning: the original site must not content! Ordinary website can get good.

Case analysis of site railway station and fell in love with the sea quantity index gap

The definition of ?The following figure is Here we look at the


from the sea level index fell in love with love, every day in Shanghai included the number is rising, indicating that the search engine spiders every day to crawl the content on the website, this is a very good sign for a new station, but when we exchange Links, many owners see the site command, see to fall in love with the sea background index, resulting in many owners do not agree with the swap chain. This website has become a fatal weakness, if the site number is relatively small, the index data is relatively large, and gradually increased, please calm, that the new index of your normal, over a period of time the index page will be gradually put out. Faced with this situation we er Shanghai Longfeng how can die? In order to speed up the search engine on the website of the hobby, how should we start?

, a high quality the chain

for the high quality of the chain, I personally think that the best is soft Wen promotion and Links, of course, if you are a new word, we can find some included, love Shanghai normal snapshot update related industry site exchange chain, and soft Wen promotion is to create one of the best methods of high quality, under normal circumstances the journal article in A5, the forwarding rate is very good, and are of high quality large website, if a new, can get a lot of high quality the chain, to improve the ranking, improve the collection has a great effect.

this is the new site and fell in love with the sea gap analysis index of the amount of net investment by international famous examples, as Shanghai dragon Er we should take measures, this article by international famous investment network (

international wine merchants, site love Shanghai included number:

love Shanghai statistics version 3 officially launched after the launch of love sea index query function, you can accurately see the web site search engine spiders number included, of course there are many webmaster here, for the new station, Shanghai site love and fall in love with the different sea index, general index statistics to love Shanghai the volume of more than the webmaster tools included, this also let many owners worry, from the index amount is the site is very normal, but through the webmaster tools, web site included a large number of decline, and even included only home page, the face of this phenomenon, we should be how to judge

here original articles from an excellent website editing, so we often say that the website editors and the Shanghai dragon Er is indivisible, and for a new station, the original article is particularly important, how to quickly let the website to get the favour of search engine, see update rules and the content of the site.



through the love of Shanghai statistical index of the amount of

two, the original article

Analysis no website ranking for several reasons


can’t find why not own website ranking, we should check under their own domain name history, to see whether there are violations of the existing domain name. If the existence of this situation, so there is no ranking is very normal. We should be able to replace the domain name once and for all this time. (source: Mascherano – Micro Internet 贵族宝贝 reproduced indicate the source)

? A problem with the

, or no ranking, it should look at their website the theme is legitimate, some illegal content no ranking is normal.

is the site of the soul, even if the content is then collected in large quantities, want to have ranking difficult, it is very difficult to

do you have any content, through the assessment period, still no rankings then should ask themselves have not kept pace with the reverse link, the reverse link here said the chain within the chain, including.

five, your server

has some keywords in the search engine is controlled like: love Shanghai, blog, QQ, this kind of words, so if you do this kind of artificial control word no ranking is normal. In addition some difficult and high index, high search words, in a short period of time there is no ranking is a normal thing, now, the competitiveness of

?The content of

seven, your domain name

, your site through the assessment period

six, your choice of keywords

four, you do website theme

server is stable or not is directly related to the site, in the "love Shanghai search engine guide" also made it clear that it wants a good ranking must have a stable host. Remember you are not always good, but cheap is the worst.

stable?The legal?A few words with more than

two, you do what

before legal?

a website even if the assessment period is not through what to rank, and the assessment period in the search engine about (3 months), the site of the site if you haven’t reached 3 months so no ranking is a normal phenomenon.


three, the website chain has to keep up with

website ranking no reason very much, here we pick out some typical problems about it.

As the nternet arena how many owners still wander about

second: Arena talent, you have your own housekeeping effort?

is a grass root webmaster is how to make it? From the rookie level master to the experienced old webmaster, the sad only experienced the most understanding, perhaps from the beginning only envy stationmaster life, day in front of the computer in the home office, do not need to go to work, do not need to look at the bosses. And so you can feed themselves, to feed even one family. This life is probably what you want, will the Webmaster Station, will PS, will point code and will do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it seems that what will be, is not very admire? So you study hard with N technology, establishment of communication in QQ, every day in the webmaster forums to see post back post. A few months after you had your first website, you tell yourself in the heart, must let the newborn website grow up.

high official positions and riches?

webmaster skills requirements can be omnipotent, not comprehensive and incompetent, individual stationmaster is the most important in the promotion. No matter what you are good at promotion, such as: Forum promotion or promotion of QQ, the research of one or two kinds of promotion way than wide and not good. There are various sects in the Jianghu, Wudang, Emei, beggars, these sects have their own housekeeping effort with beggars and Wudang Tai Chi Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon. As a personal webmaster should have their own skills, good at writing, good line promotion. The last is that you can adapt to this arena of life? How many individual owners have to endure hardship and.

some places have lakes, how did you quit? This is the movie The Legendary Swordsman in the classic lines, I recently read a new version of the "The Legendary Swordsman", the world is dangerous, no one seems to be amidst the winds of change, can truly The Legendary Swordsman, back to the Internet, which has been played for several years, however in the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes but not brother legend, as the Internet webmaster arena. Ask "do you still travel?" millions of grass root webmaster don’t want no successful counter attack, but the reality is very difficult under the environment of the grassroots webmaster most uncertain, caught in the struggling miserable. If you are a grass root webmaster, may wish to carefully consider this a few questions:

but you gradually find that this is a long and arduous process, no money, no operational thinking. Is your first website that let it die? Then you know that easy operation of a good website not imagine. In the Internet arena, not trained as a martial arts masterpiece is very difficult to survive, was eliminated by the opponent runs, rivers and lakes, finally disappear quickly on the Internet, without a trace, no one will remember you, no one will remember you a certain website. Do not understand the operation, do not understand do not understand why the promotion, profit, based on the Internet in this arena? We should walk, Hangxiazhangyi, many friends, the accumulation of contacts.

: why is travel, the first martial arts masterpiece? For

Eight trick to create search engine in favor of your website

, the system of the chain, we have to do this four point:

in fact, most of the time, our website if paying attention to the details of some of the Shanghai dragon, so beyond the competitors is very helpful. For example: "meta" font encoding, and the accuracy of the information, good user experience can not only increase repeat for your website, and the search engine will give good rankings. Especially love Shanghai, now for the website jump out rate is very attention, also proved the importance of user experience. On the bounce rate and user experience knowledge can come to my blog to learn Wang Jishun, a special paper.

add these benefits is also close to the user experience, some people do not pay attention to these, in fact, the search engine is concerned, this is the details of the Shanghai dragon show.

4. if there is a focused topic or content, the use of special form to optimize.

directory structureThe structure of web pages and directory structure of chain systemThe construction of

outside the chain of high quality for the importance of the website, believe that I do not have to say, many people know. The chain in essence not much, only to create a high quality of the chain is king.

framework and

second strokes:

fourth strokes: the high quality of the chain set

2. includes the establishment of a website focusing on the content of the site map.

many webmaster want search engines to favor their own website, in an article on "Wang Jishun taught you to cultivate trust" the search engine on the web in detail how to develop search engine trust in the site, so how to build a website to make the search engine in favor of your website? Wang Jishun Shanghai Dragon explained eight trick to make your website in the numerous website talent shows itself, become a popular search engine website.

The first one: " The third measure:

fifth strokes: copyright, contacts, about us

sixth move: reasonable robots.txt file

good will help search engines more efficient from the web content, will give a higher weight ". Selected in the code, if we abandon the form of complex structure, and the structure of div+css style, the search engine will naturally because crawl smoothly and give relatively high weight of the site.

3. to establish the breadcrumb navigation system perfect

key details need to pay attention on the page

1. navigation bar to use text links

front, we have a detailed explanation of the importance of the robots.txt file, the search engine spider web content is the first one to find the robots.txt file, it must be in accordance with the reasonable grammar >

Five Shanghai Phoenix Webmaster Tools secret

recommendation: * * *

, Xenu




so it is a small and powerful software.

Xenu after the operation, the error list of all links provide your reference, and create a site map, there is a very useful feature is that Xenu can capture the URL generation XML site map.

three, YAHOO chain detection tool (Yah>

, Shanghai Dragon


recommendation: * * *

Xenu is a simple function, but it is very important to Shanghai dragon spider crawling simulation tools. It is English software. It can simulate the search engines crawl, crawl to every page, and for the record, Xenu after the operation, you can see what is wrong with the link in the results (marked "not found"), and then carefully stationmaster also errors may occur, it is difficult to check the artificial error link to this. The software can be easily found, and some have not included significant links, artificial see page is not easy to notice all, run Xenu again, you will probably see some strange, you don’t want to be included in the URL, and then through the link adjustment or the direct use of robots document to prohibit spider,

install and start the plugin, search for any keyword in nobility baby or Yahoo, page displayed normal search results, the results are listed below each is still a large number of Shanghai Longfeng relevant data includes page PR value, updated snapshot, noble baby flow value, age, Delicious Bookmarks in the site collection number, number, Digg appeared in the Alexa rankings and so on a series of reference data.

Shanghai Longfeng for Firefox is a comprehensive display of Shanghai dragon page data Firefox plugin, although there are many online website data query tools, including the search engine itself provides, but according to a number of competitors to check all the data, is a very troublesome thing, Shanghai dragon for Firefox can do this point.

two for Firefox

Hello, I am a station from Inner Mongolia to Hohhot, and everyone else, is the grass-roots origin, now runs our local Hohhot talent network, for we grassroots webmaster, all knowledge website should have more knowledge, but Shanghai dragon is essential, but a bottleneck is the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng automation, reasonable use of "weapon" will make our work with the Shanghai dragon, today to introduce you five I think Shanghai Longfeng tools more practical, hope to help.

A5 marketing on the emergence of a large number of low quality education website page and create the

two, the emergence of a large number of sites within the city, no school curriculum

Idle channel classification page

today, website optimization education industry is a matter of major concern webmaster, many webmaster want to through the optimization of education website on the Internet first, to local and overseas courses and information services to the users to participate in training. But part of the webmaster to know is not some random optimization, optimization of website content, website page to add some random, resulting in the website optimization effect but no effect or in Shanghai after the update right down, this phenomenon can be seen from the site, there have been some problems, so the website optimization has no effect or reduced right. A5 marketing has been in contact with the education industry website optimization, get a lot of experience in education industry, many sites are of low quality because of too many pages to drop right, so today with you talk about this.

, a web site

, the classification of primary school English Channel page, but on no content, resulting in low quality page.

the emergence of a large number of


then, the emergence of a large number of sites within the city without the course content, this is the second page of low quality. Often go to browse the education industry website owners should know, many regional distribution sites, these areas are the main service training institutions in the region, such as New Oriental website, above >

rapid development in recent years, various industries from the line to line, and keep the leading industry online. From the part of the industry there are many industries are way ahead on the line, some large training institutions of education industry is an example, and online training institutions not only do very well, online also do very well, especially the New Oriental training institutions, through the Internet has created a lot of successful people. However, for some small training institutions or training institutions are on the Internet a green hand, this is a big advantage, so they also set up their own website and start the optimization, then pass through the web site will be training courses, some of the information to the user, which makes the education industry rise in Internet website.

first, a large number of idle channel classification page appears in the part of education website, this is the first page of low quality. From the small training platform can see on the website, a website has many channels and content classification, lack of classification in these channels, such as primary school, primary school, primary school mathematics English language of the three channel classification page, lack of targeted content can also be said to be empty in the three channel page classification page now, there are many websites are doing. A5 marketing believes that if a website lacks too many such content information, the search engine will directly to this page as the low quality of the page for a long time, the page stack more will bring to the site right down. So, in charge of education industry website owners if there is such a problem in a timely manner to improve.

In figure

A5 marketing without professional guidance how to do

, select a set of trusted program


B: I do not know Shanghai Longfeng, just a day to do something that is ranking.

is like a "A" above said, brains algorithm research, but it is right down! Is a very important reason, is often overlooked by some Webmaster: any website can afford frequent toss, toss more, but right down more quickly.

A5 marketing: Yes, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, without professional guidance, can have the same rank, presumably a lot of stationmaster often have "A" above the same idea, think Baidu is really no eye! Really? In the behind, there will always be an inevitable reason, today, what have we come to these inevitable reasons.

now there are many websites to find we do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, but we refused, the reason: look at website there is a feeling of deja vu, without any sense of innovation in which even basic information is all the same. What do the

others succeed, it is because they only, so you want to set up in others the fruits of labor easily get the same results, how many good things in the world. "


generally speaking, our proposal is: if the website revision, then one-time revision in place, a revision number not more than 3 times, interval period, but also try to be longer.

two, the website is the first element of

A: heaven no eyes, I guess the brains algorithm, smiling Baidu, or drop right.

from a professional point of view, A5 marketing recommendation: CMS, CMS, discuz, ant Empire, Knight CMS, paragraph 4 of this program, its powerful function, can satisfy the industry website building. There are some known as Dede, is not recommended, do not say, reason: avoid lead to slobber war.


A: what? Do Shanghai dragon can also have

a lot of people out of the ordinary, often go to new in order to be different, choose some non mainstream program results? Cause Shanghai Longfeng problem, can not be found, also cannot solve. Relatively speaking, the mainstream of the program for several years, at least not because of improper procedures, appear to affect the fatal problem of website.

often have some Adsense on the site, every two or three days of modifications, lest they have nothing to do, the result is: the more frustrating, the lower the weight. The most fundamental reason, is ignored: the stability of the site, not only to the server stability, the site itself should be stable! You modify the information, it is necessary to re search engine cache, thus resulting in a large number of cycle capture, multiple versions of a snapshot of the problem is more common, finally, ranking

The stability of

three: the intention to do service station, users with

Business case operation zero starting point dessert earning 150 thousandSilicon Valley entrepreneur

to C micro-blog little noticed, only a few of his friends and some of the micro-blog system with the zombie fans, but AHU support, from time to time and AHU micro-blog interactive, AHU often send >


I only know people in specific fields: start-ups, founders, programmers, and professors. I’d like to believe that successful people in other fields have despicable people, such as hedge fund managers, but I don’t know. Moreover, the most successful drug lords seem to be very mean. But at least most of the world is not ruled by despicable people, and this part of the territory seems to be still expanding.

we’ve met a lot of mean people, but few of them have the most successful people we know. What’s wrong with this? What’s the reverse relationship between meanness and success?

, my wife, Y Combinator co-founder Jessica Jessica is a very rare kind of person, she seems to have insight into character. Marry her as close to the airport baggage scanner station, she came from investment banking business start-up, she always become good, successful start-ups and bad start-ups cannot become the founder of the founder of success surprised.

if the last barbecue is AHU just met WeChat dividend window of opportunity to become the station outlet pig, pure luck, the real case of this new category share today and has made some progress, must have to do something. This paper will demonstrate the effectiveness and process of a WeChat public number operation through the real data from the WeChat order background. Note: on the way the case can view the "barbecue AHU, leveraging micro-blog WeChat marketing practice of O2O make the roadside stalls to revive"

C is a girl who has just graduated from senior high school. She is majoring in law and has obtained the certificate of professional profession. She can formally report to the law office for her internship. Because C is a beauty girl, always on their teeth are not satisfied, with braces, become a "sister". Braces easily affect the enunciation pronunciation, although firms can go to do simple clerical work, but the beauty of the C do not want to go with braces and opted for free at home.

below is the original text:

Tencent technology December 2nd, known as the "godfather of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley," said Paul · Graham Paul Graham wrote that the bad character of the entrepreneurs, most likely will not succeed.


chance, C inadvertently learned that micro-blog @ AHU barbecue, and a little bit to see micro-blog, WeChat will use the AHU barbecue roadside barbecue big business. His enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, C is determined to do what, finally found their own good craft is ferial has tinkered with the dessert, why not try to start from the dessert? With the idea, C came to the roadside stalls to find the idea of AHU to discuss, after analysis, AHU feel feasible. In support of the AHU persuade C, more firm confidence, home after the start of Taobao order dessert making tools, began the development of new varieties, after trying, after the waste tank N cream, finally found the one and only a cream made for C satisfying taste sweet and creamy. Not greasy, unique taste, which become the basis for the rapid formation of large mouth effect days after the C.

has the main product and solve the cream, C began to try in their micro-blog upload menu, put a few cake photos uploaded to micro-blog, micro-blog officially renamed the "full blessing dessert" indicates his dessert is slowly the taste of happiness, since the official start at home part-time to earn extra money.


/ Wang Mingwei,

despicable founder will >

introduction: a dessert, zero starting point start, from product development to the sale of micro-blog, and WeChat registered public access number, delivery system, from a few sporadic single to peak time in 10 thousand, the average monthly income of 150 thousand, earning the off-season is close to 100 thousand. This article from the daily operations bit by bit written, highly valuable reference learning.

why is that so? I think there may be several reasons:


first, being mean makes you stupid. That’s why I hate fighting. In a fight, you can never do your best, because that will only make you look inadequate. Winning ideas always work and have a huge impact on the participants. You can’t win battles by thinking about big ideas, but the occasional skill may come into play in a particular situation.

Abstract it is absolutely important for any startup to have the best people to help.

produces entrepreneurial ideas

NiuDao begun to taste the sweetness of

in real life, fighting is like work. For those who take great care of how you use your brain, this is especially painful: your brain works at high speed, but you accomplish nothing, just like cars on idle wheels. Start-ups can’t win by attacking, but they can win by going beyond. There are exceptions, of course, but the usual way to win is to try to take the lead rather than stop and fight.

in recent years, I have a shocking discovery: few of the successful people I know are very despicable. There are few exceptions, even if there are exceptions. Despicable is not uncommon. In fact, the Internet has shown us how far people can be despicable. Decades ago, only celebrities and professional writers were able to make their point. And now, everyone can do that. We can look at the long, dirty tail that has been deeply hidden.

Wangzhuan one build a code voting websitesFangpian manual five strokes to identify the Wangzhuan lia

: Observation of the design and the size of sites is not spent a lot of time, if the user experience and the sites are designed so that can express the station is to do want to do such a site, many swindlers station opposite, their domain name is two free, either the rent is free and that a server, cheated two months to earn money to change a place, this is the swindler is no way to do

original article, please specify reprinted from the cement mouse blog. This address:>

The principle of

four: see customer service Wangzhuan project, and related personnel review, of course Wangzhuan comment on the website are not credible, you can search on the Internet, look at others evaluation in other sites of the Wangzhuan site, so as to get more real information, if only for the customer to provide the contact so, basically can be said to cheat the possibility of relatively large, at least to a mobile phone number and a fixed number of

many friends may have heard what code, vote, and many of my friends have done to give others a code, polling thing, but many people do not understand this truth, why do I go to a code, the vote will be able to make money, where the money come from? What are their profits? This is the point I today.

do Wangzhuan more people, the market has a lot of people to fish in troubled waters in my group inside, so it is often said and deceived, while others might be cheated after problems found that most sites are some Wangzhuan site, even a dozen people at the same time with a cheat Wangzhuan station the visible now liar website deception is constantly upgrading, camouflage are becoming more sophisticated, but smart tricks are not careful scrutiny, but also for Wangzhuan station, combined with the author’s experience to their anti cheat manual increase of several anti skills

sites in the propaganda is simply too tempting, for example, spend three hours a day to earn one hundred, can even earn two hundred, sometimes is to let you invest 10 yuan or so will be able to have such a big reward is not very cost-effective, so they try holding the attitude to try it, but unfortunately attempts will be deceived, even without a



two: the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project station there is no feasibility and long-term, if a project can have a lasting effect of money is rarely appear scam, if only stage, shot for a place that basically is to get money for the purpose, if the normal station at all there is no website for playing non-stop, unless there is no place to spend the money


code I use the vernacular, is a person to recommend his website in the forum, blog and other places, but these forums, blog post is the need to enter the verification code, these things is to rely on manual operation, so the person will find the post content, the programmer wrote a propaganda address a small program, leaving only the input verification code to make the manual operation, the program gives a code, voting site here a code, voting site is equivalent to an intermediary, then let people out operation.


three: learn the online data observed in this site, such as a member of this site and the number of payment records, and the current traffic statistics and advertising, a liar website rarely spend more money to the same website to advertise, but also there are few payment records, is to see if there is no PS the scene, carefully observe the general site will always see a variety of fraud vulnerabilities, to see if you have no heart!


five: learn about the site’s operations and related comments from other sources, and if a lot of people think it’s a cheater, then be sure

Wangzhuan liar!Some people see the

now these sites do more successful, is the pay day of Wangzhuan alliance, there is Yongcheng Wangzhuan alliance, the two stations have done very well, is a typical representative of the site, I believe many of my friends have done a code, to vote in their station, they stand the success, whether you want to do like them a site to make money? I know that my essay, a lot of people watching, really do people rarely, it may not have to operate, but I decided to say, after all, can really make things also is one of the few people, want a friend can I see the article really made such a station, and on this station, the monthly income of over a million.

code with the vote is the same, some people want to have a good vote in a station, just want more people to vote for him, but also integrated a program to a code, voting site, the task is released out, let others to his operation.

I want to share with you today a series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, is not so accurate, because I want to share with you some ideas is a series of construction sites, today to talk about is if you build a code class voting site to make money.

of course make a stand that, to overcome difficulties, not a short duration of time can be successful, so this project for Wangzhuan have the money and courage, people can endure loneliness, three minutes you can’t do something. The specific operation of the site is not what I want to talk about today, you need to practice more.

said I believe everyone will understand, that I want to say to everyone now, we will be the intermediary personnel, and not to do to give others a code, the vote of the people, of course, this depends on the character of the people, see you for what to do, if you just want to earn money. To a code, a vote.

The basic principle of

Everyone game downsizing listed new three board veterans return still can fight noGuo Guangchang th

so, in the general direction, I believe in the future economy of China and the reform and opening policy of the party

Fosun was founded in 20th anniversary, I asked myself a question, but also put this question to the members of the board of directors: choose to retire, or choose to venture? Before Liang Xinjun Fosun Group Vice Chairman and chief executive officer also talked about this issue, because when I don’t think, what is missing. But sometimes busy work leads to poor life quality, why, how should I arrange my life

1 and Buddha as the heart. Buddhists compassion, we start from the bottom of my heart is willing to do something for the community, if not this value, you will appoint death.

Webpage Game Mobile Games, R & D, distribution and operation of the main business of the company, is facing new and old product lean situation, everyone choose to return to their home games overseas delisting, listed on the new board. The return of the veteran soldier is still in the air,

in addition, the revolution in 2014, the book shows that in 2015, 2016 1~4 month the game contribution income to total operating income of 68.54%, 74.80%, 63.09%, 2014 all gaming revenues of 207 million yuan, 2015 revenue was only 107 million yuan, down 48.26%.

a lot of people once told me, "what’s good for a business? It’s easy for the government to take care of you.". I asked him at the time, "I’ve done a good job. Why should the government work on me?" this is inconsistent with the values of our country’s reform and opening-up policy. You have to believe that as long as your business is not easy, not to make mistakes, the government will not get you.

according to everyone game open transfer book shows that in 2016 1~4 months, everyone games revenue 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, 6 million 437 thousand yuan net profit. And these revenues, from five years ago to develop four games. Prospectus shows, game all current income primarily from "mumbo-jumbo adventures" and "chaotic world" "iron" "war Marshal Genesis" four games and four games, according to the on-line time, were also in the period from 2009 to 2012, which is the most peak period for all games.


this is what is called world view and values. I feel like starting a business is all about earning money, and it’s going to be hard to stay motivated all the time. The real motivation for entrepreneurship must come from the bottom of your heart. It’s really worth it. So, when we set up 20th anniversary in Fosun, we chose to start a new business. We hope to bring Fosun to a new height.

2015 everyone game plan spin off listing, March 2016, everyone game to complete the demolition of the VIE architecture, the real controller from Chen Yizhou change why Chuan?. At the same time, the introduction of Guangdong trillion capital, Hengqin youth, Beijing day magnitude 9 investment institutions, in February 15, 2017, the listing of all games applications for approval, formally listed on the new board.

, Jun noted, this is home to Webpage Game Mobile Games, R & D, issuance and operation of the main business of the company, is facing new and old product lean situation, everyone choose to return to their home games overseas delisting, listed on the new board. The return of the veteran soldier is still in the air,


3 and Confucianism as the table. Confucianism pays attention to joining the WTO and pays attention to the sense of responsibility. So Fosun from the first day of self-cultivation "career helping the world enterprise culture, this concept is from the Confucian" moral order in the world "to the. Confucianism stresses the need to continue learning, to join the WTO and to do something for this society. I also encourage myself with these three points.

Renren games and Renren belong to all groups, and in May 2011, Renren was listed on nyse. According to public information, the game was officially established in November 2012, formerly known as "Thousand Oaks" game, the main business for online game development, distribution and operation.

do business, do now, and more and more people feel that they need to believe something. In the face of the future, people can not see very clearly, entrepreneurs in the pursuit of "business truth" in the process, but also always get used to making decisions alone.

1 we should believe that the reform and opening-up policy of the past 30 years is stable and long-term.

was a brilliant game that everyone had five years old,



2 and the road as the bone. Taoism is a culture of self-cultivation, when people are in bad health, work will be greatly affected, so I advocate Taijiquan, which can be beneficial to physical and mental health.

?Following the

this time the most important entrepreneurs is not lose their direction, so entrepreneurs how to do? How to resist the temptation to overcome greed and fear? In your heart must have their own values, you must believe what. The things you most sincerely believe in are often the most powerful. Here I can share with you three points I firmly believe:

horizon, in the search of Internet veterans came to the new board, February 15, 2017, all games announced, now officially listed on the new board, the transfer agreement to transfer.

This is home to the



recently, I have seen three lines of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which have three sentences, which makes sense:


everyone games, Renren, is a lot of young memories of young partners. Renren is all the rage, everyone’s game has never been successful, everyone group will Renren, Renren games and other business packaged on 2011, listed on the nyse.

know 4399 one of those things How did the shares of Cao Zheng shrinkYang Wenjian how do earn 1

Cai Wensheng said the 265 site navigation to tens of millions of dollars to Li Kaifu at the shlf1314 China, transformed into a bird, began to do angel investment, this is in the middle of 2007. China Internet industry has a large number of people are beginning in 2007 after doing angel investment side start looking for a wave of opportunities, in addition to Cai Wensheng, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Zeng Liqing, Xu Xiaoping at this point in time to jump down, this appears to be a coincidence, in fact inevitable, single day or eight, etc. hot money a Book fixing before do spoilers.

4, the net name for online fast record, a clear tell so want to record friends, he provides online filing service.

sold hao123 to sh419, Li Xingping was happy one or two years later, that is, in 2004 to find a new opportunity, that is, 4399 small game station. Li Xingping doing traffic is a genius, and soon, 4399 small game station into the top 100 sites in China website.


Cai Wensheng angel, in fact or in stationmaster Congress as the foundation, wrap the grassroots, and docking the mainstream VC, before Cai Wensheng was packing Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng himself ran again after that one of the doorways, 265 sold at stations, Cai Wensheng hands have enough cash, Cai Wensheng wants to play. In fact, in fact, before the 265 site to sell, Cai Wensheng has begun to play, 58, storm and other cases are Cai Wensheng star case involved.

second, plus N group, in order to win the quantity, the quantity is bigger, the turnover is greater.

Cai Wensheng began to be an angel, and the most wanted was to circle Li Xingping into the Bureau, but Li Xingping himself made good money. Why cooperate with Cai Wensheng?. Around the 2007, changes in the external environment began to make this possible. China grassroots webmaster polymerization flow, also in 2007 to 2008, this time point appeared a gap.

let Cai Wensheng think of a person, this person is Li Xingping. Although many business class media as Cai Wensheng is China Master Wang, but in private, Li Xingping is another China webmaster first person, this is due to the glorious past of Li Xingping hao123 Cai Wensheng had the chance to enter the hao123 before sh419, the story of Cai Wensheng in Xiamen for the left face told Lin uncle, but with this another eight independent single is really too shocked.


any one with directional high flow is a gold mine that can be developed. group is focused on a topic of concern for the crowd, such as Adsense group is concerned about the construction of the site crowd. You can provide IDC services, industry training, webmaster tools and other related services and products to this targeted group. Like the first space I sold, it was because I was standing in a high traffic crowd telling them I was offering server sharing services. Three pole speed sharing network, so loud name, tell webmaster friends, I provide space is multi line space, speed is extremely fast. Such a passive way can bring sales.

, neighbors, for a long time, wooden update, but uncle’s heart has been with our neighborhood. During 51, Lin uncle left idle at home, finishing the recent equity shrink create a great sensation Cao Zheng case and case 4399 of the sequence of events, another $one billion lesson, will be published I know 4399 of those things series.

prior to this, operators themselves are the realization of these flows home, but after 2006, operators began to drift away after rectification. sh419 and shlf1314 have been competing heavily over traffic, but as the search war begins to become clear


third, the online status is "Q me", the online state is " Q me, " the group members are at the forefront of the list of members of the group.

on the collection, I got the first share network agent, which is in the junior, in school is idle. I’ll toss, spent 1 yuan registered a CN binding domain to their own agency background, and then give their agents took part of the same name —- three line speed flat-share network, then put me on so I was the group name card into "three line network speed flat-share". In this way, slowly forgotten, forget me, but also agent sales space. Until one day, until one guest arrival.

one, buy members, the name is red, more conspicuous, the name can be placed in front of the group members.

when I graduated from college for two months, could not find work, their own do not have the ability to have no money, because of their strong no money to the family, friends and classmates when owe a debt. A guest at a speed of three flat-share group saw line "contact me, asked if I was selling space. That is, then through communication, the second day he gave me a Alipay play section 500, medium 50 is to ask me to eat meal expenses, remove the cost of space, I netted 200. I was happier than I am now, and I was so excited that I didn’t fall asleep for 100 thousand nights. Immediately from the Alipay elevator, Ma this guy want to Alipay to freeze two days to me now, two days later when I took out the 200 dollars from the bank, the "Mao Zedong" of the head, I see hope, I finally found a way to make money online.

last month, I was in the group to find a friend on the initiative for the record of a domain name, he also adopted this passive way to wait for customers. Apply for an number, buy members, plus N group, and then change the online status to "Q me", the internet name for online fast record, analysis of why he should do so.