Qinghai business system investment and business development forum held in Xining

November 7th, Qinghai business system investment and business development forum held in Xining. Lang Xianping, a famous economist, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "the development and Prospect of China’s macro economy". It also conducted an interactive exchange with the audience on the development of the western region and Qinghai. CCTV host Zhao Pu presided over the summit forum.

this period by the Commerce Department of Qinghai Province, Qinghai hosted the new millennium real estate enterprise hosted the forum, aims to explore the rapid rise of the real estate industry relying on the provincial capital business development potential, cooperation and other business topics. Provincial government, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Xining municipal government in charge of the relevant person in charge of the Forum on the development of Xining business and projects are described and recommended.

It is reported that

, as the forum organizer of the new millennium real estate group, in the city of Xining road construction investment of 1 million 230 thousand square meters in five star hotel, five grade A office buildings, a one-stop shopping center as one of the provincial chief commercial complex: the New Millennium International Plaza, attracted a lot of attention. At the forum, the Provincial Department of Commerce awarded the new millennium real estate group, the founding of the road business business district benchmark project plaque, and with the Provincial Department of Commerce, Suning Appliance, such as more than 10 households signed a cooperation agreement.


Wang Xiao meets with Shunyi district party secretary Wang Gang

October 19th, party secretary Wang Xiao met with Beijing Shunyi district party secretary Wang Gang and his party, city leaders, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, the city leaders, such as Zhang Xiaorong, Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, and Mr., met with Mr. and mr..

Wang Xiao on behalf of the municipal government expressed a warm welcome and congratulations and tribute to the development achievements of Shunyi District. Wang Xiao introduced the situation of Xining from the primacy of the city, the contribution of the economy, the degree of life and so on. One is to expand the opening, strengthen an important node in the city of Xining Belt and Road Initiative "construction, give full play to the advantages of Shunyi airport economy, realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. Two is in the industrial transformation and upgrading, the development of modern urban tourism agriculture, with the development of modern manufacturing industry in Shunyi industrial system, to carry out tourism, finance and e-commerce and other emerging industries in the field of cooperation. The three is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, gathered on the mutual exchange of reference in the construction of the "double". Four is in the development of basic education, please Shunyi District teachers, training, exchange of principals and other aspects of support. The five is in the aspect of training cadres, cadres to promote bilateral exchanges, to help Xining to strengthen the development of talent support.

Wang Gang of Wang Xiao of secretary of the recommended one to give a warm response. He said, Shunyi District is in the northeast of Beijing, with the development of an important node of focusing on the development of the metro, has a complete industrial system, is willing to cooperate with Xining and seek common development, actively encourage Shunyi enterprises to invest in Xining. This time, the Shunyi District Committee also to the city is preparing a warm Fund contributions 2 million yuan.  

Xining airport encryption Festival flight capacity

with the traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival and Green Fair approaching, Qinghai Airport Inc timely encryption flight capacity to ensure safe and orderly transport during the festival. It is reported that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Xining airport is expected to perform 240 sorties, transporting passengers of 28800 passengers.

at present, Xining airport has 37 routes to the country’s 30 cities. Among them, the departure of the airport from Xining to Xi’an every day there are 13 flights, Beijing, class 7, Shenzhen class, Shanghai, Hangzhou, each of the 3 classes, Chengdu, class 2. Recently, China Eastern Airlines will increase Xi’an – Xining flights, flight number MU2183/4, 1 classes per day, models for the Airbus 320; Tibet Airlines Lhasa – Xining flights, flight number TV9825/6, 3 classes per week, models for the Airbus 319; Tibet airlines have been performed by TV9817/8 Chengdu – Xining flights from the original 4 weekly encryption to 1 classes a day. (author: Jia Ming)

Sunday to the central square to choose the most beautiful building

, golden tower, display garden landscape, international grand town…… Including all of Xining’s beautiful real estate focus on the show continued to launch. What is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the judge! To allow the general public to participate in the selection of their eyes of the most beautiful, the most beautiful evening Architecture Award will be held the first public vote in the central square on Sunday, not only "beauty contest", you can also get awards, welcome the public to actively participate in.

honed for many years, constantly seeking, the evening of the United States and the United States will be the most beautiful building is a real estate development in Xining province and a review". Sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining municipal and Rural Construction Committee, the Xining Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest this wavewave. Especially after three days of evening the most beautiful building award candidate projects focused on the launch, in the end how to design, facilities are perfect, property service is not in place, one real estate again by the industry and the public’s attention, the most beautiful evening building and thus usher in a new round of voting boom, four channel hot vote.

April 14th 10 to 12, the evening of the most beautiful building in the Central Plaza will be held in the first public vote, which is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the judge! As long as you participate, there will be a chance to win the prize. (author: Xiao Yu)

The detection unit detects the steel structure of the first and the two stage pedestrian bridge of t

2011 in June 3rd, the city traffic construction and Development Co., Ltd. commissioned by the Qinghai Institute of building materials science and engineering of the first and two phase of the first phase of the 8 pedestrian bridge steel structure flaw detection. Victory Road commercial lane, cross Provincial Normal University and other 8 footbridges in 2010 have been completed and put into use, effectively solve the urban commercial area and traffic intensive pedestrian crossing problem, provides convenient conditions to ensure the safety of public travel, improve the road capacity. The steel bridge structure detection, and provide technical support for the project acceptance, improve the acceptance procedures.



Xining food and drug supervision will form a zero dead

Food and drug safety is directly related to people’s health and life safety. From August 21st, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission sources said, "Xining," 12th Five-Year "food and drug supervision and management planning" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), has recently been Xining Municipal People’s government for approval and implementation. In the future, Xining catering and health food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment business supervision and inspection coverage, coverage of urban and rural drug supervision network, the supply network coverage will reach 100%.

"plan" identified by "12th Five-Year" period, Xining will be fully adapt to the establishment of the food and drug supervision and management supervision system and operation mechanism, technology inspection basic place, food and drug safety accidents are greatly reduced, the protection of public food and drug safety. At the same time, Xining will also strengthen food safety supervision, strengthen the food service food safety special inspectors, catering service testing, food safety emergencies and major accident emergency system construction, the full implementation of food hygiene supervision and quantitative grading management. Strict health food, cosmetics review approval, strengthen routine supervision, deepen the special rectification, solve the problem of health food, cosmetics, illegal advertising, marketing and other prominent issues. We will further rectify and standardize the order of drug circulation, strengthen the monitoring of adverse events in the irrational use of drugs and improper use of medical devices, and promote the construction of the credit system of pharmaceutical enterprises. We will further promote the construction of the rural drug supervision network and the supply network, strengthen the construction of medical equipment inspection capability, and standardize the proper use of medical devices. In addition, the city will also be built in Xining city and three counties food and drug testing and testing center, adverse drug reaction monitoring center, increase supervision. (author: Zhou Jianping)


The city of Xining from five aspects to promote the year sprint

This year is the "year" last year, in August 21st, the municipal government held a joint meeting in Xining city in 2012 to create a national environmental protection model city, informed the city on the first half of the "year" working situation, and from the five aspects of promoting the remaining 5 "year" bottleneck index standard work arrangements

this year is the "year" last year, in August 21st, the municipal government held a joint meeting in Xining city in 2012 to create a national environmental protection model city, informed the city on the first half of the "year" working situation, and from the five aspects of promoting the remaining 5 "year" bottleneck index standard work arrangements.

is a need to further understand the significance of the "model city". to create a national environmental protection model city is an important decision of the municipal government, is an important step and the key measures of building livable Xining, leisure and life of the city, the city of happiness, is an important starting point for the optimization of economic development, but also a "in the contemporary era, will benefit future generations" Huimin project. Implementation of the "year" goal is a key work to determine the municipal government, to further understand the significance of the "model", "model" hundred-percent to complete the objectives and tasks.

two to promote pollution reduction on a new breakthrough. to focus on national and provincial emission reduction targets, pay close attention to the implementation of the project emission reduction measures to ensure the completion of the city’s annual pollution reduction targets task.

three to create a clear water, blue sky and quiet livable environment to have a new improvement. Complete the " index model" many points, wide range, time, heavy task, but hard to hard, hard task to the hard way. All districts and counties and relevant departments should be based on their respective responsibilities, do a good job of water into the city, air pollution control and other key projects.

four in to complete the model of key indicators to achieve "zero gap". control progress of "model" targets and key projects, to seriously study the county, the relevant departments, take feasible measures from the hardware to meet the requirements of the "year" as soon as possible to ensure rapid development, to achieve the acceptance criteria.

will continue to create a good atmosphere of "model". publicity departments should continue to increase the model propaganda activities, to carry out extensive publicity activities in various forms, the "year" has become the conscious action of the people of the city.



Xining bus for the first time a large scale public transport by bus basic new car

According to the Bureau of finance

purchasing plan in Xining City, the city bus company commissioned in March 19th, the municipal government procurement center hosts Xining city bus project public bidding, bidding for the upcoming 622 buses in public, this is my first time for the community bus large-scale public bidding, means that the future of public bus the basic to the safety and comfort of the car.

it is reported that the bus company operates city buses have 1227, of which 80% extended service last year, at the provincial and municipal level special financial subsidies, the national oil price reform subsidies and other support, the city raised 100 million yuan, the 407 shabby buses were updated. The government procurement bidding 622 city bus project, the total purchase amount is 194 million 280 thousand yuan, including the city bus 10 meters series with two steps in front of the natural gas engine 300 cars, 11 meters with two steps of natural gas engine rear double city bus 10, the bus 622 is updated, the new car will be covered in all the new bus lines, and warm in winter, people take the bus will be more comfortable.

according to reports, the Xining city bus open tender to attract a large number of automobile industry especially in the field of car sales business, Sichuan Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd., Dandong the Yellow Sea Automobile Co. Ltd. and other 16 units to participate in public bidding, actively bid for 622 buses in the four types of vehicles. Through the open, fair and just bidding, will determine the winning unit, and be published on the relevant website. After winning the bidding unit and the project bidding agency signed a contract, 622 new buses will be put into operation in the first half. (author: Xiao Yu)

The province’s college entrance examination scores qualified sports Division

in 2015, the province’s colleges and Universities Enrollment sports professional province unified examination scores have been delineated, professional examination scores of 60.03 or more liberal arts candidates, science candidates for more than 60.15 points. Each district Zhaoban will timely examination results notice to all candidates, and do the professional examination of qualified candidates "sports candidates and fill in the registration form" into the file work. College entrance examination, professional examination candidates will be in accordance with the layout of sports examination room, candidates will not be eligible for literature and history, science and engineering class layout examination room.

Xining 11 taxi duty security officer Dai Honghua

January 19th, Xining 11 taxi duty of public security by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Branch in recognition of the 110. It is understood that last year, Xining taxi duty 110 public security department to assist the police cracked 17 criminal cases, to restore economic losses of more than 26 yuan.

since April 2006, Xining started the taxi "duty 110" security activities, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of the fight against the same crimes, to create a joint police, to jointly maintain a good atmosphere of social security. Up to now, a total of 200 Xining taxi obligations of the public security officer of the 110. Last year, taxi "110 security guard duty" to do good Samaritan 150, 22, to the police case information 12, taxi "duty 110" security guard become an essential strength security prevention and control in Xining city.


Two counties and three heavy rainfall in Xining in four districts of the disaster with no casualties

July 28th morning and evening of, Xining City, the emergence of the two heavy rainfall, precipitation center in Xining, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous county. After heavy rainfall occurs, flood control office in Xining City, three county four district traffic bureau, the relevant staff rushed to the scene to direct the water rescue work, the 30 day at 5 in the morning, all the water has been drained, smooth road to recovery. Xining district four, there is no big disaster in the three counties, only a few people and the courtyard into the water, no casualties, the details, the relevant departments of Xining is further statistics.

the rainfall with short duration, high intensity, Xining City 1 hours rainfall of 27 mm, and rainfall is relatively concentrated in the urban areas, Bayi Road, Riverside Road, Sanming middle market 71 Xining road in front of the hotel, and the train station Wuyi crossing two Lane Railway Culvert etc. the serious water, the water depth of 50 to 80 cm, causing traffic disruption.

The seventh session of the food festival wonderful content get together

In April 30th, the seventh reporter from the Qinghai halal food and Cultural Tourism Festival (referred to as the Qing Food Festival) press conference was informed that this clean food festival in austerity at the same time, the festival element content, more diversified, including a new cosplay, Muslim Wedding photography exhibition, halal Industry Development Forum and other exciting projects. Make this clean food festival in many ways beyond the previous.

it is reported that this clean food festival will be held on May 14th -20 in the East District of Xi Feng Jing Wetland Ecological Park held a week-long time. Will be adhering to the "happy food, brand promotion," the theme of the situation and content compared with previous breakthroughs. Content is more diversified, while adding interactive, experiential programs. Activities include national song and dance performances, flowers, cooking show, Qinghai national art exhibition, the Islamic anime reality show, halal snacks and Muslim food exhibition, a total of 15. More and more exciting activities, but the festival will be more frugal. It is reported that last year, both inside and outside the province to participate in the festival of food merchants and the public daily average of seventy thousand or eighty thousand people, a total of about a total of about 600 thousand people to participate in this year’s festival, this figure is expected to be broken.

Xining allocated 38 million 760 thousand yuan for the difficulties of the masses living on the premi

October 17th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that the day before, Xining city issued "Xining 2013 notice" remote poverty relocation project in the central budget investment plan, issued by the central budget funds 38 million 760 thousand yuan, and integration of other matching funds for the placement of East area, three County and city area pan Zi village, on the buffalo village, half Village 7 village poor 1292 households of 5412 people, the construction of 1292 buildings and 77520 square meters of housing, drinking water, electricity, roads and other facilities.

It is reported that

, the money is mainly used to provide the necessary facilities and basic production conditions for the relocation of the masses, including housing, basic farmland, water conservancy facilities, rural roads, education, culture and health infrastructure. In recent years, Xining city to resettle the project through the vigorous implementation, effectively improved the ecological environment to vacate the land, the relocation people can "move out, stable, rich case". Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission also actively strive for the national, provincial special funds, and to coordinate the integration of infrastructure construction funds, the settlements construction become water, power, communication facilities, new socialist countryside education, cultural and other public service facilities, helping the poor people out of poverty and achieve long-term development. (author: Zhou Jianping)


Xining 62 security risks were blocked

to strengthen safety supervision of hazardous chemicals production and business units, and urge enterprises to seriously implement the safety responsibility, Safety Supervision Bureau since May to carry out safety inspection work of dangerous chemicals industry in our city, nearly a month, has dealt with all kinds of problems 62, ordered rectification 26.

it is reported that the city administration to strictly implement the municipal government "on Further Strengthening the safety inspection work arrangements", enacted in May 9th and issued the dangerous chemicals industry and special inspection of civil explosives, the establishment of hazardous goods inspection team, in May 27th, the reporter to follow the hazardous goods inspection team staff to our city DOPA and Sunjiazhai two depot raids. In DOPA depot, a door staff in strict accordance with the requirements for the inspection team members each registration and confiscation of objects such as mobile phone, enter the depot staff to each department is responsible for the safe operation, but many hidden security risks still be careful inspection group for each staff, such as temporary construction power the wire is exposed outside, part of the fire facilities are not closed and no certificate, then check the staff of the depot issued a rectification notice ordered. The sun in the oil depot, where the security risks are more serious, the inspection team staff also issued a deadline for rectification.

in addition, the inspection also found in enterprise three safety education and training is not in place, re form, light quality, safety awareness is not strong; safety facilities and equipment maintenance is not timely replacement, not normal use; investigation and management of risks is poor, lack of safety investment, safety hazards can not self rectification, on-site safety management landslide and other issues, the City Administration Bureau invited technical experts on-site service to the enterprise production safety, "consultation", "pulse", in-depth analysis and enterprise leaders and safety management personnel, identify the crux of the problems, study countermeasures to solve the problems, propose targeted, effective and pragmatic, to facilitate the operation of the opinions and suggestions. (author: a)

Seek prescription NPC and CPPCC on people’s livelihood Difficult miscellaneous diseases

the NPC and CPPCC held on the eve of the CPPCC members on the various sectors of public attention to reflect the people’s livelihood hot issues on the topic of study, and gives a highly targeted "prescription", the "prescription", not only fully reflects the members to participate in the discussion of the enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility it will become an important basis for government decision-making, to improve the livelihood of the people in our city of profound significance.

air pollution control how to avoid a gust of wind

public questioning pollution will not be a gust of wind? Some people said: in the near future, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and government, the city’s atmospheric environmental governance has achieved remarkable results. But how to ensure that Xining pollution is not a gust of wind, everyone is concerned about the issue of Xining.

[members] prescription] to establish long-term mechanism. NLD party proposal: key to prevent pollution, a gust of wind ", the establishment of long-term mechanism of Xining pollution, and increase efforts to investigate; removed in the construction project, the relevant departments should not only review the security measures, but also the responsibility of the unit supervision measures to reduce dust and limited removal; the survey found Huangzhong County town of Tonghai DOPA bare sand pit everywhere, suggestions from the source of governance, Huangzhong County town of Tonghai mining district should strictly DOPA mining management, a batch of excavation, mining to restore the original land in a timely manner, to avoid the bare sand.

medical workers for the treatment of

patients with headache disorder

, medical workers are people questioning the chaos nobody tube? Some people reflect: in recent years, medical institutions, the nurse team came into being, but it is still in the initial stage, exposed many problems: one is the management vacuum, causing confusion in the market is two nurses; nursing management fees fees confusion, workers social security implementation is not in place; three is the nurse team lack of basic business skills training, the overall the professional level is not high. The above situation, leading to more and more contradictions and disputes in the field.

[members] prescription] introduction of relevant systems. NLD party proposal: the administrative departments of labor, health care management regulations should be introduced as soon as possible, clear charges, management fees, staff nurse standard extraction access threshold, the establishment of nursing management frame; Nursing Jobs and occupation qualification combining training system, the implementation of nursing posts system; organize workers to participate in social insurance.

Xining people face the bike should not tangle

people asked to ride a bike can hardly bear ah! Many people said: the capital city of Xining as the lake race in the province in recent years, bike lanes have been diverted, almost impossible to find available for bike enthusiasts exercise special roads, bike storage point is missing…… It is not safe to travel by bicycle, and there is no place to save the car;

Xining promulgated the nterim Measures for accountability of the organs the 8 accountability organ

in order to promote the administrative organs and their staff in Xining city administration according to law, to prevent and reduce the administrative fault, to ensure that government decrees, improve administrative efficiency, the day before, Xining City, introduced the implementation of the "administrative efficiency accountability Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The "measures" will be through the 8 form of accountability, to curb the ills in Xining city are. This is September 24th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection office.

"measures" provisions of the accountability object, Xining municipal Party and government organs and their staff, the Municipal People’s congresses, CPPCC organs, judicial organs and their staff, the Municipal People’s organizations and their staff, authorized institutions entrusted with the management of public affairs or administrative law enforcement functions of the. Take accountability and ordered to make a written examination, informed criticism, admonishing conversation, cancel year Pingyoupingxian qualifications, suspended inspection, post adjustment, removal, dismissal or dismissal in eight ways, the subject of accountability for Party committees and governments at all levels and departments and discipline inspection and supervision organs.

"measures" provisions, within a month, the unit staff complaints were three times (including three) or more, can be verified; institutions bear the city’s key tasks of inadequate measures, effects of the municipal government work; to undertake the key construction projects slow progress, not completed the task by the time node; not on the superior deployment of the implementation of major decisions, resulting from public interests or infringes the lawful rights and interests of the masses of the people, causing negative social effect; not according to the provisions of the public work basis, conditions, procedures, contractors, processing time, fees, handling results and supervision channels are not completed on schedule; the objectives and tasks; not seriously investigating the effectiveness of problems, or not seriously implement service commitment, should cause the negative social effect of Accountability, if the circumstances are relatively minor, will be given to make a written examination, informed criticism, admonishing conversation; in serious cases, will be suspended inspection, post adjustment; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from office.

"measures" also on the work of the staff discipline requirements. The "measures" provisions, personnel not strictly abide by the discipline of work during the work or engage in work-related matters; do not meet the requirements of civilized norms services, causing negative social effect; the work efficiency is low, within the prescribed time limit can not complete the task; ask for or accept service object property, accept service object to provide dinner entertainment, tourism activities, or in the service object shall be personally liable for the reimbursement fee, should be accountable, if the circumstances are minor, shall be ordered to make a written examination, admonishing conversation, criticism; the circumstances are serious, be suspended inspection, post adjustment; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from office, dismissal or dismissal according to regulations.

at the same time, the "Regulations" also provides that the higher authorities in the purview of the lower level staff to make accountability decisions. The decision on accountability shall be determined through collective research and the decision to give accountability shall be made. The "decision on the accountability of the organs" shall be served on the person in charge and the unit where he is located, and shall submit the discipline inspection and supervision;

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special action to combat nternet pornography Confere

the morning of April 9th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held "09 sword to combat Internet pornography special action news conference.

meeting, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Information Network Security Supervision Detachment investigation captain Han Fucheng informed of the results achieved since the special action.


Since the

of this special action, the Bureau organized special forces, focusing on online audio-visual programs, Internet publishing services, chat rooms, peer-to-peer network, blog, auction website, find out the base, the establishment of accounting.

this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the work of the Ministry of public security and the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Public Security Bureau decided to focus on the organization in the city to carry out special action against Internet pornography. By focusing on cleaning up a number of online action case clues to identify a number of key remediation sites and information services columns and units. To crack down on online organizing pornographic performances, dissemination of pornographic information, mobile phone fraud and theft and other illegal and criminal activities, strengthen the online use of computer virus, hacker technology, online fraud, theft and other criminal activities in the investigation of illegal Internet service units to investigate and punish.


from 2008 to March 2009, I board on the Internet were found in 35 local sites, 64 provinces and cities have pornographic website links and 87 foreign pornographic websites, found on these sites do report, delete, closure process.

in the future, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will further rectify the confusion of the management of Internet service units, check online pornography crimes. The supervision and guidance of Internet service unit and Internet sites implement information network security management system and safety protection measures, implementation of security management for the Internet through a tough and high crime areas, making online effective remediation, online pornographic and other harmful information significantly reduced, to provide safe and healthy network environment for the people.


Xining City North District recognition 44 civilized integrity unit

Xining City North District recently recognized the jurisdiction of the 44 civilized integrity unit". These 44 civilized integrity unit is from more than 13 thousand private enterprises, self-employed households stand out. In recent years, the north area of private economic development, at the end of May, the self-employed businesses more than 1.18 million, nearly 1500 private enterprises. (author: Jianping)

The Gan River on the 60 air pollution control projects

This year, Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to increase air pollution control efforts, plans to invest 130 million yuan, completed 60 air pollution control projects.

it is reported that this batch of air pollution control projects including Mount Everest zinc dust desulfurization projects Zinc Oxide rotary kiln, Baihe aluminium electrolysis flue gas purification project, the upgrading of the Yellow River hydropower renewable aluminum carbon incineration flue gas desulfurization project, Yuntianhua international chemical fertilizer urea prilling tower waste gas collecting project etc.. The implementation of these projects, will improve the air quality of the environment to the Gan River Industrial park.

for each project can be carried out, the park increase financial support, every year from 4 million yuan of special funds from the fiscal Park, used for air pollution control projects to support. In accordance with the requirements of the grid environment supervision, increase supervision, designated person on a regular basis to monitor the progress of air pollution control projects. For the slow progress of individual projects to conduct interviews, the formation of forced mechanism. Help enterprises to upgrade environmental protection, and actively looking for environmental protection technology and equipment and products, and promote enterprises to speed up pollution control.