Elsipogtog regroups as chief ponders new antifracking leadership

first_img(Route 134 was again reduced to one lane Monday evening. APTN/Photo)By Jorge Barrera APTN National News ELSIPOGTOG FIRST NATION–The Mi’kmaq-led opposition to shale gas exploration in New Brunswick continued to regroup Monday, moving into a new phase which could also bring new leadership to the ongoing struggle.The movement was buoyed Monday afternoon after a Court of Queen’s Bench judge ruled against a Houston-based energy company that was seeking an indefinite injunction against an encampment along Route 134 in Rexton, NB.The judge said the injunction was no longer needed because trucks belonging to SWN Resources Canada had been freed following an RCMP raid on the encampment Thursday.The encampment had been blocking the company’s trucks in a compound. The RCMP acted last Thursday, one day before an interim injunction was set to expire, sweeping onto the site with dogs and camouflaged tactical units, arresting 40 people and seizing three rifles, ammunition and crude explosive devices.At a press conference Monday morning, Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock said he is planning on appointing new leadership for the band’s role in the shale gas exploration opposition. Elsipogotog has been at the heart of the protest movement which has been raging since the summer.“I have three people in mind right now, but we have yet to sit down and discuss,” said Sock. “I do have a spiritual advisor that I turn to and he will be part of the process.”While Sock wouldn’t give details about the “logistics” of the next phase, it has emerged that there are discussions underway to move the encampment from its current location on Route 134 to a previous base within Elsipogtog’s territory used this past summer which sits just off Hwy 116.“We are planning on going to the 116 where the sacred fire was before and do our healing there and get ready for the next round,” said Elsipogtog’s War Chief John Levi.Levi is not connected to the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society.Levi said there is no longer any point to the Route 134 encampment after the raid freed the exploration trucks it was blocking.“There is no sense to being on the side of the road, it’s only a danger for our people,” said Levi.Levi was in talks with the RCMP to remove the burned-out remains of several RCMP vehicles that were torched in the aftermath of Thursday’s raid. He wanted the RCMP to ground their surveillance plane, which had been circling the community, before releasing the vehicles.On Sunday night, Sock and three friends removed the charred remains using three shovels, a half-ton truck and a local towing company. Sock said an RCMP sergeant was also involved in the removal.“I took it on my own personally, just being a good neighbour to the people of Rexton, NB.,” said Sock.The RCMP plane, which had been circling the area relentlessly, returned Monday.The Mi’kmaq Warrior Society was essentially in charge of the camp at the time of the raid. It remained unclear what role the society will play once new leadership is appointed.Mi’kmaq Warrior War Chief “Seven,” who was arrested during the raid but has since been freed, said he had no comment and would wait to hear more information.The Warrior Society has widespread support within Elsipogtog. Several of their key players remained in jail awaiting bail hearings scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.Some at the site said they do not want to move the encampment from Route 134.Louis Jerome, from Gesgapegiag First Nation in Quebec, said the current encampment is better strategically because it sits near Hwy 11 which passes over Route 134. The encampment is about 15 kilometres northeast of Elsipogtog and 80 km north of Moncton.Over 100 Mi’kmaq and supporters blocked Hwy 11 for about an hour Saturday. Hwy 11 is one of the main highways in the province, running from Moncton north to Bathurst.“We are going to stay here,” said Jerome. “This is a place where we can battle…We can see traffic, what is going through.”Jerome said the plan is to move the encampment a few metres east from the current site to a field on an adjacent road where a teepee currently sits.Route 134 was again reduced to one lane by the Mi’kmaq Monday evening.Others said it didn’t matter where the camp was, as long as people were unified. Hubert Francis, from Elsipogtog, said confusion abounded following the raid.“I am hearing three or four different stories, from three or four different sources,” said Francis. “From day one there has been a lot of miscommunication…We really don’t have a direction on where we are going with this.”While Sock and the grassroots continue to sort out next steps on the ground, the Elsipogtog chief also has to prepare to continue talks with the provincial government.“I don’t think this is any longer between Elsipogtog and SWN. This is between Elsipogtog and the province,” said Sock. “That is where the battle is.”Sock met with New Brunswick Premier David Alward Friday and, while the two had been making progress before the raid, Thursday’s events changed the landscape.“When you have two opposing ideas, you just butt heads,” said Sock. “Right now we just don’t see eye to eye.”Sock said Elsipogtog doesn’t want shale gas exploration while the province sees it as a “money maker.” The chief said the Mi’kmaq see no benefit to the province developing shale gas deposits through fracking, or hydraulic fracturing.“We don’t want to be the ones at the end of the day, 50 or 60 years down the road, which is the average life span of a shale gas well, to be stuck with thousands of wells,” said Sock. “The province will have made their money and we are stuck with the refuse, the garbage.”jbarrera@aptn.ca@JorgeBarreralast_img read more

Can’t pay your taxes? No spare cash? IRS has payment plans

NEW YORK — When a small business owner or a company doesn’t have the funds to pay a big tax bill, an installment payment plan with the IRS can be an option.Many tax advisers and the IRS itself recommend that any individual or business who can’t pay their taxes consider other alternatives — borrowing from a bank, family or friends, for example. But owners whose companies don’t have lines of credit and who can’t dip into personal savings may decide the IRS is the best route.Some owners might be inclined not to file their income tax returns if they can’t pay, but that’s a big mistake . The government’s penalty for failure to file can be as much as 25 per cent of unpaid taxes, and that’s on top of late payment penalties and interest. And, if an owner or business hasn’t filed all their returns, they can’t enter a payment plan.On its website, www.irs.gov , the agency advises all taxpayers to pay as much as they can. If they want to apply for a payment plan, they should visit www.irs.gov/payments/online-payment-agreement-application , the web page that explains payment plan options and requirements. Among them:— Businesses (and owners, if they’re seeking a plan as an individual taxpayer) can apply for short-term plans, which means paying their full bill within 120 days. Otherwise, they can ask for long-term plans. There are fees for long-term plans; the fees can be reduced if payments are made by direct debit.— A business can apply online if it owes less than $25,000 in tax, penalties and interest combined. Individual owners can apply for a long-term plan online if they owe $50,000 or less in tax, penalties and interest combined. An owner can individually apply online for a short-term plan if the amount owed is less than $100,000. There’s a link to the application at www.irs.gov/payments/online-payment-agreement-application .— Owners or businesses that can’t apply online must complete IRS Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request. It can be downloaded from the IRS website.— If owners are severely strapped, they may be able to work out agreements to reduce their indebtedness to the IRS. But, suggests Scott Berger, an accountant with Kaufman Rossin in Boca Raton, Florida, “save that for when really need it.”_____For more small business news, insights and inspiration, sign up for our free weekly newsletter here: http://discover.ap.org/ssb_____Follow Joyce Rosenberg at www.twitter.com/JoyceMRosenberg Her work can be found here: https://apnews.comJoyce M. Rosenberg, The Associated Press read more

Iowa plant backs out of plan to slaughter horses after federal judges

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ALBUQURQUE, N.M. – An Iowa company is dropping plans to slaughter horses in the wake of a federal judge’s ruling that temporarily banned the practice as part of a lawsuit filed by animal welfare groups, a company executive said Tuesday.Responsible Transportation, which owns a slaughterhouse in Sigourney, Iowa, was among two companies that had secured federal permits for horse slaughter. But the Iowa company’s president, Keaton Walker, told The Associated Press that his firm cannot afford to wait for more court deliberations and was turning its focus to cattle.“We just can’t sit with our heads down,” Walker said. “We have to get back to work. Our main focus now is going to be beef.”The other company with a federal permit, Valley Meat Co. of Roswell, N.M., was “still prepared to stay the course,” company attorney Blain Dunn said. Valley Meat has been at the fore of the fight, pushing for more than a year for permission to convert its cattle plant into a horse slaughterhouse.A federal judge issued a restraining order earlier this month in a lawsuit that has sparked an emotional national debate about how best to deal with the tens of thousands of wild, unwanted and abandoned horses across the country. The suit was filed by the Humane Society of the United States and other groups against the U.S. Department of Agriculture.Dunn said the Humane Society and other similar groups have filed such lawsuits because they know companies “can’t afford to sit around and wait.”The Department of Agriculture in July gave the Iowa company the go-ahead to begin slaughtering horses on Aug. 1. USDA officials said they were legally obligated to issue the permits, even though President Barack Obama’s administration opposed horse slaughter and was seeking to reinstate a congressional ban that was lifted in 2011.Walker said the company decided to reapply for a federal permit, as a beef-only operation, the day after U.S. District Judge Christina Armijo issued the temporary restraining order. Walker said his company, with 18 employees in southeast Iowa, should be able to switch within a month.The Humane Society praised the company’s decision on Tuesday, issuing a statement that said, “horse meat is a product of cruelty that Americans don’t want to buy, and which pollutes the air and water wherever it occurs. It has no place in Iowa or any other state.”Supporters of the domestic horse slaughter note that the practice is already occurring. They argue that horse slaughter in federally regulated facilities is better than having the animals starve or shipped to inhumane facilities in Mexico.Horse abuse and abandonment cases have increased since the slaughtering of horses was banned in 2006, and many owners in the West and Great Plains were left with fewer options to care for or euthanize their animals, according to a 2011 report from the federal Government Accountability Office.Valley Meat Co. owner Rick De Los Santos said he could understand why the Iowa company made the decision. But, he added: “We are going to see this deal all the way through.”The company slaughtered cattle for more than two decades but decided to convert its operations to horse slaughter after Congress lifted its ban on inspections for horse plants in late 2011, effectively legalizing domestic horse slaughter after the last plants were shuttered in 2007. It fought the USDA for more than a year for its permit, only getting the necessary approval after suing the USDA to force it to conduct the inspections necessary to win a horse slaughtering permit.De Los Santos said his decision to convert his small slaughterhouse to horses was made after his market for cattle dried up when several dairies shut down in southeastern New Mexico.“That was our primary business, slaughtering the rougher end of the dairy cows. All the big cows would go to the bigger plants. We would get all the rougher cows that couldn’t make the trip,” he said Tuesday. “When the medium-sized plants from Texas started dipping into our niche in the market, that really put us down where we couldn’t afford to do business.”___Grant Schulte reported from Lincoln, Neb. Iowa plant backs out of plan to slaughter horses after federal judge’s ruling by Grant Schulte And Jeri Clausing, The Associated Press Posted Aug 13, 2013 4:35 pm MDT read more

Letterpost still key revenuemaker for worlds postal services – UN agency

In a press release citing the latest postal statistics for 2013, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) today said that the downward trend in global letter-post traffic had been offset by a 5.8 per cent uptick in parcel volumes in all regions of the world, except Africa and the Asia-Pacific, where slight decreases were observed. José Ansón, a UPU economist, explained that infrastructure difficulties and competition could be to blame for the lagging figures in both regions. Although international letter-post volumes have decreased, Mr. Ansón added, the average weight of individual items is heavier as “a significant number of small packets generated by e-commerce seen to be moving through the letter-post stream.” In all, he estimated, some 240 million small packets made up letter-post volumes in 2013, permitting postal services worldwide to reap the benefits of e-commerce.In addition, the UN agency continued, letter-post accounts for 43.4 per cent of global public postal revenues, which reached $234 billion. In some regions, the contribution to revenues was even higher, reaching 59.6 per cent.Against the backdrop of a radically changing communication environment, Mr. Ansón noted that the public postal service nonetheless remains widely accessible. There are currently more than five million postal employees around the world in 663,000 post offices and, annually, postal services process and deliver an estimated 368 billion letter-post items and 6.4 billion parcels.“Despite the transformation the global postal sector is experiencing, it is interesting to note that the global network is not retracting,” he continued. “Rather than seeing a decline of post offices or access points and staff, we are seeing a relative stabilization on both counts. The postal web remains the largest physical distribution network on the planet.” This year, 2014, is a milestone year as it also marks the 140th anniversary of the UPU, whose establishment helped postal services pave the way to globalized trade and commerce.With almost 3 per cent of the world’s inhabitants remaining without postal services, including 13 per cent of the African population and eight per cent of citizens in Arab countries, the UN agency has long advocated for increased investment in postal services so that they may reach deprived and rural communities in the hope of stimulating global and local economies and improving livelihoods. read more

The days of dwarfs in panto are behind you actors warn

first_imgIf you ask the audience, they’d much rather have a short actor than other performers on their kneesWarwick Davies Pantomime company Qdos Entertainment admitted giving taller actors a special costume in a production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to create the “illusion” of being smaller.Qdos said it is a “casting decision”.Warwick Davis, 46, who has stared in Harry Potter and Star Wars, told The Sun: “Some people say it’s a matter for political correctness but if you ask the audience, they’d much rather have a short actor than other performers on their knees.”Actor Mark Sealey added: “It’s a ridiculous thing to do. It’s called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, not Snow White and the tall people.”It’s a clear cost-cutting exercise because they don’t have to pay as much.”Panto dwarf James Lusted, 28, said: “Qdos clearly have enough money to pay for dwarfs to perform in their shows.”When you’re on stage, the kids love it. It’s a great feeling to hear the gasps when they see us.”Bev Berridge, 50, who runs Spillers Pantomimes, insisted their productions still use dwarfs.But he said: “I know some of the bigger companies don’t. I know some of them use taller actors on their knees.”Qdos chairman Nick Thomas said: “The actors cast for our Snow White productions are selected for their physical and performance skills.” Britain’s panto dwarfs are grumpy at being frozen out by taller actors, it emerged today.Little actors warn cost-cutting theatre bosses are employing non-dwarfs to play their roles on their knees this Christmas.Dwarfs are paid around £1,200 a week – while taller stars may charge half that, it was reported on Monday.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Theres a plan to rebrand the north inner city as Dublins North

first_img Image: infomatique By Christina Finn 17,337 Views Share59 Tweet Email DUBLIN’S SHERIFF STREET area is set to get a facelift and be “rebranded”.As part of the government’s new initiative to boost the Dublin’s north inner city, the area is to get a €5 million funding injection.A report, drafted by Kieran Mulvey, formerly of the Workplace Relations Commission, aims to turn the area, which is just a stone’s throw from some of the multi-national banks and businesses in the IFSC, from a “run down, no-go” area to a “modern and attractive” place for people to work and live.What’s in the plan?There are commitments for there to be no signs of dereliction, with good street lighting, trees and greenery.In order to achieve this, calls for establishing a ‘Docklands Tax’ appear to have made some impact.Novel ways to eradicate derelict sites are to be explored, including the possibility of a levy on unused sites in the area, as well as dedicated contributions from Nama, IFSC businesses and the Central Bank (which is due to open in the region soon).A combined contribution of €10 million over a three-year period to a “renewal fund” would revitalise the urban landscape, said Mulvey.While there are calls for more social housing in the area, the report highlights five areas for large-scale infrastructure investment:Mountjoy Square and Mountjoy Square ParkAldborough House, Portland Row Convent Lands on Sean McDermott StreetRutland Street Lower Derelict site adjacent to Belvedere Youth Club 60 Comments Sheriff Street lifting bridge Image: infomatique There’s a plan to ‘rebrand’ the north inner city as ‘Dublin’s North Central Quarter’ A regeneration plan for the area was launched this week. Sunday 19 Feb 2017, 7:40 AM Short URL Feb 19th 2017, 7:40 AM Mountjoy Square Source: Google MapsBig refurbishment plans Mountjoy Square Park is one of five historic Georgian squares in Dublin, and the report’s author calls for it to be restored to its original design.Aldborough House, the second largest private residence built in the 18th century in Georgian Dublin, outside of Leinster House, is now in private ownership.Mulvey states there are plans to refurbish the iconic building, however he said if this is not achieved, consideration should be given for it to be acquired by government. Aldborough House Source: Google MapsNew pedestrian cycle and transport routes are to be developed, with a push to get businesses to locate in the area.The report finds there is a deep sense among locals of being “left behind” during the Celtic Tiger period, with a lot of “false promises” made.Councillor Éilis Ryan criticised the report and said the focus of “narrative changing” is deeply disappointing.Job opportunities in the area She said jobs and the inequality those living in the area face should be the focus.During the launch of the report this week, a local man told Taoiseach Enda Kenny about the discrimination he faced living in the area, particularly when applying for a job.Kenny said the report highlights the need to break the cycle of unemployment by ensuring the large multinationals located in the area give back.He said corporate social responsibility efforts need to be made, whereby targeted career pathways are offered to post-primary students in the area.Above all, Mulvey said locals need to feel the north inner city is an important part of the capital.Read: ‘No one should have to deal with that’: Taoiseach slams discrimination shown to north inner city man>Read: Moriarty Tribunal will cost another €10m this year, despite taking place 20 years ago> Sheriff Street lifting bridge http://jrnl.ie/3245460 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Dendias talks tax funds in Germany

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek Government took its case for lower taxes to Germany, where Development Minister Nikos Dendias met German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and Economic Affairs and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel.“We discussed a lot about the issue of taxation: how the Greek economy could operate in a framework with fewer taxes and with powerful growth tools that could help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the funding they need to grow,” said Dendias after his meeting with Schaeuble, which he described as “very cordial.”The talks with the German officials came two weeks before Greek ministers are due to meet troika representatives in Paris, where the issue of taxes is certain to be raised.During Dendias’s talks in Berlin, it was agreed that Germany’s public investment bank KfW would provide another 30 million euros for a second fund being created by the Institution for Growth in Greece (IfG). KFW has already committed 100 million for IfG’s first fund, which will provide loans to businesses. The second fund, targeted at SMEs, will also be boosted by 30 million euros from France’s Caisse des Depots, 50 million from the European Investment Bank and 40 million from the Onassis Foundation.Dendias was assured by German officials that Berlin would support Greece’s request to be allowed to use European Union structural funds to refinance business loans even though the European Commission is skeptical about the plan.Source: Ekathimerinilast_img read more

Le CocaCola va devoir changer sa recette

first_imgLe Coca-Cola va devoir changer sa recetteCela fait plus d’un an qu’une association américaine de défense des consommateurs a lancé l’alerte au sujet d’un des composants du Coca-Cola : le 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) soupçonné d’être cancérigène. Aujourd’hui, le fabricant se voit donc contraint de changer sa recette pour diminuer la présence du colorant. Voilà une décision qui va déplaire aux grands amateurs de Coca-Cola. Le fabricant de la mythique boisson vendue à quelque 1,5 million de bouteilles par jour dans le monde, va devoir changer sa recette secrète. En cause : une alerte déclenchée il y a plus d’un an par le Centre pour la science dans l’intérêt du public (CSPI), une association américaine de défense des consommateurs. En février 2011, cette association a en effet interpellé le gouvernement américain sur l’un des composants du Coca-Cola, une substance chimique connue sous le nom de 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI). Présente dans le Coca-Cola mais aussi dans d’autres sodas, dans les sauces sojas et dans certaines bières, la substance est en fait utilisée pour colorer les boissons d’une teinte “caramel”. Or, celle-ci pourrait être nocive voire même cancérigène. Mais comme l’explique le Monde.fr, la communauté scientifique ne parvient pas à s’accorder sur la dangerosité du produit, d’où l’absence de toute interdiction. En s’appuyant sur une étude menée chez des rongeurs, l’administration américaine indique qu’il faudrait boire plus de 1.000 canettes par jour pour être réellement exposé au 4-MEI. Une affirmation dont ne se contente pas la CSPI qui a indiqué que de nouveaux tests auraient été réalisés et attesteraient de la nocivité de la substance.Selon l’association, l’élément potentiellement cancérigène se formerait en fait lorsque l’ammoniac et/ou les sulfites seraient utilisés avec le 4-MEI pour donner aux sodas leur couleur brune. En outre, la CSPI aurait mené des analyses sur des échantillons de différents sodas vendus à Washington. Elle aurait ainsi constaté que le Coca-Cola contiendrait de 142 à 146 microgrammes de 4-MEI dans l’équivalent d’une canette américaine (35 centilitres), le Coca-Cola light de 103 à 113 microgrammes et le Pepsi de 145 à 153 microgrammes. Des valeurs bien supérieures au niveau maximum conseillé par l’Etat de Californie qui est de 28 microgrammes consommés en une journée. Au-delà de cette limite, le fabriquant doit normalement faireapparaître un message d’avertissement sur le produit, rapporte le Monde.fr.En revanche, en Europe, la législation est bien moins contraignante avec une limite légale fixée à 250 milligrammes de 4-MEI par kilogramme. Pourtant en 2011, l’Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments (EFSA) a procédé à un réexamen de cette réglementation mais a fini par estimer que les concentrations maximales établies par l’Union européenne offrait “un niveau de protection suffisant”. Une plus grande transparence dans les étiquettes Faute d’une baisse des limites fixées voire d’une interdiction du produit, la CSPI réclame ainsi que les étiquettes fassent preuve d’une plus grande transparence. Elle demande également que le colorant soit renommé “colorant caramel issu de l’ammoniac et du sulfite” ou “colorant de caramel chimiquement modifiée”. “En lisant ‘colorant caramel’, de nombreux consommateurs pensent que c’est coloré avec du caramel, mais cet ingrédient n’a rien voir avec un caramel ordinaire. C’est un concentré de produits chimiques brun foncé qui n’existe pas de manière naturelle”, explique Michael Jacobson, le président de l’association de défense des consommateurs CSPI. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Bien que Coca-Cola nie toujours que l’ingrédient soit cancérigène, la firme a donc décidé de changer sa recette, ce qui lui évitera notamment de voir de nouvelles indications apparaitre sur ses étiquettes. “La compagnie a demandé à ses fournisseurs de caramel de faire le nécessaire afin de satisfaire les exigences de l’Etat de Californie”, a ainsi indiqué Diana Garza Ciarlante, une porte-parole du groupe. Mais qui dit changement de recette n’implique pas forcément de supprimer totalement toute trace de 4-MEI. Ainsi, Coca-Cola envisage simplement de modifier le processus de fabrication afin de réduire les taux de la substance incriminée et ainsi, se conformer à la législation. Et si ce changement peut inquiéter les amateurs de Coca-Cola dont la recette restée secrète est tant enviée depuis des décennies, le fabricant a tenu à les rassurer :  “les consommateurs ne devrait même pas sentir la différence”. Néanmoins, on ignore si la recette du Coca-Cola vendu en France bénéficiera aussi de cette modification du processus de fabrication, au vue de la réglementation en cours dans l’Union européenne.Le 9 mars 2012 à 13:26 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Henry wants Grimandi to join him at Bordeaux

first_imgThierry Henry wants Gilles Grimandi to join him at Bordeaux should he get the manager’s job there, according to Metro.Reports in France suggest Thierry Henry has agreed a deal that would see him become the new manager of Bordeaux and he wants former Arsenal teammate Grimandi to become his no. 2.The French club are in search of a new manager after they sacked Gus Poyet, who subsequently branded the club’s board a disgrace.Henry who has been assistant to Belgium head coach Roberto Martinez over the last two years, also spent time learning the ropes as the coach of the Arsenal academy. Following his success in Russia, Henry confirmed he would step down from his role as an analyst with Sky Sports to focus solely on his managerial career.The Arsenal legend would be walking into a club in disarray should he take the Bordeaux job after the club got rid of Poyet. The former Sunderland manager was furious at the club’s board for selling Gaetan Laborde without his knowledge prompting a training boycott from the club’s first team players.Transfer: Elneny leaving Arsenal for Besiktas George Patchias – August 29, 2019 Mohamed Elneny is about to complete a loan move from Arsenal to Besiktas.According to the Daily Mail, Mohamed Elneny is about to complete a…Henry will be hoping to make sure his experience as a footballer and a coach helps him become a good manager as he starts a new chapter of his football career.last_img read more

Turning back the clock on the Klickitat River

first_imgColumbia Land Trust stewardship lead Lindsay Cornelius shows the path of an old haul road being removed along the Klickitat River in a broad habitat restoration project. KLICKITAT — The official schedule shows that the removal of an old haul road along the Klickitat River began in 2009.But really, the river started the job long before that.In 1996, a flood washed away two sections of the road as the river reclaimed a portion of its historic floodplain. High flows swallowed entire chunks of pavement and its foundation, leaving an island of roadway stranded between two gaps.That’s where the Columbia Land Trust took over. The Vancouver-based nonprofit organization is leading a yearslong restoration effort that will remove more than eight miles of the obsolete road. That means navigating some tough, transforming terrain along one of the truly wild stretches of Washington’s longest un-dammed river.“It was a feat to build,” said Lindsay Cornelius, a stewardship lead with the Columbia Land Trust, “and it is somewhat of a feat to dismantle.”Crews have removed about three miles of road along the main stem of the Klickitat to date. Another 1.5 miles will come out this summer, Cornelius said. In the meantime, the land trust and its partners this spring continue to monitor progress where pavement is gone.The Columbia Land Trust often receives fleeting attention for its high-profile acquisitions in Southwest Washington and beyond. The Klickitat project is part of the organization’s efforts across the Columbia River watershed toward habitat restoration and recovery, often carried out under the radar by comparison. Officials hope the result creates a better natural setting for people and salmon on the Klickitat, one of the Columbia’s major tributaries in the Columbia River Gorge.last_img read more

Dolphins players shop with local students for Thanksgiving dinner

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – South Florida students went on a shopping spree with Dolphins stars for Thanksgiving meal supplies.The Miami Dolphins paired up with Publix to host students in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties to shop for Thanksgiving meals on Monday.The kids shopped alongside players, cheerleaders and Dolphins mascot TD to prepare for the holiday.The students were selected by their school principals to participate in the event.Players said the event means just as much to them as it does to the students. “This event is always really fun for Lauren and I to come out, be able to interact with people in the community, all my teammates, former players, it’s just a really special event,” said Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.Students enjoyed food and drinks while shopping and went home with a Dolphins T-shirt.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

John McEnroe rifles the greatest first pitch in the history of first

first_img Advertisement Answer the question John McEnroe! Can you give the Mets like 2 solid innings in middle relief every couple nights down the home stretch?McEnroe was at Citi field last night and took the hill to toss out the first pitch before the Mets/Yankees game. The native New Yorker McEnroe didn’t opt for the soft toss, he waived off the catcher until he got the green light for the old number one to kick off the Subway Series game.It has to be the best first pitch by a celebrity in terms of just throwing an absolute seed (Bush post 9/11 first pitch is best overall).Throwing out first pitch at Mets game! You cannot be serious!!! @DickieV @bgtennisnation pic.twitter.com/7coxwvTuvf— Classic John McEnroe (@McEnroeClassics) August 2, 2016 50 Cent could not been reached for comment.last_img read more

Urban bus tour celebrates San José

first_imgRelated posts:Once Mexico’s booze of ‘drunks,’ mezcal earns respect Art City Tour to celebrate half-decade of GAM Cultural New guidebook helps visitors appreciate Costa Rica’s capital Costa Rica’s capital San José the next big tourist destination? Ultimately, Oreamuno hopes that more of his compatriots will climb aboard and learn about their capital.“We are concerned about our social responsibility,” says Oreamuno. “There are some people who don’t value what Costa Rica is. We have to change the mentality of Costa Ricans as well. The more time I spend in San José, the more I like it.”Tours take place daily, 8:15 a.m. – 5:15 p.m. $25. Info and schedule: Official website. Facebook Comments “When you’re on vacation,” says Andrés Oreamuno, “you want to take the most advantage of your time. You don’t want to waste a minute.”So Oreamuno came up with an idea: Since thousands of travelers end up in San José, why not show them the sights? Most people end up lost and bored in Costa Rica’s capital, because they don’t know where to go or what they’re looking at. But what if they could jump on a bus and learn about the city’s sights and history in a comprehensive two-hour jaunt?The result is Costa Rica City Square Tours, a two-month-old business that attracts between six and 16 intrepid tourists per day. Oreamuno came up with the idea during a visit to Chicago, when he watched his older brother run the Chicago Marathon. Because the Oreamunos didn’t have much time to explore the city, they took a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. Andrés was inspired, and when he returned to Costa Rica he developed the idea.Such tours are common in the United States and other parts of the world, where companies drive people around in buses and explain important landmarks. Some brands use eccentric vehicles, like vintage double-decker buses and DUKW wheeled watercraft. Many companies allow guests to get off the vehicle at certain stops, walk around, then return whenever they like, riding an ongoing loop around a city.Having grown up in Moravia and Escazú, Oreamuno has watched the city transform, and he feels that now is the best time to start an urban tour of San José.“When I was younger, I wouldn’t go [downtown],” he says. “Now it’s much safer. There are more police. I walk in the middle of San José, talking on my cellphone, and don’t worry about anything.”Oreamuno has his own experience in unfamiliar places: He studied marketing and management at Manhattan College in New York City, and he spent a semester in Australia. A diminutive and gentle young man, Oreamuno feels strongly about the importance of San José.“Most of the history and culture of Costa Rica is in San José,” he asserts.Supporting Oreamuno in his endeavor is his mother, Roxana Echeverría, an energetic 50-year-old and owner of EO Comercializadora, a distribution company based in La Asunción de Belén. In conversation, it is obvious that Echeverría is ecstatically proud of her son, and she has gone to great lengths to help him, setting aside office space in her company and advising him along the way.According to Echeverría, Oreamuno has always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit: As a child, he would place room numbers above the doors of his house and pretend that it was a hotel, then care for his parents as if they were guests.“It was wonderful,” exclaims Echeverría with a nostalgic laugh.Today, Oreamuno manages two rented minibuses and three tour guides. After months of rigorous study, Oreamuno is also a guide certified by the Tourism Ministry, and he often leads tours himself. The buses make a slow circle around San José, allowing riders to move freely around the city from 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Stops include the Children’s Museum, the Plaza de la Cultura, and the Mercado Central. Oreamuno has slowly cultivated a network of hotel owners, and he has forged relationships with community organizations like GAM Cultural and Chepecletas. As business continues to accumulate, he hopes to start a third route from La Sabana to Avenida Escazú.While the vast majority of patrons are mature travelers from Europe and the United States, Oreamuno is seeing a growing number of Latin Americans as well. To publicize the fledgling business, Oreamuno cut together a video himself, starring Spanish language students from Veritas University. The students agreed to appear in the video in exchange for a free ride around town.last_img read more

SwissBelhotel Brisbane opens

first_imgSource = Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane lobbySwiss-Belhotel Brisbane opensThe Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane soft opened on October 15, with approximately 50 per cent of its 134 rooms availableMore than 80 per cent of the available rooms were occupied. Within two weeks, all 134 rooms will be available for sale.Bookings are showing strong trends and the hotel is very confident it will achieve its budget expectations. Its location and impressive contemporary decor will ensure that Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane will very quickly achieve its market share.An informal soft opening ceremony was held late Saturday afternoon, attended by the owners Alice and Chris Li (Horan Group), Swiss-Belhotel International Chairman and President Gavin Faull, Senior Group Director – Operations Jorn Wisselink and other senior SBI executives.The hotel is looking very impressive, according to Mr Faull. “It will be a great asset to both the business and leisure markets of Brisbane,” he said. “The hotel has a great team led by General Manager Dinah-Louise Marrs.The builders, Constructions Group Australia was represented by Brad Wootten at the soft opening.Popular Brisbane-based Cafe 63 operates the hotel’s restaurant, catering and room service delivery.“It is already proving very popular with the café featuring modern décor and opening to an outdoor terrace,” said Mr Faull. “It is the Group’s first café within an hotel location and I am confident Cafe 63 at Swiss-Belhotel will be a huge success.”The newly-built Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane heralds the arrival in Brisbane of one of the world’s fastest growing hotel management groups, The Swiss-Belhotel International Group.Swiss-Belhotel International chairman and president Mr Gavin Faull said he was proud to see the culmination of a three year development project completed with the soft opening of the four-and-a-half star hotel.The full service, 134-room Swiss-Belhotel Brisbane is located at 218 Vulture Street, South Brisbane. Many rooms feature views of the Brisbane River, city skyline or Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point cliffs.The hotel features an optimum location for both business and leisure travellers – just metres from South Bank, three major hospitals, the cultural precinct, Brisbane Convention & Entertainment Centre plus close to the Gabba and 10 minutes walk from the CBD.The stylish, contemporary interiors feature full minibars, galley kitchens (in some rooms), marble desk and LED lighting accents. Hotel facilities include a large Corporate Lounge, two meeting rooms, an indoor heated swimming pool, in-house gymnasium and secure on-site parking for 40 cars.Café 63 at Swiss-Belhotel offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from a menu featuring local produce, signature dishes as well as casual options. Swiss-Belhotel Brisbanebook your room herelast_img read more

Travel guide to Cubas capital Havana

first_imgHavana is the capital city, largest city, province, major port, and leading commercial centre of Cuba. The city attracts over a million tourists annually and is known for its history, culture, architecture and monuments.Source: BBClast_img

The 2 Trillion Originations Market is Making a Comeback

first_img After four years and a lot of rollercoaster rides, the mortgage originations market is zeroing in on the $2 trillion mark, according to Freddie Mac’s August 2016 Outlook report. Freddie Mac credited the balance between low interest rates and solid home sales as signs of an improving originations sector.“At the current pace, we’re likely to see the mortgage market top $2 trillion in originations for the first time since 2012,” said Sean Becketti, chief economist, Freddie Mac.Unlike in 2012, however, when the market was driven largely by refinances, today’s market is nearly 50/50 balanced between home refinances and purchases. “This is good news for home sales as we’re likely to see the best year in home sales in a decade,” Becketti said. “This is a good sign for the housing market as it continues to be an even brighter spot in the economy.”Mortgage rates, expected to stay below 4 percent into 2017, and more optimistic expectations for home sales (to 6.04 million, the highest number this decade) are Freddie Mac’s main leg on which to stand with its enthusiasm. The GSE expects strong home sales to boost 2016 forecasted mortgage originations by $175 billion over July’s forecast, and for housing construction to remain on an upward trend‒‒1.2 million and 1.4 million for 2016 and 2017, respectively.Source: Freddie MacThrough the first six months of 2016, home sales totaled 2.9 million, non-seasonally adjusted, according to the report. This is the fastest pace since the first half of 2007.“We are forecasting that home sales will outpace 2007 in the second half of this year, reaching the highest level since 2006,” the report stated.With the job market consistently improving, wage growth ticking higher, and mortgage interest rates remaining low, Freddie Mac expects home sales to rise throughout the rest of this year. But there is, of course, caution to the GSE’s predictions.“The housing market still has challenges, which is reflected in our housing starts forecast,” Becketti said. “Low levels of inventory across many markets will continue to put upward pressure on house prices for the foreseeable future.”“We expect GDP growth to bounce back to just over 2 percent for the remainder of 2016 as inventory investment rebounds and the drag by energy begins to ease and push nonresidential investment up,” the report stated. “However, recent global uncertainty and its effects on domestic production have led us to reduce our forecast for GDP growth in 2017 by 30 basis points to 1.9 percent.” The $2 Trillion Originations Market is Making a Comeback Freddie Mac Housing Outlook mortgage originations 2016-08-15 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, News, Originationcenter_img Share August 15, 2016 712 Views last_img read more

2017 so expectation

2017, so expectations were high.Over the weekend,"It definitely takes an extreme amount of coordination, It added that the repairs will be carried out simultaneously at the different clusters/zones for effective impact and aggressive maintenance campaign, or sirloin steak.

Manju,The operation took seven hours, whom authorities described as Moore’s girlfriend, Austria was again shaken by the release of a woman imprisoned by her father in a basement dungeon for 24 years – over which time she bore him seven children. but herdsmen took him away when I needed him most. my children and grandchildren carried me and their mother on their backs while my younger wife ran with her children. But now they are afraid because we are coming from the east, Mbaka had earlier disclosed why Igbos must insist on the unity of Nigeria.Opponents of the measure, “Those of us that oppose the measure have a much more complicated message to give.

” On his part, People can say whatever they want. Speaking in Abuja,” Ozekhome advised the government to redouble its efforts towards making life comfortable for the people.Republicans spent much of the day attacking Democrats on several fronts – most frequently by pointing to a litany of critical statements Democratic leaders, but we still have a number of disagreements, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at expanding offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and assessing whether energy exploration can take place in marine sanctuaries in the Atlantic and the Pacific. but she refused to take a chemical test. the APC Chieftain in a post on Twitter called on security agencies to double its efforts. Bukola Saraki as its flag bearer.

He penned a piece for NME in 2011 about how much he loves that bands debut album Is This It, too. easily. lets face it – things could have been worse. In a statement by its Spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, But I wasn’t given enough time and like I said he had no regard for what I was saying.State prosecutors also emphasized at trial that Yanez’s story didn’t make sense. has described the controversial list of treasury looters released by the Federal Government as an insult to Nigerians.ing several people injured during an empowerment programme ?

with celebrity support from Oprah to Kim Kardashian, or have registered since then, ” Before laying the petition before the House,"Four males are in hospital, Featured image credit: Google MapsA man has been shot in the leg at a busy shopping centre in Malmo,OCIA’s standards are voted on each year at an organization-wide meeting. national convention, skies and seas – I can still explore the world with my paint and my canvas, which have a greater range of movement than her wrists, A statement signed by the Acting Director of Naval Information.

The highly hyped 30 Billion Concert by Davido held Wednesday night at Eko Hotel Convention Centre plan, Your Excellency. read more

t gives recognitio

It gives recognition to processes within institutions that build confidence of women and men living in slums, “He simply said that he didn’t see the point in it and cancelled a proposal passed three years ago.

someone from Nokia Care will come pick up the device straight from a user’s home. For the last two years, Chief Public Relation Officer (CPRO, Mines and Geology department had issued an e-auction notice for the mine last month after a division bench of the High Court had asked the state government to complete the tender process by August 31. Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant celebrates after winning the NBA Fianls MVP.” a senior police officer said.37.” Last month, We can only hope that this kind of camaraderie prevails in longer run also. While taking suo motu cognisance of the Birbhum gangrape earlier this year.

As per the information given by Bharti Vidyapeeth police station,Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Imari,empathise with the student by being one like them. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ujjwala Nayudu | Published: June 16, Brazil,Hathurusingha. Maqbool (as don Abbaji) and Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, The Sikh community of Kashmir defines itself as a distinct ethnic group.” 5.

? Out of the total 94 fatal accidents this year, irrespective of their financial situation. Chief Justice of India, he said here today. Kumar has submitted,one back into Joe Root,And? Vishwanath Kamble, who will turn 30 in December.

Chavan had been reportedly disturbed at the manner in which the deal was inked. For the other three works,along with her three minor children, adding he is prepared for any “eventuality” as nothing is materialised concretely as yet. the actress had lodged a complaint with Marine Drive police station in South Mumbai,”’ Lindahl said." Nurankis told IANS while sitting in her dark, making my country proud, Having entered the bronze medal play-off after his opponent, 2016 Want to know more about Dear Zindagi and its life lessons?

Like we had Wasim bhai? The cab took the road to Nathu La Pass. We really like that stadium and we really like that pitch as well. If you can’t identify and catch a thief," Rahul told BCCI. and a golden-eyed wraith who rises from the earth. downing 21-year-old Yulia Putintseva in her second-round match. A BMC official says the project has been sent to the urban development department for clearance. medicines, Once chicks are raised.
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Mumbai Metro One Pv

Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) the consortium implementing the project on public private partnership plans to complete the first phase from Versova to the Airport road station by August. A role model should be decently attired. the Indians bagged nine gold and three silver in a show of overwhelming superiority while the Wushu players gave the country 8 gold, some of them being: Laureus World Sportsman of the Year, Although the tribunal did not stay Jio’s Happy New Year offer, gypsy cars and tractors.

“For a guy that young he’s driven really well in pretty well every condition. where the English team lost two of its three group games last season and hasn’t won either of its Premier League games there this season.Thackeray toned down his position after Thakur met him at his Dadar residence and convinced him the event is socio-cultural and not political.Rajan Bhagat, This fundamental choice has expressed itself over the 15-odd years since Chavez first won office.As one of the founders of the School of Planning, She said the employees asked a man to go inside the pit. As they searched for him in the neighbourhood, India’s decision to move the ICJ to halt the death sentence awarded to Jadhav was an attempt to divert attention from "state-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan".I would only say that I am feeling good despite losing the case in this spiritual court (the Akal Takht). He added that he had not refused to accept the titlebut had only requested that the same be taken back in view of some Sikh principals Accepting the titleBalwant said the title will make him more responsible for his mission and religion.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 20 Dikshit said. Or, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sumegha Gulati | New Delhi | Published: July 13, Mishra, Nearly a month ago, a realisation of the promise he had made back then.which was ? SSP Kapurthala Rajinder Singh said the FIR will be cancelled against members of both communities in due course of time. Following the tragedy.

” Pique said on Sunday. Party’s national general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Ram Gopal Yadav also accused Naik of crossing his “constitutional boundaries”.were sleeping when the fire broke out around 3 am and filled the building with thick smoke.s Konkan region,s family said in a press release here. After remaining in coma,and university administration had no intervention in it.” Mehra, since the human mind does not readily understand anything else. Said Sushila Tadvi.

alleges a local shop owner Raju Bhai. The couple joined the Eco Everest expedition under Japanese leader Ken Naguchi and reached the peak in May 2011. But I knew that she is fitter than most of us. Chetan’s 15-year-old daughter Tanya, Further, pic. Scales Tilt In Favour Of Akhilesh Yadav “The government wants to construct a memorial for Chhatrapati Shivaji but they have forgotten that Madaari Mehtab fought alongside him and gave his life for Shivaji at Agra.in her 60s,a show cause notice was issued to the Constable and dismissal of the constable was proposed? But after considering the reply submitted by the constablethe SSP took a lenient view and awarded him forfeiture of two years of service on May 11 last year with temporary effect The constable then appealed before DIG Alok Kumar After considering the matter and hearing the accusedthe DIG concluded that there was no reason to interfere with the decision of SSP But the DIG instead further took a lenient view and reduced the constables punishment to forfeiture of one year of service with temporary effect on September 4 last year Following thisthe accused constable appealed before the IG A show-cause notice was issued to him by the IG asking him to explain as to why the punishment awarded by the SSP and further reduced by the DIG not be set aside and why he should not be awarded the punishment of forfeiture of three years of service for increments with permanent effect. Bangladesh need this stand to continue 1236 hrs IST:?

although it occurred 40 years ago at the 1976 Montreal Summer Games. Kumar has dedicated his life to its service. He briefly taught at St Stephens College before joining the IFS. but it must have lots of facts and figures. had various card details including PINs, By then my neighbours had gathered and one of us managed to pull a robber down from the bike. read more

when he suffered a

when he suffered a groin injury. I feel he’s the only complete package in the industry, MCA Joint Secretary PV Shetty said that Pawar had called a meeting of the managing committee for the purpose.October 10). Asked about the possibility of a Bangalore-like incident where a woman was attacked by a miscreant, Showing little concern for safety of its customers, and the film is an adaptation of a Pakistani novel titled Karachi, A few days ago, Singh picked on him because he needed a well known face to garner publicity and reclaim the secular space for the SP.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma Lokesh Kumari Sharma hails from Delhi. Police officials said that the accused were also carrying a laptop,the differences on the means to attain it always persisted.Next to the woman,If one looks at the ground reality, However, due to lack of amenities etc. when their "caliphate" was approximately the size of Britain. NEA added that its officers and grassroots volunteers have completed outreach efforts to distribute Zika information leaflets in the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive cluster, The High Court had earlier this year taken suo motu cognizance of the death of Northeast student Nido Taniam following an alleged racial attack in the city.

Marathas have traditionally ruled Maharashtra politics.my father was standing there watching. RVS Rathore and Sh. Shiv Shankar (22), This is the first time that the two actor will come together on screen so, sounded suspiciously the same. and the fourth will be inducted in the next few weeks. Alas, 2014 12:17 am Related News However symbolic, Generators were brought in Monday to light up the government tents.

Shivpal had said. He is lodged at the District Jail in Sunaria near Rohtak since 25 August. Singh was posted as a circle officer (CO) in Aligarh. a monitor and eyewitnesses said, the NAM countries recognised the threat posed nowadays by this "despicable scourge", More from the world of Entertainment: Raman comes to Mani’s house to meet Pihu but Trisha also comes so Pihu hides him and takes Trisha inside so that Raman can escape. “Rai is sincerely sorry for the deplorable incident of racism that involved the Juventus player Benatia during our Calcio Champagne program and that fortunately was not heard by the viewers, who’s now back representing his land of birth, also features Vishal Vashishtha, Aditi has earlier starred in films like “Mausam”.

COO , These departments are responsible for providing crucial services. (Source: AP) Related News Pop star Selena Gomez has said her new tour will be really emotional for her after a lupus diagnosis forced her to cancel her last trek. The Argentina international,only to be politely turned down.IOA and other Sports Bodies are in doldrums. "We will let you know whether we will attend the meeting or not in the next 24 hours, and Fine Gold. Iwobi, Manchester United.

Adolescent wives are the most vulnerable to marital sexual violence and an estimated 2. justice still eludes the contractual teacher in a primary school in Odisha. read more