The development of small local website development ideas of Zoupian Jian Feng

in this paper, a unique perspective is used to subvert the traditional way to share new ideas for webmaster friends to share websites. Generally speaking, small city websites must be streamlined and rich in content, and the content of the website must be highly related. The theme is prominent, and the profit channels are diversified. Want to jump out of the website and do website, can not be confined to established ideas, dead support!


website development, as with the entity business development model, are regular, there are ways. And jump out of the website, do a website, take curve to save the development way of type, it is the shortcut of website of small city development undoubtedly. Here is my own "Loudi home network" development experience as the blueprint, to share with you about the money, improve the impact of the site approach. Ideas determine the way out. Webmaster friends must calm down, savor, can guarantee is, if you understand, then your website is not far from success!


1. as a local site, IP is not important, and the PR value of GG is not important,

I think now webmaster friends, often entangled in the PR value of the site, in IP and traffic competition, yes, for the web site, these indicators are more important, but not the most important. Especially as a local website, as a new station. IP and flow need to start slowly, if the eyes just staring at the IP and flow, it is difficult to grasp the essence of the local station, that is the local information, there will be no more time and energy to develop new users and the development of local line activities. Then you will say: the website has no traffic and influence, how to make money? My answer is: please look at the following fifth, make use of other people’s resources to make money, and publicize yourself. Enhance the reputation of your website in operation.

2. small local website positioning, the layout of the plate to streamline,

because the city is relatively small, the population is not large, the demand for the network is not very large, so as far as possible to streamline the section, because some of the post is difficult to come up, for example, Loudi people’s network as an example. Chatting with two section properties of entertainment irrigation had little difference, can be made one. Activities, entertainment and outdoor can serve as a forum, so the advantage is that the information concentration, so that members feel that there is something to see. As a small place, the amount of information is not much, and manpower can not keep up. After streamlining, it is relatively refined. When building a section, we must find local characteristics, for example, Zhangjiajie, which is a tourist attraction, should pay more attention to tourist information and information.

in general, as local websites and forums. Nothing more than the necessary sections: property, second-hand housing, decoration, building materials, cars, wedding, childcare, group buying, tourism, etc.. In the development of the section, we should refer to the local similar sites and sections. The enemy, it measures the heart bottom. For example, our city real estate is very hot, and there are many real estate websites, and there are two very well done, if you compete with each other, the site does not have advantages. So I decided to compete differently. The real estate channel to the owners community, the surface is only a literal difference, there is a real difference between the essence. Most of the real estate network is news

Personal website successfully planning six steps

‘s successful web site means that your business will be able to gain more customers from the Internet, rapidly expanding corporate awareness and creating more business opportunities.

if you still think that the website is a product manual on the Internet, it can only serve as a propaganda role for the enterprise, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal level of success. Successful websites are sure to bring more business and significantly increase sales.

foreign research institutions pointed out that, according to the six step operation of the website, its visits increased by 400%. It is really worth our careful study. They are:

1. Deliver clear marketing information

conveys clear marketing information, which means that the information presented by the website is easily accepted by visitors and helps to further the visitors. This is the key problem in the planning of the website. Most enterprises believe that the product’s function, characteristics, technical specifications described in detail, how many awards and how long the production history, etc., on the website, enough to convey the content needed to clear. Well, that’s not a bad idea. But are you sure this is the most effective way to do that,


no.. The most effective way is to deliver your information from the customer’s point of view. Who is your target customers? You can give customers what help? They can get what benefits from your products and services? They make a purchase decision or a cooperative invitation will produce what kind of concerns? How do you express these benefits to their familiar

?The new

professionals will take time and effort together with you to study and solve this problem, formed the perfect site planning book, to ensure that your website caters to the needs of visitors, send clear marketing information.

two, optimized layout for search engines

in view of the optimized layout of search engines, we should consider the working characteristics of search engines in web design, and be beneficial to search engines in page layout and layout.

according to statistics, the Internet is 70%-80% visitors through the search engine to query information, your site to get the search engine included only the opportunity to appear in the most visitors in sight, but because of the limitation of the search engine technology, we must adopt suitable decision recognition technology to ensure its website to obtain its retrieval.

, for example, search engines don’t understand pictures and flash content, and the large amount of use of these elements can affect the robot’s ability to read your web site. Because of this, some internationally renowned enterprise websites are based on simplicity and generosity, and exercise restraint on the use of Flash and pictures.

of course, web design at the same time to follow the web standard, the page should be verified by W3C, so as to ensure that the design of the web page can display in different browsers have a good website promotion, to lay a good foundation.

< >

Web site filing authentication into a key to look at you and me

Announced the notification

Beijing February 23rd electrical Ministry before the notice stressed the site responsible person shall I carry Id original materials, access to the service unit for the record for verification procedures, and provide color full faced photo.

the requirements of the Ministry of industry, access service units entrusted by the relevant websites for recordation, change of record filing procedures, deal with web site owners to submit the main information, contact information, site information, and the authenticity of the information access units submitted for verification. Verification includes the site sponsor (subject), contact information, website information and access information etc..

said that in the trial, you see, is a trial, the leadership of the wisdom of how could so low it can, when leaders are smart people! You are looking at the reflection, so we get tough, with foreign servers do not have to die anyway.

if the introduction of such a policy will appear what kind of effect, that is, some big, make money more sites, in accordance with the policy approach, and honestly take the car to the field photo.

in addition, some do not make any money, there are some illegal websites, all will go abroad.

then, from the two states before and after you can see, the original large and small sites are under the leadership of the management, but also control. If you’re moving out, you’re in control.

, in this case, many domestic server vendors business is bleak, and many people want to do a good job in the site to increase a lot of obstacles, so that the original may be a good site can not appear.

foreign business, foreigners are pushed to go there, how stupid people? Are you out there, everybody hates you, those people are doing a website, originally in the domestic mixed food, pushing the national economy, all call you expelled after watching slobber have you flooded into what foreigners to make, the common people to abandon the enemy, you said let the small leadership leadership can do such a stupid thing?

in fact, they are throwing out a message, saying that it is trial, look at everyone’s attitude. If everyone reflects a little softer, it may be a disaster. If everyone makes a way to death, who can understand you.

anyway, they said it was on trial, and when the time came, it said that after investigation, certification, what, and so on, and found that the effect can not ah, this is not the way to get it.

also appears to be a leader who takes care of people and things like that.

ljb1986 Yongning 168 net

Single strong Some Thoughts on website operation

the attention and engaged in website operation work for a long time, the process from learning to research to understanding, which experienced a lot of difficulties and setbacks, so have some of their own experiences, no experience, today I will combine their online learning into their actual. Work in sentiment, simple to talk about a few problems about web site operators need to pay attention to:

: the first operation to the traditional economic website more familiar with or understand, or in the traditional industries have certain contacts and resources, whether it is business or personal website, because you run or traditional services or products, but the website is another channel; what we do is through the combination of advanced technology of Internet with the traditional industries, provide more services for the users, so we should not only engage in online and offline removal operation, otherwise one day you will find your site into a wrong mode and can not extricate themselves.

second: operation is the essence of production and sales, so the focus is on what the user needs, what you can do for the user, the user can get the convenience and value of information from your site, so we need to do work on the user demand and market analysis, this kind of don’t blindly, not too much attention technology, technology is a form of display and show your content, products and services at the same time, you also need to know how to promote, how to promote the sales in the website, do not understand the promotion is SEO, is the PPC, a lot, draw lessons from traditional industry promotion ideas, sometimes you will see the


third: Web site operators do have advertising people thinking and planning ability, or do a website would be difficult to move forward, the traditional advertisement is very experienced and the impact on the packaging design, the Internet is also in the propaganda, if users come to your site and don’t know what you are first propaganda. Perception cannot give the user a good, then I think your site at least no characteristics, can not be users to remember and use;

fourth: technology is not the most important, but is the basic language you do business, you have to communicate with customers, programmers and communication, communication and design staff, if you don’t understand, your mind will not be very good, so the language of the web site, architecture, design how much you have to know don’t think, laymen would be worse than them, many people know how to design, but their ideas will not necessarily better than you;

fifth: operators need to pay attention to the peer to do well, learn from each other, to in-depth knowledge and understanding of an industry, a model of the site, whether it is profitable or user groups, the only way you can compete in the operation, learn to absorb advantages of competitors to constantly improve themselves, but also a suitable operation personnel essential.

is a website operation and operation of a company is not much difference in essence, also involves many aspects, such as product design and development, marketing and sales management, personnel training, financial management and so on

Mou Changqing talking about how to improve the Baidu index

, the first draft of this article was written last year. It was a way to help a XX network write how to improve the Baidu index. Many large and medium-sized websites value this very much, especially when some VCs, when advertisers evaluate the overall strength of a website, Baidu index is a very good basis. At that time, my friend wrote for me, and I wrote 10 or so at random. It was a little entertainment, but each one said it was the truth to raise the Baidu index.

1: in order to improve and improve the way

does not consider consequences and effects only for the purpose of achieving the method

1: use software brush

asked how to improve the Baidu index at home, and one of his friends replied that he could use the software brush, but he didn’t know what kind of software it was.

online can often see a lot of Baidu Related words brush service, may be software brush out of it. Now people are also very smart, know directly brush a word is no meaning, brush another natural flow of words related words, through such effective search. Before searching "network promotion", "website promotion", often see some puzzling related words.

2: keyword search results by resource push

is just like affiliate ads, which directly push keyword search results. For example, when the exchange of traffic, the partner directly linked to our "XX network" this keyword Baidu search results, so that artificial increase in search volume.

3: increase the intensity of all aspects of

, that is, the "XX network" traffic do, pay attention to many users, the Baidu index will naturally grow up.

4: do a good job with Baidu fraud (this is purely entertainment)

Baidu bought the Baidu index XX net ".

5: make the website domain name difficult to remember a bit (this is purely entertainment)

two popular similar sites, if one of the site’s domain name complex difficult to remember, users can not remember, but also want to go to this site, only to Baidu search. In this way, the Baidu index also naturally hurt, and it seems that this site seems more popular than other websites.

here to make a statement, the above means, I am useless……

two: a viable way to increase the Baidu index through existing resources

1: on the product to the user to deepen the "XX network" brand impression

now many users through the League promotion, search engines into "XX" network, but many users complete the entire user experience, may not remember what is the website. The next time they have the same requirements, they don’t expect to go straight to the XX web site. That is, we should work hard on the product, let Internet users >!

How to make your website favored by Baidu

SEO is a very uncommon in the industry, many people never even heard of such an industry, but now with the rapid development of the Internet people have gradually come into contact with something deeper inside the internet. The SEO is generally being interested in the industry, many people will think of why SEO can make your website and promotion information in search of the front row, sometimes through what kind of a way to do the moral? Today Xiaobian for everyone to understand about the SEO industry, and by what means can let oneself want to promote things ranking.

in fact, for the SEO practitioners, these things through their own methods of coverage and ranking are ripe things, and we do not imagine so difficult. But for a curious, but not experienced person, it’s all so curious. In fact, practitioners know that the success of network promotion is for the flexible use of network resources, many of the SEO through the analysis of Baidu and tutorials for targeted promotion. The way and method to promote can be said to be an antidote against the disease, and in doing so, SEO tend to keep good rankings, let your website and want to promote information can have more opportunity to show, to get more business opportunities.

in fact, SEO’s approach is very simple, the first to use a good background, second well written articles, third resistance to live alone. This three point is very important for a SEO, especially after Baidu’s algorithm changes and sweeping Internet spam messages, this trend is becoming more and more obvious. The first is to use the background, the use of Web site background is very important, because for a web site promotion, the background is essential. But with the increasing number of Internet sites now, all kinds of systems into the preparation of the site can be said to be innumerable. However, for SEO, as long as we can play several mainstream background program is enough, because the basic knowledge is not much difference between, as long as we can know the website backstage inside most of the stuff is what, know where the daily update is. After all, for the source of these things, SEO is not touch too much, as long as you know how to modify links, know where this connection is already available. So for now, the SEO threshold is very low, not as difficult as many people think.

second a good article is to write the article is not mentioned here refers to the writing our school age the same article, because that the response to our education is possible, but on the basis of the Internet, this article will not be able to cause users to resonate. What we want here is to write articles, which means that we can embed what we want to extend into the article flexibly, and don’t write too much

Defeated by Baidu but can not lose to the opponent


on Baidu fell, not to say that Baidu K my station (Baidu K did me some of the main station) is the Baidu jjpm frightened me, no longer dare to grab Baidu jobs, had to obey the

out of the way!I used to do a stock

station, Gupiao, market analysis and so did Baidu keyword ranking within the top four, but then use? Baidu bidding promotion to the first page all occupy! Only a few come from Baidu every day, a day of IP less than 100 I had to! I love the station to sell, in return for a lot of thinking! I was no match for Baidu, Baidu will not put their body fat with others chew! Speaking only to avoid competition with, can be assigned to a bowl of porridge! If you really want to do the popular word, it is recommended to do more some long tail word! To see no Baidu bidding words do


give a living example! A Baidu space to do service station:, because I got the Baidu business! The alive by K, it is also not a waste station every day! IP is less than 100 so scanty. PR for 2, what’s the use of? Play Baidu space, say this station good, what use? Play, but Baidu, don’t grab Baidu traffic! Heart dead!


said that all of our owners together fight with Baidu, okay? It is not possible, think of at least 80% stations rely on Baidu to raise, if there is no Baidu, the 80% will agree? So we recommend this 20% people to shut up. Since everyone is holding high hand Baidu, want to pull it down! Have to dream, because you can’t call all the webmaster to join harmful to the search engine code, let Baidu acquisition of our station, it is not possible! So, do the webmaster only to accept Baidu,


said, we can defeat Baidu, but never lost to rivals in this! I’m going to my school code station, we all thought that the school code station good money! Actually very competitive! GG price is not high to see! My school code station, school key word row fourth, several key words are ranked first page, you do not believe you can check yourself (, Ip is only more than 1000! But paid a huge labor every day for him, I don’t want to lose the opponent. Others will SEO me; others write text, I also write; others every day, I will update more diligent than he, only one purpose — not lost to the opponent! The opponent is tolerant of their cruel, this world which is not a bird? Do you know the difference between the first row and second row is big? You know than the runner up in the championship Chinese value, how many times larger? For the first fight, in order not to lose hard! I am not asking people to desperately! To tell you what to do, have to take the first determination, since chose to do the webmaster, then have the determination to persevere, never lost the confidence of


Discussion on how enterprises treat network marketing at the present stage

recently with the company closer, found a common problem, when the word enterprise boss a network marketing is very exclusive, at first I am not clear, why network marketing (e-commerce) is not good? Later with all kinds of enterprises contact more, from slowly found, in fact, they are not on the network marketing offensive, they also know that the future of the enterprise through the network marketing business will be necessary to carry out their own trend, but to know that they want to go to, here is a problem, it is that they do not know how to do, so the network marketing consultant, a batch of it come, whether they appear to bring the gospel to the enterprise? Whether they can bring the expected performance for the enterprise? This is what we would expect to see the future, but from the current Before the development situation, the industry is not doing well, because they bring a series of wrong information, so that the business owners of Internet marketing a skeptical attitude, or they think network marketing is more like the style of the Alibaba. Of course, now in our online marketing industry can be described as a variety of ah, such as website optimization, keyword analysis, the overall planning of the site analysis, and so on. But if you do a good job today, there should be few in the online marketing industry.

how does the business owner really realize that network marketing is practical and effective? Personally, I think it should be developed from the perspective of training, and let the business owners understand the knowledge of Internet marketing. Knowledge is the ocean of wealth.

Mao station service network (

Do these two things before you can become a qualified social operator


text / dry uncle said operating


community operation has been a topic of concern for many people. To make a community bigger, stronger, and ultimately achieve its own operations, perhaps many people want to accomplish.

long before 2015, joined the Internet community, from hundreds to thousands of pieces ranging from community have covered, also participated in the social change in the tens of millions of operations, so today to talk about the community. Content is not what dry goods, just a few years of experience with their own, talk about some of the community’s experience.

today, he said the twelfth dry operation of the public number is about to bring the dragon to share some experience and thinking of the community operation: do these two points, you are likely to become a qualified community operator


there is a current situation is that most people feel that community marketing is very forced, it seems that as long as the community operations, you can double the realization of product conversion or realization. So you’ll see a lot of companies that have built up a WeChat group, and then they’re dead…

in fact, we all know that the community is certainly not a simple sense of the WeChat group, but do not do WeChat group do what? Before asking this question, I think you need to sort out.

1. What is community

?There are many definitions of the

community, not in broad sense or in the narrow sense. The individual understands that a group of people are gathered, socializing and doing something. Therefore, the community is based on people and social interaction, and then achieve a certain purpose. And we are the most common WeChat group, QQ group, in fact, is the carrier of society. These vectors bring people together, socialize, and achieve some purpose. In fact, forums, communities, APP communication circles and so on can all be regarded as carriers of the community.

question: why do most people choose to operate through the WeChat community,


why do most people choose the WeChat group as the carrier of society? I don’t know how many people have thought about it. In my understanding, this is probably based on the WeChat platform, to be exact, based on the social attributes of WeChat’s platform.

because WeChat’s social attributes are very strong, so WeChat’s derivatives WeChat group has become the most likely to achieve the purpose of community carrier, it naturally became the first choice for everyone’s community operations.

two, community purpose,

I think this is a lot of people in the community operation process has not thought clearly. What is the purpose of building a community? At present, most communities are just the following:

1, user precipitation

2, product sales

3, >

How to run a shop What are the skills

how to shop? Although the specific methods used by different shops are not the same, but some common skills can still learn a lot. The novice can start from these generic skills, good business, if you don’t know that we get to learn about it.

1, conform to the shopping district

for the shop, site selection will directly affect your future operating performance. So set up shop, the most basic consideration is based on the industry you want to operate and business strategy to select the appropriate location and business district. At the same time, due to some objective reasons, may also be suitable for a previous industry district, now is not necessarily appropriate, then, the owner must consider as soon as possible to change jobs or change it.

2, suitable for target consumer groups

3, effective publicity

4, store design

5, commodity display

display of goods is very important, if can let customers at a glance, easy to select, purchase convenient, it will promote sales. So the display of goods to be properly classified, placed neatly, convenient for consumers to find the products they want.

6, increase customer shopping fun

today’s customers are no longer satisfied only want to buy goods, they also enjoy the fun of shopping. So in the design of the store, in addition to consider its own format, scale and customer class, commodity display and other factors, for the service attitude, color and lighting, such as decoration should pay attention to.

7, focusing on the efficiency of

Cao Cao imitation is a way to live

imitation of innocence, imitation is a way to live. To succeed in imitation, you need TITA:Timing opportunity; Idea innovation; Team team; finally Action execution.

Timing timing:

launched the go9go platform, and has a certain reputation, the online link platform has mushroomed, wave after wave. But it seems that fate is the same: half-dead, even reduced to be neither hot nor cold, link farms, many webmaster link platform as a place to send the chain. This time out of a GO9GO8 link platform, the same procedure, a digital difference domain name, attached to the reputation of GO9GO quickly superior. I checked the domain name registration for 09 years in November, a year after the GO9GO8 platform is the PR value of three, Baidu included more than 30000 ALEXA ranked thirty thousand of the big station.

GO9GO8 with the GO9GO visibility, to seize the initiative. Timing timing is important.

Idea Innovation:

the imitation here is not a fixed copy. It is a form of theft, and Cao Cao never advocates it. Throughout the Internet and the webmaster community are advocating innovation, imitation and innovation against each other. As we all know, innovation has always been out of imitation, and blindly stifle imitation, that is, stifle innovation.

"QQ is itself an imitation, but like offline messages, QQ group, magic expression, mobile QQ, CRBT are Tencent innovation. It is with innovative products that have QQ huge user base, which has become the fulcrum of leveraging the entire Tencent system." Ma Huateng believes that these innovations are the key to QQ’s eventual success beyond ICQ.

so Cao Cao after GO9GO a lot (can be used to describe the heap) after Links platform fits, and a programmer friend of Chongqing jointly launched a more intelligent and convenient platform to push the grass network link.

"imitation is the safest innovation."". The imitation is only a rough frame, and more of it is done in this framework, and at the same time makes him more full. Idea Innovation: if you lose the initiative, innovation is the soul.

Team team:

there are teams, of course, but now the Internet is different. Because want to live, so many webmaster have chosen part-time adsense. According to Mou Changqing GO9GO said in the blog, with the cooperation of one of his Chengdu friends and engage in engage in technology; their GO9GO8 itself is a network company; and I still go is 1+1> 2 routes, looking for a programmer friends cooperation in Chongqing. It is better for two people to cooperate with each other than to go alone.

Team team: in team members or partners have common aspirations and goals, harmony >

nstance pro test independent P benefits for SEO

first explained to everyone, this article is indeed a soft text, but also share the independent IP virtual host can effectively improve the site of the actual process of weight, master float over……

I have a domain name, registered in March 24th, began to use a month of ordinary virtual host, although Baidu included, but not much improvement.

background to use independent IP virtual host, less than 10 days, the site RP to 2, for a new registration only more than a month of Web site, this is very surprised me. Don’t think this way I have done any special action, the chain I use two points: first, use the Internet to say "automatic online noise", that is, inquires the website information by the chain of that method. I’m sure many friends know that. Two, to the friendship link exchange network made an automatic link. Inside is to transfer two or three articles to the website every day.

is not the experience, but the new domain name RP to 2, and now a lot of keywords in Baidu and GG have good rankings, is indeed independent IP virtual host brings benefits.

independent IP virtual host has just entered the home is not very long, so now with the independent IP virtual host SEO is indeed a good choice, for independent IP virtual host, I have a lot of thought, then I selected a special agent, the price of one can get a free virtual independent IP the host is very good. I think a lot of stationmaster can accept this kind of price.

Lao Zhang talks about the lessons of the extraordinary period to avoid cups

1 the best domain name registered in foreign countries, is a convenient transfer, transfer of business registration is also convenient, management right in your hands, not to embarrass agents such as GD, ENOM, NAEM, and so on. The two is also can prevent the domain name to lock in the country, three! DNS fast parsing, unlike the new stable. Net, hang a few times a month


2, the very period, data backup, small, direct local backup, data, rent a room to another server or a foreign server, data backup, you can use the software such as every few hours, incremental backup, database backup, the best day to backup once available BAT file with a backup plan task every day, automatically uploaded to the backup server or space, once the change of harmony, will be able to visit, or if the room is harmonious, a few days can not open, the server has no data, no backup, direct cup with a number of friends came to this, a few days playing not open, flow losses, or to the Baidu K, is a day income of thousands of stations.

3, Beian, is said to start real Beian information audit, the full range of all the audit, many friends, including me, have to find the domain name fast Beian, the information is false, then once the audit to, directly to the cancellation, and notify the room sealed server, it directly the cup, the proposed fast Beian false information, to cancel or change information, at least to ensure that the phone can pass, cancellation can find fast Beian information, but to really meet, so there is no problem. If there is no audit account password beian.. Site is important, please prepare a foreign space or server. Once the harmony, immediately run away! A rainy day, safety first, each station is the head of the


4, transferred abroad also don’t do illegal things and edge, you will have people in the country, even in foreign countries, the domestic domain name as your shield, comes to an end, be careful to move abroad first, just to avoid domestic unreasonable policy led to the fish, and don’t have to go abroad to do what the mind. Otherwise, you may go to tea one day.

‘s wrong, wise remark of an experienced person, please Paizhuan brothers,

Careful Wangzhuan new scam inducing you into the Bureau by the official website of the customer serv

now appeared on the market a lot of innovative deception, but on September 26th day I caught a new scam, some criminals to lie through the website of the customer service and customer service telephone QQ, below I specific to talk about this deception is how to achieve the purpose of deceiving, and warning to the webmaster friends.

different official website has its own different customer service QQ, then how do these crooks use these customer service QQ,



you can see I have a QQ number, QQ number and below can help bind your own email account and account, and this method is adopted to display the liar website customer service QQ number, then QQ will change to the official website of the customer service nickname nickname, I like in A5 website had such a transaction some things, the cheater will instead nickname like A5 official nickname, then communicated to me to play, I will not go to the official website to see the wizard payment account was wrong, I cheated thousands of ocean, so when you stand in the long transactions or other activities that QQ and QQ nickname liar must go to the official website, multi view information, it is best to directly click on the official website of the customer service link, so security is guaranteed.

customer service phone is now becoming a tool of a new scam inside, I received a 11678 phone number this morning, saw the phone I thought it was one of the important departments of the phone, asking each other what, the other is to understand my website no record, now to close the space at that time, I got dizzy, I also because my site is for gospel truth, there is no record, quickly asked how to deal with, say a play money account to bureau of industry and information, and then can apply for a delay in filing for half a year, said 400 yuan of money, then I think 400 yuan is not a lot of money perhaps, more than half of the time the site would not do, and I am ready to hit 400 yuan to each other, I am online with the addition of a webmaster friends will this matter as a joke to the Friends, friends say impossible, MIIT bureau to call you, my site is no record of what do not give me? I thought, yes, the letter Bureau will to 400 yuan of money to give me a call, but the phone number and how to explain it? The friend said, now some software can modify the phone number, call back phone number when the display can freely modify, at that time I knew: almost fooled.

from the two things we can see now the scam highly skilled, advanced technique, a little attention to the webmaster deceived, I provided some advice to you here, I hope you can in the future of the Internet in the career of a lot of attention:

1, if you need internet transactions, then it is best to go to the website to handle everything, such as Taobao, then go to yourself, and do not need to say how to do what others do. >

How long will it live from the media Let’s talk about what’s missing from the media


nearly two years, with the accelerated pace of life, the rapid development of mobile Internet, from the media as a fragmented way of reading came into being, rapid warming. Many enterprises and traditional media people have invested, from the media financing, from the media commercialization, since the media profits and other hot topics attracted great attention.

from the community, blog, forum to popular micro-blog, WeChat, makes the speech space more and more people, more and more people have the dissemination of information, dissemination of information rights, everyone is from the media. But it is precisely because of these freedoms led to the current Internet spam information flooding, fire, fire and other representatives of the emergence of people, we can not help thinking about this environment from the media can live for how long?

today, I fish on the top of a fiery limelight from the media, since the media to talk about the lack of what, if this continues, since the media can live long?

1. for selfish desires, touch the moral and legal bottom line

some of the so-called self media lack of self-discipline, to their own desires, touch the bottom line of morality and law, the conduction band to some serious social problems, such as "Yang Lan false donation to the hope project," Wenzhou rail accident of 29 people missing, "out of thin air catching wind and shadow events on society caused great harm.

from the media era, ordinary people the false micro-blog is forwarded over 500 rumors, the authenticity of the media has many fans of the big V should confirm the information, in the premise of the real information, with a neutral and objective guide without critical text description of the truth, let people know the truth first, then conclusion, since the media can not go beyond the boundaries of morality and law.

2. sees the media as a money making tool,

from the media environment, there are more and more quick, the title of the party, abuse, banter and dominate the world with disdain, to win the eye of curry favour by claptrap output interests, only self media as a tool to make money.

in the era from the media, to send a message, reasonable, full of sound and colour commentary is a citizen’s freedom, righteousness is in the information age. Some of the big V or "known" should be good to assume social responsibility, reasonable release of real speech, make contribution to purify the Internet environment.

3. extreme speech, like black people

some immature, self interested media people always like to compete for opinions, think they are the masters of truth, extreme speech, silence, sneer, but no position at all. And in the media circle, very love black people, no matter what your business, you should be offended because of what some from the media, they will be a whole series of opinion articles to slobber black you, without any consideration for his remark responsibility, but casually go slander others.

4. from media man

Grassroots webmaster to succeed need is to insist

Hello everyone, I am also a grassroots webmaster, like learning and communication on the A5, and now the Internet grassroots entrepreneurs have some experience and feelings, here to share with you and explore. Since learning from the site, I have done a lot of websites, first of all to introduce my failure experience. Is the beginning of the first 09 years of the website is to do their school forum, the purpose is very simple, is to learn the website construction and promotion of knowledge, and then know more after alumni have the idea, immediately find another friend began, the publicity and promotion to make us feel tired, all post every day, also planning activities, but not many students attention. Half a year after discharge was only about 100IP, we feel very helpless, not how much management anymore, what happened was the domain name registration time has expired, we also did not consider how, just gave up. I can’t keep it up. After doing a literature class website, the beginning is also directed at the appreciation of literature and poetry of the hobby, did not expect promotion and flow asked, said, looking for a CMS program, started second stations, most of the content of the website is collected, no original literary articles. Remember that the entire website collected 8 million articles, two months down, Baidu and Google only included a dozen articles, complete collapse, site traffic is shameful. Therefore, we should find the school student association to carry out the activities to prove that there will be some effect, but the reality and the ideal are always far from the ideal, so let us go and let it develop freely. After a period of time, and the first site encountered similar problems, the virtual host has expired, the psychological thinking, whether to renew? After two days of struggle, give up over the stick, and turned off.

after two failed experiences, I have a profound understanding of doing a lot of things and doing a lot of things. The most important factor of success is persistence. Too many reasons that we chose to give up, we should adhere to the original dream and plan to the end, any web project is to make money, do not throw three Na four, blindly do stand, don’t rush or try to do attitude. Before you start doing it, you should think about the construction and management of this website. Of course, some sites are not suitable for everyone, such as e-commerce and the like, but when we think you are suitable for this site, there are resources and information can do a good job in this website, when there is love in this industry, then we can start to do, remember, be sure to adhere to the. What do you insist on,


first: what is my dream — first want to do this website? Why you do this website? What is your value? To make this website made large scale? To go beyond what areas of the predecessors? Do adhere to the power station, let it give us strength, you know success is not easy, we must reject impetuous, don’t think for a week.

Based on the Taobao off the development of three core stage earning large quantities of gold each da


is now off for more than 4 years of development, from the beginning of the advertising model to fine content now appear, although still limited to SEO and micro-blog, but the essence of the pattern has changed, to be in an invincible position, into the bucket of gold in the rapid development of Taobao customers, we must first understand the is the process of its development.

Taobao customer’s main development process is as follows: first, the initial stage. As long as there is a Taobao guest website, traffic can generally be converted into revenue. Two stage of development and change. That is, accurate flow phase, point to point user promotion, to attract users to click to buy. Three, advanced stage. To retain users with rich web content, enabling users to rely on.

one, primary stage

this is the most common way Taobao customers just started. Mainly because the entire network of Taobao railway stations are not a few, and users can visit Taobao less. So, this period of network marketing is relatively easy, as long as through the forum or micro-blog post etc., allowing users to understand your site and click enter, the user basically will be in at least half a month for you to create traffic and commission. Some people say that this stage is SEO bull market stage, many keywords are related to Taobao, such as ", Taobao ", online shopping and so on. So it’s really crazy for Taobao to use popular words at this time. Some people have done statistics, there is a station a day of IP ten thousand, of course, at least over 10000 months of income, this is not by accurate traffic to statistics, and if traffic is a little more accurate, every day thousands are possible. Because it is the initial stage, API site flooding, all kinds of no shopping guide value of the API site, simply call Taobao data. But these sites can make money, because the beginning of Taobao customers less. During this period, a group of typical money making websites emerged, with some earning more than 130 thousand at most. However, since no follow-up to the development of the Internet, has now disappeared. This is the Taobao customer’s initial rules, click on the amount is king.

two, stage of development and change,

With the acceleration of the Internet,

accelerates the pace of social life. Users don’t have more time to click on the complex API sites that they need to push and push accurately. Once you open your website, you can see what you need, and then go directly to the classification phase to save a lot of time.

this requires the rectification of the Taobao market, not simply to attract clicks. Because the click alone does not mean that Taobao site conversion, and even some high clicks, but reduced the conversion rate of Taobao customers. This makes Taobao passengers into an accurate era, there has been a lot of accurate traffic. Taobao customers are more concerned about the quality of traffic, rather than simply pursuing quantity. This makes the scope of the user more accurate, will not waste unnecessary hard work. So, here it is

Brief discussion on enterprise online T product design and concept

is currently Chinese Internet services in the enterprise’s products began to increase, with the earliest chat customer service software, OA office system, then later CRM, and from a provider first in each sub sector to the subsequent number of providers to compete in a market, in the same sub industry competition is more and more fierce. Before you talk, first of all, make clear two concepts about the product that you serve the enterprise (or the form of the product):

1 download based product form

2 based on the C/S structure, there is a client software product form

3 cloud based product form

the above three forms can be said to be the basic form of Internet products, and for enterprises in the form of products is no exception. The audience’s response to these three forms of products is no exception, the following three forms from the customer’s point of view to do a preliminary analysis:

the first form of feeling is the implementation of the trouble, the implementation of high cost, but let the user feel things in their hands,

more assured

second forms of feeling a little more convenient to implement, but need to download the client, let the user feel like psychological data is in their own hands, the concept is actually a cloud; in addition, the user may worry about the quality of the client software, the software is with a virus or other concerns

third forms of feeling is very convenient, and the maintenance of 0, concern is data in the cloud and not in their own hands, my heart is not practical experience from product design and operation of the market and a large number of examples, the development potential of the second species and third kinds of products is the largest, but also can give customers in resources and the cost of more convenient. From the above analysis, the choice of product form is very important, if the first election wrong, the latter transformation is more difficult.

is a service in enterprise software, is a complex multi aspect can withstand the test, it relates to the user interface, user experience, hardware, function and solve the actual demand of enterprise ability. Based on the author’s market observations and some examples of foreign related products, I share some ideas about enterprise products:

interface design and user experience

because the author is an amateur designer, the interface is particularly sensitive to the feeling, so the requirements of the interface is still relatively high. Just imagine: when a user needs to use certain features of the product, when he visits a poor interface design product page, he think, your product page are so bad that your product is good, and there will be more strong?

this is the fact, can see foreign products page or product page, which is not a beautiful atmosphere, reasonable layout? Because it can give customers a good first impression, so as to let the customer.

Meihekou City Jilin Province on site development

In 06 years,

wrote an article "Meihekou website development history" in Meihekou forum, later reprinted by the Meihekou information network announcement, many users have read and give some feedback, is very happy to have so many friends have been concerned about and support the development of Meihekou website, and to pay tribute to the struggle in Meihekou construction site on the front of the


is about to enter the 08 lunar year. Looking at the past words, and some missing places, that article will become "history."". Since 06 years, Meihekou’s website and a great step forward, should write notes on the new development of the website, to record the new changes. This revision of previous "Historiette".

time: at the end of 02, 03 years

Meihekou’s earliest website is the Meihekou port of information (website:, the blue style. Stand in front of the station of Meihekou city sculpture lines in the form of material, to provide local information, convenient information. There are chat rooms at the end of the website, login several times, remember once, 23 users online…… These are the only impressions of the harbor.


dating (address:, pink style. I was reading a book and often listened to the radio show in Meihekou. The host called Jia Lin, in the program is interspersed with Jia Lin friends network introduction. Once registered this website, the function is good, there are Liuhe, rock and other nearby counties, the registered users in the website.

same period, a style of fresh web site appears. Mui ho hotline (Web site:, auxiliary domain name:, has been named: Mei River online. Domain name is personality, when the area code for Meihekou. In the impression, this website has experienced a revision, the first edition blue style, the latter warm color style, revised the new Yangzhou procedure. The home of the webmaster is Liaoyuan, the computer business in the plum river, and now do express business in Meihekou.

time: at the end of 03, 04 years

Meihekou’s early Internet users should remember a web site, the E forum, where the best local popularity was gathered. Light green style, very fresh. In my contact with this forum, there should be four hundred or five hundred registered members, and out of a forum weekly. Later, the domain name management was poor and the forum closed. At the end of 04, blue style "I’d mouth" Forum (address: opened, but did not regain city E things lively. The forum administrator was a cadet student who had graduated and became an army officer.

04 October, Meihekou information network (Web site: opened, the site was originally set up a green style mobile network forum, the forum did not last long closed. The first page of the site is >