Teacher Accuses Moroccan Embassy Official in Belgium of Harassment

Rabat  – Naima Zaizaa, an Arabic teacher who works with the Moroccan Embassy in Belgium, has filed a sexual harassment complaint against the program’s coordinator. Zaizaa works with the embassy’s ELCO program which aims to connect Belgian Moroccans with their culture.“As soon as I arrived in Brussels, this man had a bizarre behavior with me,” the 33-year-old teacher told Belgian newspaper DH. He reportedly commented on her physique multiple times and praised her for not wearing a veil.“I knew he did not just see me as a teacher and he had ideas in his head. He kept complimenting me, to the point that my colleagues even thought I was having a secret relationship with him,” Zaizaa continued. The coordinator also reportedly kept finding excuses to get Zaizaa in his office, telling her she “deserved a man who would help settle my situation in Belgium.“But, I saw through his game and avoided going to his office, especially after an incident where he touched me,” she continued.She also alleges that the coordinator, who is married, had a complete change of behavior to her after she rejected his advances and allegedly wrote several untrue reports about her work performance.Zaizaa’s complaint has been accepted by Brussels police.Read also: Moroccans Make Up 9% of the Foreign Population in Brussels

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