The most entrepreneurial ideas how to become rich

How many people now have

constantly searching for ways to think about the creation of a wealth of the fortress, in essence, want to start the idea, then Xiaobian then discuss it together with you.


1) millions of dollars website want to accomplish great cause,

before the website was born, I am afraid of most people, the idea of listening is stupid, who do you want to buy? But at the age of 21 young people in the concept of the invention has become a millionaire, his 1 million pixels in a very short period of time all sold. Now there are a lot of people imitating.

2) santa letter

pretend you are from the letter, pretend you are Santa Claus, for children to write and send a Christmas gift. Of course, these children’s parents to pay, 10 yuan a. Listen and act like a joke, but they have already sold 200 thousand.


) laser monks

4) antenna ball


goggles for dogs

6) and dating AIDS patients

With a

these ideas are all particularly stupid, seemingly very stupid, but also the achievements of many millionaires.

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The first entrepreneurs must not touch the minefield what

is now a national Internet era of entrepreneurship, now engaged in capital operation chain sales, many people are beginning to put into the Internet business boom, but everyone in the business venture, where there is so easy, how can the success of this venture is not a simple problem, therefore, as the entrepreneur must know a few do not touch the minefield of entrepreneurship.

1, the pursuit of the perfect product:

for entrepreneurs, want to have a good development, the pursuit of perfection is the most concerned about every entrepreneur thing, therefore, must remember to go pricing from the perspective of the market, and then select the raw materials and cost corresponding products; to docking with the target customer groups; products and packaging matching.

2, blindly pursue high profits:

3, send false hope:

a initial one, if there is no correct cognition, not an accurate plan about your business, it is difficult to make a breakthrough and development, in particular, do not place their hopes in the wrong occupation managers, this will let you die. Even worse, we must straighten out the decision layer and execution layer of the right and duty relationship, let the occupation managers and business employees, fusion, to speak with the performance.

4, do the wrong field:

if you do field is wrong,   this will also affect your development, for the early start of the people, the most common mistake is that they do not familiar with the industry and field. Once encountered such a situation, the business does not know not to do; should follow the market, rather than follow the profit; concentrate on doing one thing.

5, waiting for opportunities:

In fact,

Share the secrets of Yiwu businessmen

Yiwu is China’s largest small commodity wholesale market base, here are many entrepreneurs, we look at how to make money in Yiwu businessmen! Why a large number of non diploma, no education of Yiwu farmers can hold up the world’s largest commodity market

began a traditional business people in Yiwu from the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, until the reform and opening up to seize the initiative, and eventually became the climate, and spectacular. In addition to the same with the merchants with upright brave, brave, hard, fine Qingeng Siqiao, all rivers run into sea of tolerance, and other cultural characteristics, these business and farmers Ueda feet how business intelligence and business spirit? Vice president Xi Jinping said: "the lack of natural resources. The lack of industrial base, the lack of foreign investment, the lack of preferential policies in Yiwu appear to be" developed, in fact, is not ‘a’ magic ‘! "The merchant of Yiwu Miao where

?The small and large

sold a year pencil, have a little money, do not think Zong Yuan to develop new products. In 1998, he borrowed 30 thousand yuan from the bank, bought a new equipment and made a pencil. Only a small number of large enterprises to produce this pencil. Zong Yuan due to low production cost, the price of each pumping pencil is lower than other enterprises 1 5 per cent, people come to goods through threshold, the factory one day to produce about 100000. A large production, profits will rise exponentially.

There are six types of successful entrepreneurs

There are thousands of

people, of course, the type of entrepreneurship is not the same, a professional survey found that successful entrepreneurs have six types, want to know what kind of type? Read the following passage carefully and you may find the answer.

1, changing the world of entrepreneurs

you will keen to observe the surrounding environment, whether local or global status, trend, for example, if you were an activist, or an environmentalist, it may be more inclined to green environmental protection at the time of doing business. You may have to create an own company, the purpose is to bring the positive influence to the world, you will feel only enough clout to be successful this time, so if you choose social media, you will not hesitate to use Twitter. You think that the world is dependent on a person or a company to change every time, and in all likelihood will be affected by celebrities such as Gandhi.

2, innovator

you may be of concern to create a product or service, as a thinking man (or woman), you think to have a company, innovation is more important, it is not a problem, only you can think of a good idea, or have the ability to optimize the past products and services.

3, opportunist

you have God to give you a "gift", can grasp the opportunity directly, and we will stand to the right position. Some people may think that you are impulsive and emotionally driven, but it is just another expression of the so-called opportunist. Especially when you always get the right time, but also rewarding. Like innovators, you have a lot of confidence in your instincts and do solid research. However, if you plan well before you start a business, you are likely to create an empire.

4, entrepreneurs dare to try a variety of

The diversity of

is your middle name. You are not afraid to explore trends and to intervene when necessary. For the risk, you think it’s scary, but it’s also exciting. You believe in the truth, that is, high risk, high return.

Jugged Wagang boiling only characteristics delicacy snacks

jugged boiling Wagang snacks to meet modern consumer health needs, so in the market by the consumer’s attention, if you want to become our franchisees, can first try to understand the product superiority, completes the inspection work, Xiaobian take you to see, not to be missed.

Wagang snacks to join traditional stewing process, nutritious and delicious, rich road of entrepreneurial wealth. Jugged boiling Wagang snacks of low risk and high reward. Jugged boiling has nearly ten retail stores, five years of successful operation experience, five hundred stores win-win, rich experience and scientific management to minimize the franchisee investment risk, backed by a good shade mountain, to become the headquarters to join the most reliable and most trusted partners rely on. Many franchisees have done three months back, smooth operation, easy profit.

jugged boiling Wagang traditional delicacy snacks, unique, highly competitive food culture. Modern consumers eating fatty food, diet for the pursuit of table delicacies from land and sea, gradually change to return to nature, advocating natural. Wagang snack is in line with the psychology of consumers, the original traditional stewing cooking method, pure natural raw ingredients, fresh and delicious dishes taste, full of historical and cultural heritage of the brand story, long heritage, have become a selling point to attract consumers.

jugged boiling Wagang snacks concern in the market, this kind of nutritious delicacy and broad prospects for development, if you want to do business investment delicacy, choose to cooperate with us a lot of advantages, the strength of the headquarters of helping, so you can easily set off a new profit advantage, do not miss.

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What are the misunderstanding of stocking

every year are shops selling products of the time, if you want to make money in the big time, nature also need to prepare the goods. However, there are still a lot of inventory errors, for operators, only to avoid the relevant errors, will make the business more popular. So, what are the wrong stocking?

see the Chinese New Year is approaching, consumer demand is very strong, active consumer market, undoubtedly greatly stimulated the retail business. It can be said the year is the year the best retail gold period, "priceless, scarce hard to find." Therefore, as a retail Household value, cherish this special period of time. But at the end of the year to retailers stocking, how to prepare the goods is a problem worth thinking, is a problem worthy of further study.

I recently also took the time to visit the county seat of the county and its surrounding some retail households, through observation, communication, analysis and Reflection on this deep feelings. Although many retailers are in preparation for the stock issues, and some even have some action, but some are not included in the plan. In order to help retailers do the stocking work, the author would like to take this opportunity to talk about personal views, especially in the year when the stock recommended retail households should beware of the following four mistakes, hoping to attract the majority of retailers attention, to better prepare the goods, to the retail business, lay a solid foundation for the year 2015 retail promotion.

a, blind disorder.

a year, some retailers think business customers filling, hot, lingshouhu day sent to the customer, the number of nights with flower money, the heart is extremely happy. The man is happy and his mind is easily confused. The author found that many households in the retail stocking on the existence of such problems, blindness and disorder. Specific performance as follows:

first is no clear goal. Although many retailers know the importance of stocking, but specific to how to own the stock but I do not know how to do? There is no clear goal in mind. Plus the business was busier than usual, and ignore the stocking, stocking ignore links, resulting in disorderly stocking.

second is stocked with no concrete plans. There are some retailers in the business, there is no specific plan. Think of where, even where; what to buy what. There are a number of retailers, although there are plans but not as planned, the plan becomes a mere formality. Of course, sometimes due to changes in the subjective and objective factors, a slight adjustment of the plan is normal, but it can not be no plans. Unplanned stocking, always prone to blindness.

third is a type of stocking put all sorts of things together. In fact, many retailers in the stocking, used to put all sorts of things together. Here to engage in a bit, where a little, thinking about tricks, but also can be compared. In fact, this is not a stocking

How about the Tianfu Bang Bang chicken

what do you think of the snack bar is good or bad to look at, as a rational consumer, the taste of the first to meet their expectations, then the service takes a crucial part. Tianfu Bang Bang chicken snack brand to create high-quality products, provide many snacks for everyone, let everyone have different eating delicious! Tianfu Bang Bang chicken in the creation of brand and create a professional franchise system, provide support and help for many entrepreneurs, to create a more perfect market for them. Characteristics of food, in terms of taste and other food is not the same, because it has a professional formula, there will be a professional production methods, which makes other brands can not imitate. It all from the consumer point of view, won the recognition and praise of the majority of food lovers in the food and beverage market has not been able to surpass the status advantage. So what are the advantages of joining the brand


How about

Tianfu Bang Bang chicken? What are the advantages?

Tian Bang Bang chicken join advantage as follows:

innovation advantage: many brands will have their own R & D center, so that they can maintain a good market competitive advantage! So Tianfu Bang Bang chicken, it will regularly develop new dishes, so diners can always keep mouth, eyes, heart, taste new feelings, so that the operators continue to retrofit firmly. Control the customer’s stomach, throughout the year no off-season, stop to enjoy the wealth.

production advantages: professional production standards, can ensure the quality of products, can ensure the safety and health of products. Most consumers love is delicious and healthy diet, Tianfu Bang Bang chicken as a responsible enterprise, consciously Sichuan culture heritage, not only of the Chinese traditional culture and delicacy technology to excavate the modern food science and philosophy, to study the development of food production Tianfu standards, promote the standardization of the development of Chinese cuisine.

taste of the product advantages: consumers to eat snacks, the most important is that the taste of the snack snacks, want to make a different taste, but also on the overall strength of the brand! Tianfu Bang Bang chicken with the traditional greasy taste difference Lucai Lucai foot, but not greasy, relatively cool. Its characteristic varieties of chicken, pepper, chicken, lotus duck, fine taste, such as innovative taste of rice dishes really give consumers a new sense of mouth.

nutritional advantages: food snacks must be very healthy and nutritious, these are the most immediate needs of consumers. Eating a healthy diet, consumers will again visit your brand! Tianfu Bang Bang chicken diet familiar with seasons, to provide consumers with the season is most conducive to healthy diet collocation, combined with modern nutrition consumption, eliminating the division of traditional diet in the season, the customer’s heart firmly locked to allow the operator to make four stop with professional.


What are the three principles of successful investing in early education

although there is a very big risk early education business, however, as long as we can grasp the three principles, the successful operation of an early education institutions can also become very simple. So, what are the three principles of successful investment in early education business? Let’s get to know each other.

first, to moderate size, compact and flexible.

in order to attract high – income customers, the center of the early education centers are mostly in the transport of large – scale high-grade communities, so the area is too high operating costs. Generally 200-300 square meters enough, including parent-child activity room 50-60m2, sensory integration training room 50m2, evaluation room 15m2, office 20m2, AIDS exhibition and reception areas of 20m2, 30m2 and other affiliated functional areas. After decorating the proper arrangement of the small, warm world such a complete enough to keep more than and 20 children inside the kind of.

in the mode of running schools, it is also possible to make full use of all the resources of cooperation, after all, this is a country in the people’s interests. For example, the city of Shanghai, more than two thousand communities must be attached to supporting kindergarten, some early education institutions to carry out the win-win cooperation with the community, the community to provide space and even license, company faculty management, usually community will extract 10%-20% costs, but the strength is not strong investors can save a large part of the expenditure.

second, professional standards determine success or failure.

two years ago, the country suddenly emerged a lot of early education center, but the decision of life and death, is the professional level. Southern Beibei Zou Tao conducted research statistics, the name of a foreign theory under the guise of the lack of professional support of the early education center, the average life expectancy is 6 months. Zou Tao himself in order to ensure the teaching level, hire domestic preschool education, the composition of the expert group postdoctoral Professor, the research and development of more than a year, the unique PAP (parents do the child’s early education partners) mode, in one fell swoop in early education market to establish a distinctive brand of their own.

third, entrepreneurs choose to join the chain, to be careful.

is a responsible leader in selling their own brands, will actively provide a full set of support scheme in detail, to ensure the quality of the franchise. Usually, this support plan should include: providing curriculum, teaching plan, class instruction; teaching and living areas layout rules (including decoration, accessories, color) and acceptance; teaching aids; staff training evaluation; promotion of market development and the latest research results of assistance; heart; quarterly summary of evaluation daily management; rules; customer service processes.

in the selection, there are a few details that the professional brand, for example, there is no leader "

What is the secret of success in opening a porridge shop

Although the success of

shop is many people’s goals, but under the current competitive market environment, to achieve such a purpose in fact there are a lot of difficulties, even in many industries is the need to master the secret. So, what is the secret of success in opening a porridge shop?

may feel that the hotel chef often change will affect the business, but a little porridge shop opened less than half a year, has changed four times the chef, surprisingly, this shop business did not change because the chef has plummeted, but for every chef, to drink porridge even more people. Why is this? Qing porridge dishes Hu boss revealed to reporters the secret of their own porridge shop.

locked young people locked the market

young people are the main consumer market, they can find the money, more money, they identify the market locked. Hu said the boss, the gruel store is built specifically for people aged 20-45, "the health status of people over the age of 50 has been basically finalized, and their consumption concept has been fixed, in order to attract them to eat is difficult, and 20-45 years old young people tend to accept new things, but also by strengthening nutrition to improve health requirements."

talked about the original intention of the porridge shop, Hu boss said: because of work, I often eat in a small restaurant outside, many small restaurants are not only dirty, but the food is not nutritious. So he started the opening of an environment elegant, comfortable, light food, nutrition porridge shop ideas."

Management: brand is more important than profit

I always think that profit is not my main goal, how to set up the brand is the most important." For the tree from the brand, Hu boss did not mind.

in the selection of the finest dishes, Hu boss added Tammy animal bones, with small fire boil for 4 hours as the bottom again featured a variety of porridge, meat, mushrooms and vegetables as ingredients, to boiled porridge. As many varieties of porridge. With the characteristics of the main store in the porridge, congee dishes at Huadiao Medium Sweet. "Liquor, beer, beverages, Huadiao Medium Sweet warm stomach, suitable for drinking in winter."

as to why the opening of less than half a year, on the replacement of the four chefs, Hu boss played a Tai Chi with reporters, everyone needs a better platform, personnel flow is normal. But we will hire a good chef to ensure that the taste and nutritional value of porridge is not affected." But in fact, according to the reporter observed, Hu boss porridge shop was able to play a piece of heaven and earth, it is dependent on its changing dishes style.

each chef has his own specialty dishes, every time the porridge shop for the chef will be in

Restaurant business mistakes

restaurant business is a lot of friends want to engage in the industry, because the restaurant industry profits. Because of the special attributes of catering, catering for intangible has certain advantages, so now more and more investors fancy food market, but in the end how to restaurant, this is everybody in concern, Xiaobian to introduce some misunderstanding of the operation.

1, seize the opportunity, missed opportunity

investment restaurant must seize the opportunity, after the village did not shop. Have a friend in a station at a cheap price to rent a nearly two hundred square meters of the restaurant, a lobby lounge four, Chinese fast food with casserole, very suitable for passenger dining, business is good. A year later, for the chef, the taste changed greatly, the customer gradually less. The friend is unknown, afraid of losing money, blindly transfer the restaurant, another rented a small restaurant. The restaurant business, soon casserole Daxing, he wanted to be a big fight, but due to the small shop, a small horse drawn carts. Look at the station can not be the restaurant management is very prosperous, regret.

2, ride, hukouduoshi

open restaurant taboo lively, easy to encounter competitors. It was seen in the shops on the street to open a restaurant quite prosperous, but also to join the fun opened a restaurant, the results were less than a month before the start of the landslide, until the collapse. After he realized that in the bustling street restaurant is good, but there have been a lot of old restaurant, customers are acquaintances, another is hukouduoshi. The restaurant business, no special advantages, can put people’s acquaintance to pull over? There is not on the station, traffic can be maintained for a while, so do not blindly open a restaurant location, must inspect the location before may have a guarantee of success.

3, wrong assessment situation, blindly seeking high

in the restaurant business mistakes, blind shop is common. The restaurant business, a friend opened a grade of the restaurant in a market nearby, plus 8 Hot pot buffet, lounge with Cara OK, monthly rent of 6000 yuan. He made a sum of money and wanted to make a big profit. Unexpectedly, a year after the market moved, nearby residents are working class, of which there are many laid-off workers, there are a few can enter the grade of the restaurant? The result not only did not make a big, but lost a pass, almost bankrupt.

4, operating dull, do not know

for a variety of restaurants operating errors, it is best not to invest in unfamiliar dining. A friend opened a mid-range restaurant, but after more than a year, on the landslide. He had a package, no matter who came to this set. Would like to join a friend to his shop, a few times down are the same old, price, quality, there is no attractive place, on

2017 how to do catering business to Business

2017 is to continue to work or small business is better? Xiao Bian believes that many people will choose the latter, and in the choice of a class of people who have a lot of people choose the food and beverage industry to start their own entrepreneurial path. When it comes to food and beverage industry must have a lot of people for the Chinese fast food is no stranger to the people first price, has the characteristics of convenient and fast current consumers, so it has broad space for development, the Chinese fast food stores for entrepreneurs, the development of Chinese fast food to our stores can be achieved in many stores the need when everyone in the shop to start from the following points.

2017 how to do a good job in food and beverage business plan

1, do a good job in market research. The Chinese style of Chinese fast food stores, it is the first time in the site to do the preparatory work is to do a investigation of the market, because we only do the market survey, we can know the location of the location is suitable for Chinese fast food stores, to understand the user more of what kind of Chinese fast food preference so, we can ensure that the store in the late opening can smoothly.

2, according to the characteristics of Chinese fast food decoration. After the market investigation of the above mentioned work is completed, the Chinese fast food franchise investment businesses also need suitable decoration to location good Chinese Chinese fast-food restaurants, to decorate it according to the characteristics of the Chinese fast food business, let us consumers can at a glance on the operating characteristics of fast food.

3, improve their corporate image. If the Chinese Chinese fast-food restaurants to develop in the current competitive long-term competitive market, so in the process of its development, we must constantly improve their own corporate image, the only way to expand Chinese influence in the Chinese fast food nationwide, can even affect the foreign brands.

now, Chinese fast food has become an essential part in the lives of many people, so it will have broad market prospects, a Chinese fast food stores is a good choice, as long as we can start from a few points above the shop in the process, we believe that the Chinese fast food stores must you can become a leader in the Chinese fast food market.

hope the above introduction can bring you some help for fast food to join, if you still have what other problems need to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message. Of course, you can also provide more food and beverage investment brand.

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to what Cai Wensheng ten suggestions to entrepreneurs

angel investors in the country, Cai Wensheng is a different one. Known as the king of the webmaster, he does not need to entrepreneurs, education, returnees or large companies and other background as an endorsement, but also stressed that the product and data speak. I believe the user and traffic must be realized, dare not before the business model. Born grassroots, preference grassroots entrepreneurs, but also believe that the Chinese Internet cock wire who have the world".

Second, just start the company, if the founders and executives with high wages, finally a low probability of success. I see almost 99% of the cases to verify the truth.

Third, at this stage it is difficult to rely on individual efforts to entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurs need to build a team, the team must have field, proficient in product marketing and management personnel;

Fourth, while working to do projects together, and at the same time perfect idea for investment, so less risk.

fifth to give the product a good catchy name, easy to spread.

sixth, products must comply with three principles: demand, advantage, benefit.

seventh, good products are slowly formed in continuous dressing process continue to temper. In the Chinese Internet, when the number of users reached a level, the need to cross.

eighth, start to think after three years of overall market and industry structure. See the change may happen in the future, how do you do, in what position, you will be more valuable, not only keep an acre.

ninth, the user will have the business model, and is not ready to come back to user mode.

tenth, each application of a killer, is a traffic entrance. To achieve the ultimate application.

Analysis of the shop management way A Carpenter Tan as an example

small store has a small store business, how to find it? "Here in this example to prove that the Carpenter Tan" analyze, I hope you can get scriptures from.

"Carpenter" trademark in 1995 officially registered, the carpenter family of Tan Chuanhua as the only choice of wooden products, while the original sales model is relatively simple and traditional, is the use of higgling, and the strategy to enter the market, then it is in reality about these are forced to open. Let the carpenter go step by step today the key, and the root cause of this series of results is coincidental, in other words that is proper good opportunity.

"does not receive franchise fees, renovation costs borne by the franchisee, the first purchase, sale or return" this series of articles are carpenter initially looking for franchisees requirements, while at the same time to store location, decoration, not what the special requirements of the development along this trend, in less than two years the time, the number of stores more than 100 homes, these are also let carpenter fast into people’s vision, a sales situation is that consumers, in the future, not only in the professional quality of Carpenter Tan, at the same time to shape the brand influence is also very focused on the dual role, the quality and brand to make it has strong competitiveness in the market, with the market competition intensifies, a single variety of sales has been unable to meet the diverse needs of the market, Carpenter Tan in the "dead end Also began the transformation of a number of product management and sales, but also on the type of comb and price levels were divided. Chain supermarket.

from Carpenter Tan appeared, people began to find that not only has a hair comb common person is Jiapin gifts.

see "Carpenter Tan" the operation of the road, I believe your entrepreneurial path will change a lot, it will be better and better.


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Respect the customers to win the trust of customers

now many shopkeepers are love with tainted glasses to look at the customer, in fact, doing business is not true. In interpersonal communication, the relationship between people is very important. What do you think of others, and how others will treat you. "You give me a foot, I also you a Zhang" it is this way to treat people to make the relationship between people more harmonious. The same is true of our customers, and our attitude to the customer is often in the same way as the customer.

a few days ago I met a thing, their usual business attitude also has a reflection. The thing is, in a small shop owner sold the dish for selling fresh dishes to customers by customer complaints, the owner not only sincere sincerity to customers to apologize, but bad attitude to shirk their responsibility, finally to customer abuse. The attitude of the owner so that the customer is very angry, two people while cursing move hand.

owner even picked up a kitchen knife at the vehemence of the customer, the customer also overturned the not resigned to playing second fiddle, cold dish stand. Braised pork dishes scattered on the ground. Two people move attracted many spectators, understand the truth of the people to see the owner’s attitude toward the customer, many people shake their heads. Because more than ten yuan of deterioration of the meat lost a stall on a few hundred dollars of meat, the owner of the loss is not small, coupled with the loss of the trust of the surrounding customers, the loss of their credibility, the owner is worth thousands of dollars.

I think of one of the things encountered in their own business. One day, a customer, said to buy eggs, the author gave a plastic bag to the customer to choose. The customer is very picky, the eggs were a basket and a box in the ground slowly choose. One would say that eggs are relatively small, one would say eggs are not too fresh. The majority of the owners of such customers will not be too patient, because the eggs had no profit, less than two pounds less money is not a good thing.

faced with the customer’s critical, I did not talk directly to him, just smiled at him, but also to help him put the egg box. Because no matter what they say, customers will think that the author is defending himself. Eggs are sold out of customers pick, no matter how pick, and ultimately will be picked up by the customer. The customer finally chose the eggs, paid the money, the customer is going to put the eggs into their shopping baskets, accidentally fell into the hands of plastic bags on the ground, the egg broke a lot of.

customer asked the author to take a plastic bag to pick up the broken egg to pick it up. See the broken egg yolk egg yolk made a mess, such as customers take home is not the case. I went to the kitchen for a pot, said, "if I am a good egg, fried egg at noon is going to break the egg, you are not easy to take, I also give you a good egg". I did not expect the customer to do this thing, the author has a good way to do things better. Naturally became the author of the regulars.


Ctrip credit card information disclosure so that everyone sounded the security alarm

The popularity of the Internet,

There are both advantages and disadvantages. privacy becomes very concerned, all the problems. Ctrip online weekend credit card information leakage occurs, or for all of the wireless market is a huge sprint sounded the alarm.

3 22 July, vulnerability reporting platform cloud network disclosed two consecutive Ctrip security vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities found that because Ctrip payment service user opens an excuse to debug function, leading to Ctrip secure payment log can also be read in any log can leak including cardholder name, identity card, bank card category, bank card number, CVV code and other information. The official explanation of the

CVV code temporary dispute: is it in line with international safety standards? The focus of the />

> car home

Eight thousand yuan entrepreneurship easy to open read it

said that although the network is very developed, all kinds of information, but many people probably have such a feeling, to linger in after all kinds of electronic products, feel very empty, only after the real reading, this sense of emptiness will be filled, so now allows you to open a "read it" certainly, there is a market.

investment reference:

the size of 20 square metres of housing lease, annual rent of about 4000 yuan, the purchase of 400 kinds of journals, each kind of 1-3 the can, need 2000 yuan, the purchase of bookshelf, bookcase, the production of plaque, need 1000 yuan, housing simple installation of 1000 yuan each, a total investment of 8000 yuan.

does not need to invest too much cost, but these magazines and newspapers, you have the economic ability to timely update can, if not, will still provide some masterpiece, welcomed by the people, you almost do not need professional care, business will be rapid development.

Choose some of the skills of women’s good projects

from the market very diverse projects how to choose the right dress project to start it, which for many women want to do business entrepreneurs, are worthy of entrepreneurs in the business, a key issue to grasp, this problem is very important to find a good, look at the project makes analysis of it skills.

two skills: Women’s chain store has the characteristics of business: distinctive stores can reduce the risk of vicious competition, increase the chance of success. On the market today can be said that as long as you want to get something you can buy, you want to get the project done when people, to have a as in this environment, must have their own characteristics, including its operating characteristics, product characteristics, characteristics, characteristics and so on sales management.

three skills: Women’s chain pre training and continuous training; management system and the implementation of the powerful supervision system; continuous and effective marketing and customer management; manpower, material and financial daily operation support system. Mature franchise system, there will be a complete set of plans to join the Charter, management system, operating principles, operating manuals, training manuals and stable supply channels, etc..

Join the Shandong kitchen braised chicken with what conditions the whole

how to stand firm in the food and beverage industry? Of course, the choice of a good project to join, is very important. How about Shandong braised chicken? Is a very good choice for entrepreneurship. Shandong to join the small kitchen braised chicken project, opened his own Shandong kitchen chicken stew chicken shop, shop is earned!

kitchen chicken braised chicken cooking tools must be a special casserole. Pot boiling, aroma into the nose, hot chicken, chroma and brightness excellent condition. Braised chicken braised chicken is not high, stable source of tourists, selling throughout the year. Small kitchen braised chicken has the advantages of simple operation, flexible operation, small kitchen nanny support, one-stop solution to all the problems on the road to get rich.

small kitchen chicken stew join conditions:

1. agree with the concept of small kitchen braised chicken brand and management system to develop

2. has a certain start-up capital and entrepreneurship

3. has a suitable place to operate and develop market capacity in the local

4. investment risk, can correctly understand the risk awareness

small kitchen braised chicken ingredients easy to purchase low-cost, free shop decoration, promotional. Small kitchen braised chicken casserole into the soil by firing, aroma nose, chicken hot, chrominance and luminance showed excellent condition. Small kitchen braised chicken without experience, do not cook, 1 people easily fun tongue wealth delicious, nanny style support to make you feel at ease boss.

has the strength of the brand to join the project selection, has been a very wise choice. How about joining the Shandong kitchen chicken? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful business, worthy of trust. If you join the Shandong small kitchen braised chicken project, is also a very exciting. So, as soon as possible to leave a message! Don’t hesitate!

2015 interactive marketing seminar held in Chongqing

want to succeed in business, innovation is essential, creative innovation can occupy the development advantage. Chongqing Creative Park occupies the western region of the economic belt of the two rivers, enjoy a number of unique national support policies for the future development of the Internet to lay the foundation for the development of entrepreneurship in Chongqing.

"mobile Internet era, the biggest change is the consumer habits. Now people see the most is the phone, so we do marketing through the network." Zhang Leshan revealed that he often analyze the future development trend of big data.

Chongqing Creative Park relevant responsible person said, the park will be held on a regular basis, "this is not only to participate in the activities of advertising, there are a lot of entrepreneurs, including electricity, micro business and traditional industry is facing the transformation of small and medium-sized boss. Prior to this, we held an independent designer custom clothing conference, more than and 50 designers present. In addition, we have a creative market once a week."

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